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  • The Fatal Fortress
    The Fatal Fortress (English, Hardback) William Clements

    Written by fortification expert and published author complete with pictures, plans and details of armaments both reference book and guide

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  • U-boat Bases and Bunkers 1940-45
    U-boat Bases and Bunkers 1940-45 (English, Paperback) Gordon Williamson, Ian Palmer

    This work takes a look at the formidable U-boat bases and bunkers built on the French coast in Norway and Germany, and also focuses on the huge "Valentin" factory complex at Bremen, which manufactured the new type XXI electro-boats.

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  • One Nation Underground
    One Nation Underground (English, Paperback) Kenneth D. Rose

    A look at the fall-out shelters and how they reflected American anxieties and hopes during the 1950's and 60's.

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  • Pillboxes and Tank Traps
    Pillboxes and Tank Traps (English, Paperback) Bernard Lowry

    With invasion a very real threat, in 1940 Great Britain began a huge military construction programme designed to stop an invading army in its tracks. This book guides the inquiring reader in identifying these remaining defensive structures and explains their seemingly 'random' placement across the British landscape.

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  • The Home Guard in Hertfordshire 1940-1945
    The Home Guard in Hertfordshire 1940-1945 (Paperback) John Sainsbury

    In this very detailed account of the Hertfordshire Home Guard, the local picture is set against the background of national developments. Over 130 illustrations also provide a fascinating pictorial history of the force in Hertfordshire. This book shows that there was much more to the Home Guard than the BBC's Dad's Army would have us believe.

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  • Fallout Shelter
    Fallout Shelter (English, Paperback) David Monteyne

    Tracing the partnership between architects and American civil defense officials during the Cold War.

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  • Defending Britain
    Defending Britain (English, Paperback) Mike Osborne

    Defending Britain

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  • Plotting Power
    Plotting Power (English, Hardback) Jeremy M. Black

    Military strategy takes place as much on broad national and international stages as on battlefields. In a brilliant reimagining of the impetus and scope of eighteenth-century warfare, historian Jeremy Black takes us far and wide, from the battlefields and global maneuvers in North America and Europe to the military machinations and plotting of such Asian powers as China, Japan, Burma, Vietnam, and...

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  • Defenseless Under the Night
    Defenseless Under the Night (English, Hardback) Matthew Dallek

    Even before the attack on Pearl Harbor, Americans feared an invasion or attack would occur on US soil. In this timely and authoritative book, Matthew Dallek narrates the creation of a federal agency, the Office of Civilian Defense, founded to protect the homeland.

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  • Arp and Civil Defence in the Second World War
    Arp and Civil Defence in the Second World War (English, Paperback) Peter Doyle

    In the late 1930s, when war seemed inevitable and it was realised that aerial attack would be the greatest threat posed by any coming conflict, the government established a volunteer organisation - Air Raid Precautions or ARP - that would stand at the centre of the wartime civil defence. This book presents the history of members of the ARP.

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  • Revolt in the Provinces
    Revolt in the Provinces (English, Paperback) John Morrill

    An account of the impact of the English civil war which shows the development of civil war studies and makes a statement about how historical understanding evolves and develops. Also includes a reassessment of the central arguments in the light of the scholarly debate produced after the first edition was published in 1976.

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  • The Home Guard in Hertfordshire 1952-1957
    The Home Guard in Hertfordshire 1952-1957 (Paperback) John Sainsbury

    This is the first properly researched account of the post-war Home Guard in any county and it also incorporates very full details of the national picture. An appendix details the weapons used by the force, and all commissioned officers in the Hertfordshire battalions are also listed.

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  • Natural Resources and Violent Conflict
    Natural Resources and Violent Conflict (English, Paperback) Paul Collier, Ian Bannon

    Research into the causes of conflict and civil war finds that developing countries' economic dependence on natural resources and commodities is associated with the risk of conflict. This book presents reports and case studies that explore what the international community can do to reduce this risk.

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  • Preparation for Nuclear Disaster
    Preparation for Nuclear Disaster (English, Hardback) Wayne LeBaron $62.52
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  • Contesting Security
    Contesting Security (English, Hardback) Thierry Balzacq

    Contesting Security investigates to what extent the ?logic of security', which underpins securitization, can be contained, rolled back or dismantled....

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  • Civil Defense Booklets
    Civil Defense Booklets (English, Paperback) U.S. Department of Defense

    "Civil Defense Booklets" is the 2nd volume in The Red Dog Nuclear Survival Series. The book contains four official U.S. government civil defense booklets spanning the course of the cold war. Clearly written and richly illustrated, it serves as an essential information resource for those learning to survive the effects of nuclear weapons. Topics covered include tips on surviving the blastwave; the...

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  • The National Guard and Reserve
    The National Guard and Reserve (English, Hardback) Michael D. Doubler

    This reference handbook takes a close look at the important roles citizen-soldiers have played in America from colonial times through the war in Iraq. Doubler provides ample information and first-hand accounts to better understand how significant the National Guard and Reserve are to America's defense system.

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  • Chemical Facility Security
    Chemical Facility Security (English, Paperback) Marlin J. Flores $61.70 $65.75
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  • Bracing for Armageddon
    Bracing for Armageddon (English, Hardback) Dee Garrison

    Presents a survey of the US government's civil defense plans from World War II. This book argues that the purpose of federal civil defense was to legitimize deterrence policy and the arms race through false assurances to the masses that they could survive nuclear war and to hide the astronomical expenses of programs to protect the political elite.

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