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Civil Defence books

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  • The Fatal Fortress by William Clements
    The Fatal Fortress (English, Hardback) William Clements

    Written by fortification expert and published author complete with pictures, plans and details of armaments both reference book and guide

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  • Civil Defense Booklets by U.S. Department of Defense
    Civil Defense Booklets (English, Paperback) U.S. Department of Defense

    "Civil Defense Booklets" is the 2nd volume in The Red Dog Nuclear Survival Series. The book contains four official U.S. government civil defense booklets spanning the course of the cold war. Clearly written and richly illustrated, it serves as an essential information resource for those learning to survive the effects of nuclear weapons. Topics covered include tips on surviving the blastwave; the...

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  • Dangerous Sanctuaries by Sarah Kenyon Lischer
    Dangerous Sanctuaries (English, Paperback) Sarah Kenyon Lischer

    Vital reading for anyone concerned with how refugee flows affect the dynamics of conflicts around the world.

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  • American Defenses of Corregidor and Manila Bay 1898-1945 by Mark A. Berhow
    American Defenses of Corregidor and Manila Bay 1898-1945 (English, Paperback) Mark A. Berhow, Terrance McGovern

    The Philippines were declared an American Territory on January 4, 1899, and construction of seacoast fortifications began in the mouth of Manilla Bay - Fort Mills, Fort Frank, Fort Hughes, and Subic Bay's Fort Wint. This work brings back to life these key sites.

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  • The Home Guard in Hertfordshire 1952-1957 by John Sainsbury
    The Home Guard in Hertfordshire 1952-1957 (Paperback) John Sainsbury

    This is the first properly researched account of the post-war Home Guard in any county and it also incorporates very full details of the national picture. An appendix details the weapons used by the force, and all commissioned officers in the Hertfordshire battalions are also listed.

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  • The Home Guard in Hertfordshire 1940-1945 by John Sainsbury
    The Home Guard in Hertfordshire 1940-1945 (Paperback) John Sainsbury

    In this very detailed account of the Hertfordshire Home Guard, the local picture is set against the background of national developments. Over 130 illustrations also provide a fascinating pictorial history of the force in Hertfordshire. This book shows that there was much more to the Home Guard than the BBC's Dad's Army would have us believe.

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  • Arp and Civil Defence in the Second World War by Peter Doyle
    Arp and Civil Defence in the Second World War (English, Paperback) Peter Doyle

    In the late 1930s, when war seemed inevitable and it was realised that aerial attack would be the greatest threat posed by any coming conflict, the government established a volunteer organisation - Air Raid Precautions or ARP - that would stand at the centre of the wartime civil defence. This book presents the history of members of the ARP.

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  • U-boat Bases and Bunkers 1940-45 by Gordon Williamson
    U-boat Bases and Bunkers 1940-45 (English, Paperback) Gordon Williamson, Ian Palmer

    This work takes a look at the formidable U-boat bases and bunkers built on the French coast in Norway and Germany, and also focuses on the huge "Valentin" factory complex at Bremen, which manufactured the new type XXI electro-boats.

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  • Pillboxes and Tank Traps by Bernard Lowry
    Pillboxes and Tank Traps (English, Paperback) Bernard Lowry

    With invasion a very real threat, in 1940 Great Britain began a huge military construction programme designed to stop an invading army in its tracks. This book guides the inquiring reader in identifying these remaining defensive structures and explains their seemingly 'random' placement across the British landscape.

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  • The Routledge Companion to UK Counter-Terrorism by Andrew Staniforth
    The Routledge Companion to UK Counter-Terrorism (English, Hardback) Andrew Staniforth

    The United Kingdom has long been an island under siege from terrorists who believe they can advance their aims through acts of violence. Protecting the public from the excesses of extremism remains the primary responsibility of government. For over a century Special Branch, MI5 and MI6 have prevented terrorist atrocities and have pursued those who wish to destroy the United Kingdom's free and...

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  • Stages of Emergency by Tracy C. Davis
    Stages of Emergency (English, Paperback) Tracy C. Davis

    In an era defined by the threat of nuclear annihilation, Western nations attempted to prepare civilian populations for atomic attack through staged drills, evacuations, and field exercises. This title investigates the fundamentally theatrical nature of these Cold War civil defense exercises.

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  • Liddell Hart and the Weight of History by John J. Mearsheimer
    Liddell Hart and the Weight of History (English, Paperback) John J. Mearsheimer

    This troubling book offers a striking illustration of how history can be used and abused-how a gifted individual can create their own self-serving version of the past.

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  • Defending Britain by Mike Osborne
    Defending Britain (English, Paperback) Mike Osborne

    Defending Britain

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  • Contesting Security by Thierry Balzacq
    Contesting Security (English, Paperback) Thierry Balzacq

    This book aims to address the issue of what the extent to which the 'logic of security', which underpins securitization, can be contained, rolled back or dismantled....

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  • Plotting Power by Jeremy M. Black
    Plotting Power (English, Hardback) Jeremy M. Black

    Military strategy takes place as much on broad national and international stages as on battlefields. In a brilliant reimagining of the impetus and scope of eighteenth-century warfare, historian Jeremy Black takes us far and wide, from the battlefields and global maneuvers in North America and Europe to the military machinations and plotting of such Asian powers as China, Japan, Burma, Vietnam, and...

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  • The Reagan Reversal by Beth A. Fischer
    The Reagan Reversal (English, Paperback) Beth A. Fischer

    In this study, the author demonstrates that rather than simply being reactive in bringing about an end to the Cold War, it was the US President who first sought a rapprochement, calling for ""dialogue, co-operation and understanding"". She examines the possible theories for this reversal in policy.

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  • One Nation Underground by Kenneth D. Rose
    One Nation Underground (English, Paperback) Kenneth D. Rose

    A look at the fall-out shelters and how they reflected American anxieties and hopes during the 1950's and 60's.

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  • Britain's Part-Time Soldiers by Ian F. Beckett
    Britain's Part-Time Soldiers (English, Paperback) Ian F. Beckett

    In this classic study, first published over 20 years ago, Ian Beckett gives a comprehensive and scholarly overview of the development of the amateur military tradition in Britain from the mid-sixteenth century to the present day. He shows how standing armies in Britain have been viewed with distrust and how the preference for amateur and temporary soldiers has heightened the importance of the...

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  • Revolt in the Provinces by J. S. Morrill
    Revolt in the Provinces (English, Paperback) J. S. Morrill

    An account of the impact of the English civil war which shows the development of civil war studies and makes a statement about how historical understanding evolves and develops. Also includes a reassessment of the central arguments in the light of the scholarly debate produced after the first edition was published in 1976.

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