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  • How Great Cities Happen
    How Great Cities Happen (English, Hardback) John Stanley, Janet Stanley

    Urban planners in developed countries are pushing hard for closer integration of land use and transport. How Great Cities Happen addresses this challenge by developing a wider, all-encompassing agenda for more productive, inclusive and sustainable cities.

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  • The Water-Sustainable City
    The Water-Sustainable City (English, Hardback) David Lewis Feldman

    The authors conclude that while throughout history cities have faced the twin challenges of too much - or too little - water at inopportune times, the impact of climate extremes on cities makes low-impact developments especially relevant.

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  • Cities as Political Objects
    Cities as Political Objects (English, Hardback) Alistair Cole

    Focusing on the city's role as the nexus for new forms of relationships between politics, economics and society, this fascinating book views the city as a political phenomena.

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  • Adelaide
    Adelaide (English, Hardback) Kerryn Goldsworthy

    Consisting of a painting, a frog cake, a landmark, a statue, a haunting newspaper photograph, a bucket of peaches, pink shorts in parliament, concert tickets, and tourist maps, this book is a museum of sorts?a personal guide to the city of Adelaide, Australia, through a collection of iconic objects. These objects explore the beautiful, commonplace, dark, and contradictory history of Adelaide,...

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  • Governing Compact Cities (English, Hardback) Philipp Rode

    Governing Compact Cities investigates how governments and other critical actors organise to enable compact urban growth, combining higher urban densities, mixed use and urban design quality with more walkable and public transport-oriented urban development.

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  • Alice Springs
    Alice Springs (English, Hardback) Eleanor Hogan

    A personal, evocative, and unflinching account, this book reveals the texture of everyday life in Alice Springs, Australia, through the passage of the local seasons. Alice Springs, the most talked about yet least familiar place in Australia, is isolated and has extreme seasonal weather: searingly hot and bitterly cold. It is the heart of black Australia and the headquarters of the controversial...

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  • Sydney
    Sydney (English, Hardback) Delia Falconer

    Sydney has always been the sexiest and most gaudy of our cities. This book twines the stories of the people that have made Sydney the twenty-first century city: mad clergymen, amateur astronomers, Indigenous weather experts, crims and victims, photographers and artists.

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  • College Street
    College Street (English, Paperback) Olindo Romeo Chiocca

    This semi-autobiographical book reveals the childhood and teenage years of Bruno, a boy growing up in Toronto's Little Italy area. With vivid descriptions of memorable events, this once-fledgling neighborhood comes to life with stories of weddings, funerals, feasts, and processions. Revisiting an endless array of family gatherings, neighborhood girls, dinners, and covert trips to Italy, these...

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  • Boston
    Boston (English, Hardback) Nancy Furstinger

    Discusses the city's government, economy, and history of Boston.

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  • Buenos Aires
    Buenos Aires (English, Hardback) Nancy Furstinger

    Discusses the city's government, economy, and history of Buenos Aires.

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  • Hong Kong
    Hong Kong (English, Hardback) Nancy Furstinger

    Discusses the city's government, economy, and history of Hong Kong.

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