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Christy Lijewski

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  • Re:Play Volume 1 Manga by Christy Lijewski
    Re:Play Volume 1 Manga (English, Paperback) Christy Lijewski

    "Re: Play" is a punk rock story with an immortal twist from a fan-favorite artist. Rated for teens.

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  • Re:Play Volume 3 Manga by Christy Lijewski
    Re:Play Volume 3 Manga (English, Paperback) Christy Lijewski

    Izsak and Cree overcome some of the final boundaries to their relationshipin this exciting concluding volume! Whether it's dealing with potential romanticrivals or with Izsak's half-remembered past, the pair is determined to dowhatever they can to make their partnership work. Mysterious forces are stilldogging the two at every turn, but all will be revealed in the excitingconclusion to Re:Play!

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