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Chuck Martin

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  • Random Thoughts II by Chuck Martin
    Random Thoughts II (English, Paperback) Chuck Martin $8.00
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  • Rayhide Runyan by Chuck Martin
    Rayhide Runyan (English, Hardback) Chuck Martin

    Rawhide Runyan builds up a cow outfit in the Arizona Strip near the Utah border. A superb fighting man built of rawhide and whalebone, with an aversion to outlaws in general and cattle rustlers in particular. His ranch is well-known as the Double Diamond R. Slow Joe Hill, Rawhide's right-hand man, is a reformed outlaw, and their adventures occur in the Arizona Strip and the surrounding country...

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  • Mobile Influence by Chuck Martin
    Mobile Influence (English, Hardback) Chuck Martin

    Mobile Influence identifies the six moments in the timeline of a sale which marketers must target effectively in order to reach the mobile buyer. From location-based marketing to mobile payment systems, the model gives marketers access to the tools necessary to build a new sales framework that addresses the future of the market.

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  • The Third Screen by Chuck Martin
    The Third Screen (English, Paperback) Chuck Martin

    The Third Screen: The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Marketing defines the implications, strategies, and tactics used to thrive in business during the mobile revolution.

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  • Sixgun Town by Chuck Martin
    Sixgun Town (English, Hardback) Chuck Martin

    In Montana, a few miles south of the Canadian frontier, lay Sixgun, a gun-hung town in which Hal Rucker, rustler and killer, was the law ? which meant that the law itself was owl-hoot. Into this turbulent outcasts' paradise rode Sundown, a cowboy with but a single name and a single purpose: to side justice whether or not it toted a badge.

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