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Clio Gray

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  • Hidden Pasts by Clio Gray
    Hidden Pasts (English, Paperback) Clio Gray

    Hestan Island, marooned in the Solway Firth, tethered to the mainland at low tide by a causeway called The Rack; home to two men quietly living out their lives, until a boy is almost crushed to death in their tiny copper mine, when their shared past begins to unravel.

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    4 stars

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  • The Anatomist's Dream by Clio Gray
    The Anatomist's Dream (English, Hardback) Clio Gray Currently Unavailable More details
  • Legacy of the Lynx by Clio Gray
    Legacy of the Lynx (English, Paperback) Clio Gray

    Scotland and Ireland 1798. Three people, two murders, one oath.

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    5 stars

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  • Deadly Prospects by Clio Gray
    Deadly Prospects (English, Paperback) Clio Gray

    Deadly Prospects is book 1 in the Scottish Mysteries, a series of thrillers set in Victorian Scotland.

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  • The Anatomist's Dream by Clio Gray
    The Anatomist's Dream (English, Paperback) Clio Gray

    A sumptuous feast for the senses that chronicles the early life of a very special boy as he makes a fantastic and epic journey with a travelling carnical across the dark and troubled landscape of 1840s Germany. A book that will be savoured by fans of Mervyn Peake's "Gormenghast" trilogy, Erin Morgenstern's "The Night Circus" or Patrick Suskind's "Perfume".

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  • The Brora Murders by Clio Gray
    The Brora Murders (English, Paperback) Clio Gray

    1869, Sutherland, Scotland, and the Kildonan Gold Rush is in full swing. Then one of the panners is murdered, and strange marks left on stones where he is found. Brogar Finn and Sholto McKay are on hand to investigate the extent of the Gold Rush, and it falls to them to solve this murder, and the others that soon follow. The language is rich with the places and times, from the volcanic eruption in...

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  • Archimimus by Clio Gray
    Archimimus (Paperback) Clio Gray

    Lukitt Bachman is waiting in his Lanterne de Mortes, a Tower of the Dead, in the middle of a cemetery. He has become an assassin and a murderer, learned the terrible highs and lows of friendships made and lost, and is awaiting now his last remaining friend to set him free so he can put right past wrongs.

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  • Deadly Prospects by MS Clio Gray
    Deadly Prospects (English, Paperback) MS Clio Gray

    1869, Sutherland, ScotlandFor years the people of this remote area of the Highlands have been hard done by; fifteen thousand of them cleared from the land earlier in the century to make way for sheep. Those from Kildonan went to Brora to work in the coal mines and brick kilns, until 1828 when the mines were closed and the people there left destitute. Now a local Gold Rush has attracted the...

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