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  • Reductionism in Art and Brain Science
    Reductionism in Art and Brain Science (English, Hardback) Eric R. Kandel

    Pre-publication subtitle: From figuration to abstraction of form, line, color, and light.

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  • The Collapse of Western Civilization
    The Collapse of Western Civilization (English, Paperback) Naomi Oreskes, Erik M. Conway

    The year is 2393, and the world is almost unrecognizable. Clear warnings of climate catastrophe went ignored for decades, leading to soaring temperatures, rising sea levels, widespread drought and?finally?the disaster now known as the Great Collapse of 2093, when the disintegration of the West Antarctica Ice Sheet led to mass migration and a complete reshuffling of the global order. Writing from...

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  • The Most Important Thing Illuminated
    The Most Important Thing Illuminated (English, Hardback) Howard Marks

    Distilling the wisdom of Marks' celebrated client memos into a single volume and, for the first time, making his time-tested investing philosophy available to general readers, this book has been widely acclaimed by professional, casual, aspiring, and armchair investors.

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  • What Kind of Creatures Are We?
    What Kind of Creatures Are We? (English, Hardback) Noam Chomsky

    In clear, precise, and non-technical language, Chomsky elaborates on fifty years of scientific development in the study of language, sketching how his own work has implications for the origins of language, the close relations that language bears to thought, and its biological basis. Moving from language and mind to society and politics, he concludes with a philosophical defense of libertarian socialism.

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  • Neuroenology
    Neuroenology (English, Hardback) Gordon M. Shepherd

    Neuroenology is the first book on wine tasting by a neuroscientist. Shepherd comprehensively explains how the specific sensory pathways in the cerebral cortex create the memory of wine and how language is used to identify and imprint wine characteristics. Intended for a broad audience of readers?from amateur wine drinkers to sommeliers, from casual foodies to seasoned chefs?Neuroenology shows how the emotion of pleasure is the final judge of the wine experience. It includes practical tips for a scientifically informed wine tasting.

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  • Social Work Values and Ethics
    Social Work Values and Ethics (English, Paperback) Frederic G. Reamer

    For more than a decade, teachers and practitioners have turned to Frederic G. Reamer'sSocial Work Values and Ethics for its comprehensive introduction to ethical decision making and practical guidance regarding professional misconduct. This new edition incorporates the legal and technological realities now facing individuals in the field, featuring a discussion of the ethical issues that arise...

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  • The Best American Magazine Writing 2016
    The Best American Magazine Writing 2016 (English, Paperback) Sid Holt

    This year's Best American Magazine Writing features outstanding writing on contentious issues including incarceration, policing, sexual assault, labor, technology, and environmental catastrophe. Selections include Paul Ford's ambitious "What Is Code?" (Bloomberg Businessweek), an innovative explanation of how programming works, and "The Really Big One," by Kathryn Schulz (The New Yorker), which...

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  • Why Civil Resistance Works
    Why Civil Resistance Works (English, Paperback) Erica Chenoweth, Maria Stephan

    Combining statistical analysis with case studies of specific countries and territories, Erica Chenoweth and Maria J. Stephan detail the factors enabling nonviolent resistance campaigns to succeed and, sometimes, fail. They find such campaigns present fewer obstacles to moral and physical involvement and commitment, and higher levels of participation contribute to enhanced resilience, greater opportunities for tactical innovation and civic disruption (and therefore less incentive for a regime to maintain its status quo), and shifts in loyalty among opponents' erstwhile supporters, including members of the military establishment. Chenoweth and Stephan conclude successful nonviolent resistance ushers in more durable and internally peaceful democracies, which are less likely to regress into civil war. Presenting a rich, evidentiary argument, they originally and systematically compare violent and nonviolent outcomes in different historical periods and geographical contexts, debunking the myth that violence occurs because of structural and environmental factors and that it is necessary to achieve certain political goals. Instead, the authors discover, violent insurgency is rarely justifiable on strategic grounds.

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  • Better Presentations
    Better Presentations (English, Paperback) Jonathan Schwabish

    Designed for presenters of scholarly or data-intensive content, Better Presentations details essential strategies for developing clear, sophisticated, and visually captivating presentations. With a range of clear examples for what to do (and what not to do), the practical package offered in Better Presentations shares the best techniques to display work and the best tactics for winning over audiences. It pushes presenters past the frustration and intimidation of the process to more effective, memorable, and persuasive presentations.

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  • Waking, Dreaming, Being
    Waking, Dreaming, Being (English, Hardback) Evan Thompson

    A renowned philosopher of the mind, also known for his groundbreaking work on Buddhism and cognitive science, Evan Thompson combines the latest neuroscience research on sleep, dreaming, and meditation with Indian and Western philosophy of the mind, casting new light on the self and its relation to the brain....

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  • The Age of Sustainable Development
    The Age of Sustainable Development (English, Paperback) Jeffrey D. Sachs

    Jeffrey D. Sachs is one of the world's most perceptive and original analysts of global development. In this major new work he presents a compelling and practical framework for how global citizens can use a holistic way forward to address the seemingly intractable worldwide problems of persistent extreme poverty, environmental degradation, and political-economic injustice: sustainable development....

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  • Inside the Investments of Warren Buffett
    Inside the Investments of Warren Buffett (English, Hardback) Yefei Lu

    A gift to Buffett followers who have long sought a pattern to the investor's success,Inside the Investments of Warren Buffett presents the most detailed analysis to date of Buffet's long-term investment portfolio. Lu pinpoints what is unique about Buffett's timing, instinct, use of outside knowledge, and postinvestment actions, and he identifies what could work for all investors with companies big and small, global and domestic.

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  • What Is a People?
    What Is a People? (English, Hardback) Judith Butler, Georges Didi-Huberman

    These outspoken intellectuals seek to reclaim "people" as an effective political concept by revisiting its uses and abuses over time. By engaging this topic linguistically, ethnically, culturally, and ontologically, these scholars help separate "people" from its fraught associations to pursue more vital formulations.

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  • Class Clowns
    Class Clowns (English, Hardback) Jonathan A. Knee

    Professor and investment banker Jonathan A. Knee dissects what drives investors' efforts to improve education and why they consistently fail. Knee takes readers inside four spectacular financial failures in education. Although deep belief in the curative powers of the market drove these initiatives, it was the investors' failure to appreciate market structure that doomed them. By contrasting rare successes, he finds a dozen broad lessons at the heart of these cautionary case studies.

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  • Dark Ecology
    Dark Ecology (English, Hardback) Timothy Morton

    Timothy Morton argues that ecological awareness in the present Anthropocene era takes the form of a strange loop or Möbius strip, twisted to have only one side. Dark ecology puts us in an uncanny position of radical self-knowledge, illuminating our place in the biosphere and our belonging to a species in a sense that is far less obvious than we like to think. Morton hopes to reestablish our ties to nonhuman beings and to help us rediscover the playfulness and joy that can brighten the dark, strange loop we traverse.

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  • Transgender 101
    Transgender 101 (English, Paperback) Nicholas M. Teich

    Written by a social worker, popular educator, and member of the transgender community, this well-rounded resource combines an accessible portrait of transgenderism with a rich history of transgender life and its unique experiences of discrimination. Chapters introduce transgenderism and its psychological, physical, and social processes. They describe the coming out process and its effect on family...

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  • Sex and World Peace
    Sex and World Peace (English, Paperback) Valerie M. Hudson, Bonnie Ballif-Spanvill

    Originally published in hardcover in 2012.

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  • The Madhouse Effect
    The Madhouse Effect (English, Hardback) Michael E. Mann, Tom Toles

    The award-winning climate scientist Michael E. Mann and the Pulitzer Prize?winning political cartoonist Tom Toles have been on the front lines of the fight against climate denialism for most of their careers. The Madhouse Effect portrays the intellectual pretzels into which denialists must twist logic to explain away the clear evidence that human activity has changed Earth's climate. The synergy of these two climate science crusaders enlivens the gloom and doom of so many climate-themed books.

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  • Sacred Knowledge
    Sacred Knowledge (English, Hardback) William A. Richards

    Sacred Knowledge is the first well-documented, sophisticated account of the effect of psychedelics on biological processes, human consciousness, and revelatory religious experiences. Richards argues that, if used responsibly and legally, psychedelics have incredible potential to assuage human suffering and constructively contribute to the quality of life on our planet. Richards makes the most of experiential phenomena that stretch our concepts of reality and advances new frontiers in the study of belief, spiritual awakening, psychiatric treatment, and social well-being.

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  • The Incorporeal
    The Incorporeal (English, Hardback) Elizabeth Grosz

    In The Incorporeal, Elizabeth Grosz explores the idea that the ideal is inherent or immanent in the material and the material in the ideal. She also traces how that concept has been developed by subsequent philosophers, arguing that the same idea reasserts itself in different intellectual contexts throughout history. Grosz shows that, far from being mutually exclusive, idealism and materialism are inextricably linked and that this belonging together of the entirety of ideality and the entirety of materiality is not mediated or created by human consciousness but is an ontological condition for the development of human consciousness.

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