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Clifford Williams

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  • Singleness of Heart by Clifford Williams
    Singleness of Heart (English, Paperback) Clifford Williams

    Singleness of Heart is an invitation to explore the spiritual dividedness that infects the Christian heart. Writing for those who feel themselves being pulled in opposite directions spiritually, Clifford Williams probes spiritual dividedness to reveal the concealed and unacknowledged motives that undermine the search for inner peace.

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  • Free Will and Determinism by Clifford Williams
    Free Will and Determinism (English, Paperback) Clifford Williams

    "Free Will & Determinism".

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  • Rebecca: Play by Clifford Williams
    Rebecca: Play (Paperback) Clifford Williams, Daphne Du Maurier

    Max de Winter brings his shy young bride to Manderley, his great house in Cornwall. Everywhere, she senses the overpowering presence of Rebecca, Max's drowned wife. Mrs Danvers, the grim housekeeper, will not allow her to forget her shortcomings. She doubts Max's love until Rebecca's body is found. Max confesses that he murdered Rebecca, hating her depravity. The husband and wife now face the...

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  • One More Train to Ride by Clifford Williams
    One More Train to Ride (English, Paperback) Clifford Williams

    An oral history of present day hobo life in stories, poems, songs, and photos

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