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  • ggplot2
    ggplot2 (English, Paperback) Hadley Wickham

    This new edition to the classic book by ggplot2 creator Hadley Wickham highlights compatibility with knitr and RStudio. ggplot2 is a data visualization package for R that helps users create data graphics, including those that are multi-layered, with ease. With ggplot2, it's easy to: ...

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  • Graph Theory
    Graph Theory (English, Hardback) Reinhard Diestel

    The fourth edition of this standard textbook of modern graph theory has been revised, updated, and substantially extended. Covering all major recent developments, it can be used both as a reliable textbook for an introductory course and as a graduate text.

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  • The Grammar of Graphics
    The Grammar of Graphics (English, Paperback) Leland Wilkinson

    Presents a unique foundation for producing almost every quantitative graphic found in scientific journals, newspapers, statistical packages, and data visualization systems The new edition features six new chapters and has undergone substantial revision. The first edition has sold more than 2200 copies. Four color throughout.

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  • Proofs from THE BOOK
    Proofs from THE BOOK (English, Hardback) Martin Aigner, Karl H. Hofmann

    This revised and enlarged fifth edition features four new chapters, which contain highly original and delightful proofs for classics such as the spectral theorem from linear algebra, some more recent jewels like the non-existence of the Borromean rings and other surprises....

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  • Combinatorics: A Very Short Introduction
    Combinatorics: A Very Short Introduction (English, Paperback) Robin Wilson

    Combinatorics is a large branch of mathematics involving the counting, selecting, and arranging of objects. Robin Wilson explores the field, looking at problems such as the shortest routes from A to B, to the number of Sudoku puzzles possible.

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  • The Data Science Design Manual
    The Data Science Design Manual (English, Hardback) Professor Steven S. Skiena

    This engaging and clearly written textbook/reference provides a must-have introduction to the rapidly emerging interdisciplinary field of data science. It focuses on the principles fundamental to becoming a good data scientist and the key skills needed to build systems for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data....

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  • Data Wrangling with R
    Data Wrangling with R (English, Paperback) Bradley Boehmke

    This guide for practicing statisticians, data scientists, and R users and programmers will teach the essentials of preprocessing: data leveraging the R programming language to easily and quickly turn noisy data into usable pieces of information.

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  • Proof Patterns
    Proof Patterns (English, Paperback) Mark Joshi

    This innovative textbook introduces a new pattern-based approach to learning proof methods in the mathematical sciences.

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  • Catalan Numbers
    Catalan Numbers (English, Paperback) Richard P. Stanley

    More than 250 exercises and solutions on properties and applications of Catalan numbers, at levels ranging from recreational to research.

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  • The Fascinating World of Graph Theory
    The Fascinating World of Graph Theory (English, Paperback) Arthur Benjamin, Gary Chartrand

    Graph theory goes back several centuries and revolves around the study of graphs--mathematical structures showing relations between objects. With applications in biology, computer science, transportation science, and other areas, graph theory encompasses some of the most beautiful formulas in mathematics--and some of its most famous problems. The Fascinating World of Graph Theory explores the...

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  • How to Count
    How to Count (English, Hardback) Robert A. Beeler

    Providing a self-contained resource for upper undergraduate courses in combinatorics, this text emphasizes computation, problem solving, and proof technique. When possible, the book introduces concepts using combinatorial methods (as opposed to induction or algebra) to prove identities.

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  • Additive Combinatorics
    Additive Combinatorics (English, Paperback) Terence Tao, Van H. Vu

    A graduate-level 2006 text bringing together the tools from different fields used in additive combinatorics.

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  • Enumerative Combinatorics: Volume 1
    Enumerative Combinatorics: Volume 1 (English, Paperback) Richard P. Stanley

    This thoroughly revised second edition of Volume 1 includes ten new sections and more than 300 new exercises.

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  • A First Course in Network Theory
    A First Course in Network Theory (English, Paperback) Ernesto Estrada, Philip A. Knight

    Network theory is a major topic of interdisciplinary research which covers diverse areas including physics, mathematics and sociology. This book covers all the basics and the most commonly used concepts in the field, provides examples of their applications in solving practical problems, and clear indications on how to analyse their results.

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  • Learn ggplot2 Using Shiny App
    Learn ggplot2 Using Shiny App (English, Paperback) Keon-Woong Moon

    This book and app is for practitioners, professionals, researchers, and students who want to learn how to make a plot within the R environment using ggplot2, step-by-step without coding....

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  • Symmetric Functions and Hall Polynomials
    Symmetric Functions and Hall Polynomials (English, Paperback) I. G. Macdonald

    Reissued in the Oxford Classical Texts, this acclaimed second edition is nowadays the key resource on Macdonald polynomials, important for many research mathematicians.

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  • Bayesian Computation with R
    Bayesian Computation with R (English, Paperback) Jim Albert

    There has been a dramatic growth in the development and application of Bayesian inferential methods. This book introduces Bayesian modeling by the use of computation using the R language. The new edition contains changes in the R code illustrations.

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  • Probability with Permutations and Combinations
    Probability with Permutations and Combinations (English, Paperback) Robert Tier

    Combinatronics Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!One thing is certain: statistics don't lie.Learning about probability with combinations and permutations gives you that competitive edge in ANY field of work or hobby you’re into.Whether it’s Poker, horse racing, weather forecasting, lottery betting, general mathematics or virtually any other field where odds need to be determined—this book will help...

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  • Combinatorial Extremization: In Mathematical Olympiad And Competitions
    Combinatorial Extremization: In Mathematical Olympiad And Competitions (English, Paperback) Yuefeng Feng

    In China, lots of excellent students who are good at maths takes an active part in various maths contests and the best six senior high school students will be selected to form the IMO National Team to compete in the International Mathematical Olympiad.

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  • Hypergeometric Summation
    Hypergeometric Summation (English, Paperback) Wolfram Koepf

    Hypergeometric Summation

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