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  • Tour of Mont Blanc
    Tour of Mont Blanc (English, Paperback) Kev Reynolds

    An essential guidebook for walking the Tour of Mont Blanc. The 170km route typically takes 11 days to trek around the Mont Blanc massif. The TMB is recognised as one of the world's classic treks. The book describes both anti-clockwise and clockwise directions, with variants and information about huts, refuges and facilities en route.

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  • Shorter Walks in the Dolomites
    Shorter Walks in the Dolomites (English, Paperback) Gillian Price

    Guidebook to day walks in the Italian Dolomites. The 50 graded walks range from short leisurely strolls to full-day high mountain expeditions, each designed to fit into a single day. The Dolomites are an ideal walking destination from June to September, and can easily be reached from Verona, Treviso, Venice and Innsbruck airports.

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  • Dead Mountain
    Dead Mountain (English, Paperback) Donnie Eichar

    An accessible PB edition carrying forward the momentum of this gripping readable true life mystery/tragedy, compellingly solved by the author.

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  • The Dolomites
    The Dolomites (English, Paperback) James Rushforth

    The elegant and dramatic peaks of the Dolomites, one of the most recently designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites, have long epitomised the ideals of climbers the world over. These spectacular limestone and dolomite monoliths rise abruptly from beautiful meadows, their pale faces contrasting starkly with the vibrant colour of the surrounding alpine pastures, to create one of the most instantly...

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  • Chamonix - Rockfax
    Chamonix - Rockfax (Paperback) Charlie Boscoe, Jack Geldard

    The Chamonix Rockfax covers everything from perfect granite rock routes to magnificent long ridges; intimidating north faces to valley sport climbing for the 'rest days'. Or maybe you just want to tick Mont Blanc. It's all here

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  • Spain: Mallorca
    Spain: Mallorca (Paperback) Mark Glaister, Alan James

    This latest edition of the Mallorca Rockfax brings together all the sport and DWS into one book.

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  • Gimme Kraft
    Gimme Kraft (Paperback) Patrick Matros, Ludwig Korb

    How do I get stronger? How can I train most effeciently? Which exercises make the most sense? These are only a few questions that we as trainers are confronted with during our daily routine.You can find the answers to all these questions on this DVD, which comes completed with an easy-to-understand practice-book.

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  • 1001 Climbing Tips
    1001 Climbing Tips (Paperback) Andy Kirkpatrick

    1001 Climbing Tips by Andy Kirkpatrick is no regular instruction manual. This is a massive collection of little tips that make a real difference when at the crag, in the mountains, or when you're planning your next big trip. These tips are based on three decades of climbing obsession and many scary climbs and expeditions.

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  • Mountain of the Dead
    Mountain of the Dead (English, Paperback) Keith McCloskey

    In January 1959, ten experienced young skiers set out for Mount Otorten in the far north of Russia. While one of the skiers fell ill and returned., the remaining nine lost their way and ended up on another mountain slope known as Kholat Syakhl (or `Mountain of the Dead').

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  • Make or Break
    Make or Break (English, Paperback) Dave Macleod

    As Wolfgang Gullich said, "getting strong is easy, getting strong without getting injured is hard". Sooner or later, nearly all climbers get injured and it will be injuries that ultimately dictate how far you get in climbing, if you let them. ...

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  • Walks and Climbs in the Pyrenees
    Walks and Climbs in the Pyrenees (English, Paperback) Kev Reynolds

    Guidebook describing 170 routes for walks, climbs and multi-day treks on both sides of the Pyrenees, including a circuit of Andorra's Frontier Peaks. The 3000m summits are within reach of any hill walker and offer a variety of terrain. The day walks range from 30 minutes to 9 hours and the multi-day walks from 2 to 12 days.

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  • Training for the New Alpinism
    Training for the New Alpinism (English, Paperback) Steve House, Scott Johnston

    In Training for the New Alpinism, Steve House, world-class climber and Patagonia ambassador, and Scott Johnston, coach of U.S. National Champions and World Cup Nordic Skiers, translate training theory into practice to allow you to coach yourself to any mountaineering goal. Applying training practices from other endurance sports, House and Johnston demonstrate that following a carefully designed...

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  • Essential Fontainebleau
    Essential Fontainebleau (English, Paperback) John Watson

    This guide introduces the climber to the magical bouldering in the forest of Fontainebleau.

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  • Bouldering essentials
    Bouldering essentials (English, Paperback) David Flanagan

    Suitable for anyone interested in bouldering whether a complete beginner looking to learn the basics, an indoor climber keen to start bouldering outdoors or an experienced boulderer who wants to explore more advanced topics, this book includes chapters on: The Basics; Equipment; Staying Safe; Movement; Dynamics; Indoors; and Destinations.

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  • The Andes
    The Andes (Paperback) John Biggar

    This is the 4th English edition of the only comprehensive guidebook to the peaks of the Andes and covers many areas not described in any other source. Previous editions have been translated into French, Spanish, Polish and Czech. The author has been climbing and skiing in the Andes for 25 years and has made ascents of 300 peaks higher than 5000m.

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  • In Some Lost Place
    In Some Lost Place (Hardback) Sandy Allan

    In Some Lost Place is Sandy Allan's account of his team's first ascent of the Mazeno Ridge of Nanga Parbat, one of the last challenges in the Himalaya. At ten kilometres long, the Mazeno is the longest route to the summit of an 8,000-metre peak. Allan's story is one of an incredible feat of endurance and commitment at the very limits of survival.

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  • Avalanche Essentials
    Avalanche Essentials (English, Paperback) Bruce Tremper

    This is the companion to Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain the bestselling avalanche text in the U.S - with easy-to-understand safety tips and checklists to help anyone stay safer in avalanche terrain. It is a small, take-along resource to reference in the field and assist decision making.

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  • Mont Blanc Walks
    Mont Blanc Walks (English, Paperback) Hilary Sharp

    Guidebook to 50 day walks in the Mont Blanc region near Chamonix and Courmayeur, plus outlines of 4 multi-day treks around both sides of the Mont Blanc massif. The walks range from 3 to 20km and cover a variety of terrains from easy valley walks to more challenging routes over boulders, scree and on via ferratas.

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  • Into Thin Air
    Into Thin Air (Paperback) Jon Krakauer

    Jon Krakauer's acclaimed account of a disastrous expedition on Mt Everest

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  • The Grahams & the Donalds
    The Grahams & the Donalds (Hardback) Rab Anderson, Tom Prentice

    Probably the most significant guidebook to Scottish hillwalking in recent times, this handsomely illustrated book from The Scottish Mountaineering Club describes the recommended routes on The Grahams & The Donalds

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