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Colin King

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  • The Official Detective's Handbook by Colin King
    The Official Detective's Handbook (English, Paperback)

    Train yourself to be a great detective with this humorous, handy pocket guide packed with hints, tips and advice on how to be an intrepid, quick-thinking super-sleuth. Test your observational skills, learn how to crack codes, discover how to identify people by their fingerprints or handwriting, find out how to examine witnesses and look for clues.

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  • The Official Spy's Handbook by Colin King
    The Official Spy's Handbook (English, Paperback)

    Everything a good spy needs to know about secret codes, disguises, shadowing and observation skills. This essential guide to spying is packed with useful skills and tips, such as shaking off a trail, scrambling secret messages and creating amazing disguises. A brand new edition of the Usborne classic, sure to delight a new generation of spies.

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  • Look Inside Trains by Alex Frith
    Look Inside Trains (English, Board book)

    From traditional steam trains to super-fast bullet trains, this fact-filled information book allows children to look inside locomotives and find out how they work. Young readers can lift-the-flaps to discover fun facts and find out about the history of train travel.

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  • How Your Body Works by Judy Hindley
    How Your Body Works (English, Hardback)

    This classic Usborne book has been enjoyed by three generations since its first publication in 1975. It has now been completely reillustrated by the original artist, Colin King, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Usborne Publishing. It covers all the basics of human biology in a fun and informative way.


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  • Stone Age by Jerome Martin
    Stone Age (English, Hardback)

    This simple information book follows the history of Stone Age people and how they lived. Children can discover how they made clothes from animal skins and weapons and tools from stone, and find out about their cave art - some of which can still be seen today. Full of facts, illustrations and photographs of historical artefacts.

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  • Sticker Atlas of Britain and Northern Ireland by Stephanie Turnbull
    Sticker Atlas of Britain and Northern Ireland (English, Paperback)

    Featuring over 140 stickers for children to place on the maps, this title covers the key towns of Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as sculptures, bridges and galleries, from the countries' most famous places to their hidden secrets.

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  • Counter-terrorism, Constitutionalism and Miscarriages of Justice by Genevieve Lennon
    Counter-terrorism, Constitutionalism and Miscarriages of Justice (English, Hardback)

    The purpose of this book is to honour the influential and wide-ranging work of Professor Clive Walker. It explores Professor Walker's influence from three perspectives. Firstly, it provides a historical reflection upon the development of the law and policy in relation to counter-terrorism and miscarriages of justice since the 1970s. This historical perspective, which is often overlooked, is...

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  • A Vintage Death by Colin King
    A Vintage Death (Paperback) $12.00
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  • Wetland by Colin King
    Wetland (Paperback) $12.00
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  • 41 Broken Spokes by Colin King
    41 Broken Spokes (Hardback)

    It has been said that the Bicycle saved the human race from a particular type of catastrophe...inbreeding. In rural areas in particular it offered pioneering males and females the opportunity to roam further afield, e.g the next village, in order to unleash their romantic powers and marry into another community and in doing so spread the gene pool.

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  • Spy's Guidebook by Colin King
    Spy's Guidebook (Spiral bound)

    A book for anyone who wants to be a good spy, showing how to write code messages, put on disguises and stalk and shadow enemy spies secretly.

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  • See Inside How Things Work by Conrad Mason
    See Inside How Things Work (English, Board book)

    A lift-the-flap book that allows young readers to see inside how all kinds of amazing inventions work, such as what happens when a toilet flushes or keeps planes up in the air.

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  • Detective's Handbook by Colin King
    Detective's Handbook (English, Spiral bound)

    Offers tips, hints and advice on how to be an intrepid, smart-talking, quick-thinking super-sleuth, including how to identify fingerprints and handwriting, how to examine witnesses and find clues. This book contains tests to check what the gumshoe-in-training has learnt, including observation questions and code-cracking quizzes.

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  • Ancient Greeks by Stephanie Turnbull
    Ancient Greeks (Hardback)

    Usborne Beginners are colourful information books for children beginning to read on their own. Vivid, full colour illustrations and photographs on every page, accompanied by short, informative text.

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  • Atlas of Britain Picture Book by Fiona Patchett
    Atlas of Britain Picture Book (English, Hardback)

    A fact-filled book showing the most famous and interesting sights in Britain and Northern Ireland, and maps to stick them on. Each double page shows a region with key geographic and historic features, towns and fun places to visit.

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  • See Inside Trains by Emily Bone
    See Inside Trains (English, Hardback)

    A history of locomotion that tells it all from Stephenson's Rocket to the bullet trains. It helps you lift the flaps to explore all kinds of trains, from a luxury steam train fit for a queen to super-fast trains that run on magnets, trains that can climb up mountains, and more.

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