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  • The Cigar World (Multiple languages, Hardback) Cosima Aichholzer

    Exclusive interviews with prominent smokers about their favourite brands and great cigar moments. Learn more about the countries they come from, the raw materials that go into them, the craftsmanship involved, and the world's most beautiful cigar lounges, all shown in captivating pictures.

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  • A History of Burley Tobacco in East Tennessee & Western North Carolina (English, Paperback) Billy Yeargin, Christopher Bickers

    Burley tobacco revolutionized the industry in east Tennessee and western North Carolina. What started from two farmers planting white burley in Greeneville ignited an agricultural revolution and significantly changed crops, production and quality. Burley transformed the tobacco industry with new cultivation techniques and a shift from dark and flue-cured tobacco. By the 1990s, burley tobacco...

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  • Cigar Guide (English, Other book format) BarCharts, Inc.

    This 4-page laminated guide will help make you a cigar connoisseur and will help you get the most out of your cigars. It contains information on the different types, cutting, lighting, cigar manufacturing and much more.

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  • Havana Legendary Cigars (English, Hardback) Charles Del Todesco

    Long relegated to boardrooms and back room card tables, the cigar has emerged to attain mass appeal while still holding on to its macho mystique. Amid the wide assortment of cigars available, the Havana stands head and shoulders above the rest. An ideal introduction for the neophyte as well as a superb guide for the aficionado, this book reviews the hallowed history of cigars in Cuba, and...

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  • The Ultimate Cigar Book (English, Hardback) Richard Carleton Hacker

    First published in 1993, The Ultimate Cigar Book has become a classic in its field, and is generally credited with having helped launch the current cigar smoking craze. It has been reprinted numerous times in the United States, and is now sold worldwide. No other book contains as much detailed and factual information on virtually every facet of cigar making and cigar smoking. And now this...

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  • The Smokin' Book of Cigar Box Art & Designs (English, Paperback) John Grossman

    Contains some of the most beautiful and fascinating lithographed images ever printed on cigar box labels. With topics like transportation, sports figures, women and more, it offers you a glimpse into a bygone era when the cigar box was the king of the advertising industry.

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  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cigars (English, Paperback) Tad Gage

    For millions of men and women, it?s the ultimate pleasure ? From private parties to hip bars to posh gentlemen?s clubs, cigar smoking has become an eight billion dollar global pastime. But, like wine, a fine cigar requires dedicated study and tasting. Here?s the only comprehensive book on the subject, featuring all the information that novice and veteran cigar aficionados need. --New handy 6 X 9...

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  • The Pipe Book (English, Paperback) Alfred Dunhill

    "You do not need to be a smoker of pipes, or of tobacco in any form, to enjoy this book. If you like to be entertained and instructed by unique information, you will find it a fascinating volume." The New York...

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  • The Cuban Cigar Handbook (English, Hardback) Matteo Speranza

    The Most Definitive Guide to Cuban Cigars!Cuban cigars have long been considered the best cigars in the world. The Cuban cigar is an artform, with tobacco growers and hand-rollers as artists. Today, there are more than 200 Cuban cigars a diehard collector will seek out, no matter the price. THE CUBAN CIGAR HANDBOOK will highlight these same cigars and include the history of Cuban cigars, fun...

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  • The Joys of Smoking Cigarettes (English, Paperback) James Fitzgerald

    Outlines the delight that the smoker gets from his or her habit. This book provides facts and fancies about tobacco and smoking as well as insight into the psyche of the smoker. It includes meditations, analysis, and trivia on smoking.

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  • Cigarette Century (English, Paperback) Allan M. Brandt

    The widely acclaimed, award-winning history of the cigarette.

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  • The Cigarette Book (Hardback) Chris Harrald, Fletcher Watkins

    The Cigarette Book is the ultimate souvenir and celebration of the dying art of smoking. Encyclopaedic in both lay-out and range, it is an ideal consolation gift for those who have stopped, an ideal aide de memoire for those who might and a defiant puff of libertarian brilliance for those who won't.

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  • The Freedom to Smoke (English, Hardback) Jarrett Rudy

    Explores gender and other key issues related to smoking in Montreal, including the arrival of 'big tobacco', first attempts to ban the cigarette, wartime tobacco funds, French Canadian smoking habits, rituals of manliness, and the growing respectability of women smokers - none of which have been examined by historians.

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  • Vietnam Zippos (English, Paperback) Sherry Buchanan

    We are the unwilling, led by the unqualified, doing the unnecessary for the ungratefulfrom an engraving on a Vietnam-era Zippo lighterIn 1965, journalist Morley Safer followed the United States Marines on a search and destroy mission into Cam Ne. When the Marines he accompanied reached the village, they ordered the civilians there to evacuate their homesgrass huts whose thatched roofs they set...

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  • My Addiction to Smoking (English, Paperback) Roger Perron $9.64 $12.38
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  • Cigar Smoking (English, Paperback) Winston Carter

    For cigar-lovers who dream of becoming an instant cigar aficionado, you are in the right place! The information in this book has the ability to rapidly transform your entire cigar smoking game. Inside these pages, you will learn all that you need to know about the history, construction, selection, use, preservation and enjoyment of cigars to claim genuine cigar aficionado status. Among the many...

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  • Cigar Journal (English, Paperback) Scott A Rossell

    New Deluxe 2nd Edition! Better layout, easier to read, easier to use, and a much more attractive cover to show off your good taste! More than just a collection of pages to write down a few notes, this journal provides a complete scoring system and method to score and record two hundred and fifty cigars as well as keep a list of your favorites. No other cigar journal offers this much. Find even...

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  • The Cigar Collection (English, Paperback) Hugh Morrison

    A hand rolled cigar is a work of art — a craftsman-made item, part of an almost lost world which predates the hurried modern era of industrialisation and instant satisfaction. The cigar has inspired many of the great writers of the past to sing its praises in poetry and prose. This little book is an anthology of interesting poems, facts, opinions, tips and quotes written over the last two...

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