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  • Knitlandia
    Knitlandia (English, Hardback) Clara Parkes

    With her usual mix of eloquence and humor, Parkes weaves a masterful narrative that is both personal and universal, touching on the heart of what it means to be a knitte

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  • The Knitter's Book Of Socks
    The Knitter's Book Of Socks (English, Hardback) Clara Parkes

    Suitable for knitters who want to understand the ins and outs of sock knitting 'from the yarn up' and create a perfect pair of socks every time, this title shows knitters how to create the perfect pair of socks, with a collection of 20 patterns.

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  • The Yarn Whisperer
    The Yarn Whisperer (English, Hardback) Clara Parkes

    In Yarn Whisperer: My Unexpected Life in Knitting, Clara Parkes shares 22 captivating, poignant, and laugh-out-loud funny stories about the role yarn and knitting play in her life. In the process, she hits upon the universal truths that drive knitters as well as the ways in which knitting can be looked at as a metaphor for so many other things.

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  • The Knitter's Book of Yarn
    The Knitter's Book of Yarn (English, Hardback) Clara Parkes

    Provides insight into a vast selection of yarns, giving you the inside stories behind some of the most common fibre types, preparations, spins and ply combinations used by large-scale manufacturers and importers, medium-sized companies, boutique dye shops, community spinneries and old-fashioned sheep farms.

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  • Knitlandia
    Knitlandia (English, Paperback) Clara Parkes

    Clara Parkes-renowned knitter, author, and founder of back with more captivating, poignant, and laugh-out-loud funny essays on her knitting and yarn-related travel adventures

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  • A Stash of One's Own
    A Stash of One's Own (English, Hardback) Clara Parkes

    NYT bestselling author Clara Parkes returns, with a host of star knitters and hilarious essays on what to do with your knitting stash.

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  • The Knitter's Book of Wool
    The Knitter's Book of Wool (English, Hardback) Clara Parkes

    A guide to wool that explores what makes wool so dynamic - explaining the differences between breeds of sheep, processing and much more. It helps knitters learn how to choose the right wool for their specific projects. It features over 20 patterns, each designed to showcase specific qualities of wool yarns.

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