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  • The Book of Tokyo
    The Book of Tokyo (English, Paperback) Masashi Matsuie

    The Book of Tokyo collects 10 stories by some of Japan's most exciting contemporary short story writers. Together, the stories form a kind of literary map of the city's ever-changing districts through its fiction. With works of literary fiction, crime, science fiction, and horror, the anthology provides an imaginative tour of the city for short story fans and travelers alike.

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  • The BBC National Short Story Award 2017: No.12
    The BBC National Short Story Award 2017: No.12 (English, Paperback) Joanna Trollope

    There is in the short story, at its most characteristic, something we do not often find in the novel, Frank O'Connor wrote, "an intense awareness of human loneliness." The stories shortlisted for the BBC National Short Story Award with BookTrust 2017 all feature characters that are disconnected, willingly or unwillingly, from those around them: a mysterious out-of-towner is shunned by her new...

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  • The BBC National Short Story Award 2016
    The BBC National Short Story Award 2016 (English, Paperback) Lavinia Greenlaw, Hilary Mantel

    One of the most prestigious awards for the short story has reached its eleventh year. Hugely successful, the BBC National Short Story Award, in partnership with Booktrust, awards £15,000 to the winning author, with £3000 going to the runner-up.

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  • Iraq+100
    Iraq+100 (English, Paperback) Hassan Blasim, Anoud

    Iraq + 100 poses a question to contemporary Iraqi writers: what might your home city look like in the year 2103 exactly 100 years after the disastrous American and British-led invasion of Iraq? How might that war reach across a century of repair and rebirth, and affect the state of the country its politics, its religion, its language, its culture and how might Iraq have finally escaped its chaos,...

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  • Protest!
    Protest! (English, Hardback) Sara Maitland, Frank Cottrell Boyce

    Whatever happened to British protest? For a nation that brought the world Chartism, the Suffragettes, the Tolpuddle Martyrs, and so many other grassroots social movements, Britain rarely celebrates its long, great tradition of people power. In this timely and evocative collection, twenty authors have assembled to re-imagine key moments of British protest, from the Peasants' Revolt of 1381 to the...

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  • The Book of Gaza
    The Book of Gaza (English, Paperback) Atef Abu Saif, Atef Abu Seif

    Bringing together a dozen of Palestine's greatest modern prose writers, this unique anthology sets contemporary stories against the backdrop of one of the world's most talked-about cities, presenting them in English translation for the first time. Together, these stories will enable English-speaking readers to go beyond the global media coverage and enter into the daily life of ordinary characters...

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  • The Book of Khartoum
    The Book of Khartoum (English, Paperback) Ahmed Al-Malik, Bushra Al-Fadil

    Nestled on the confluence of the Blue and White Niles, the city of Khartoum has, for two centuries, been a focal point for both imperialism and rebellion, a breeding ground for revolutionary fervor, begrudging target for international criticism, and a refuge for hundreds of thousands of people displaced by wars conducted from this city.The Book of Khartoum provides an intimate tour of this city...

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  • Conradology
    Conradology (English, Paperback) SJ Bradley, Grazyna Plebanek

    Polish-British Joseph Conrad is regarded as one of the greatest novelists to write in the English language. To celebrate his name, as well as his vision, this anthology brings together specially commissioned short stories and essays, written in English or Polish (the latter being translated into English), which celebrate, respond to and critique the literary legacy of Joseph Conrad. Including 16...

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  • The Drone Eats with Me
    The Drone Eats with Me (English, Paperback) Atef Abu Saif

    In July 2014, in response to the kidnapping and murder of three teenagers, Israel launched a wide-scale attack on the people of Strip, lasting 51 days, killing 2145 Gazans (578 of them children), injuring more than 11,000, and demolishing 17,200 homes. The worldwide public outcry at this punishment of an entire people was coupled with protests at the pro-Israeli bias of much of the Western media....

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  • Letters Home
    Letters Home (English, Paperback) Martyn Bedford

    Martyn Bedford's short stories ask a difficult the question: how do we re-define ourselves in the age of 'post-truth' reasoning, identity politics and social media echo-chambers. What constitutes personal identity, and what can we call 'home', when the places we come from are either no-longer accessible, or not what they claim to be. Informed by Bedford's early career as a thriller writer, these...

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  • Points of Origin
    Points of Origin (English, Paperback) Diao Dou

    A letter-writing campaign by a group of bumptious, socially concerned intellectuals to the local government triggers an unforeseen chain of events, when a new bye-law decrees that everyone on the streets after dusk can only move around in a squatting position. A grad student's girlfriend develops a fascination with her advisor's personal history, but as the narrator's obsession with her obsession...

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  • The Ghost Who Bled
    The Ghost Who Bled (English, Paperback) Gregory Norminton

    A simple act of gallantry in the Malaysian jungle spawns a lifelong feud in the Home Counties... A fading actor with a terminal illness devises a meticulous plan to leave the stage in style...A pregnant composer contemplates motherhood at the end of civilisation...  Spanning centuries and continents, the stories in this collection amount to a tour de force of literary worldbuilding. From deeply...

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  • From Professor Murasaki's Notebooks on the Effects of Lightning on the Human Body
    From Professor Murasaki's Notebooks on the Effects of Lightning on the Human Body (English, Paperback) John Latham

    A John Latham poem is a like a precipitation: images coalesce around a single memory the way ice crystallises around the smallest particle to form a snowflake; the strange logic that constructs them is unique each time. Passionate, satirical, mysterious, the poems in his sixth collection capture the vibrancy of a childhood that still bewitches him half a century later, alongside the cruel...

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  • Refugee Tales
    Refugee Tales (English, Paperback) Ali Smith, Abdulrazak Gurnah

    Two unaccompanied children travel across the Mediterranean in an overcrowded boat that has been designed to only make it halfway across... A 63-year-old man is woken one morning by border officers 'acting on a tip-off' and, despite having paid taxes for 28 years, is suddenly cast into the detention system with no obvious means of escape... An orphan whose entire life has been spent in slavery ?...

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  • The Madman of Freedom Square
    The Madman of Freedom Square (English, Paperback) Hassan Blasim

    From the Iran?Iraq War through the Occupation, this collection of fictional short stories presents an uncompromising view of the relationship between the West and Iraq, as well as a haunting critique of the postwar refugee experience. Blending allegory with historical realism and subverting expectations in an unflinching comedy of the macabre, these tales manage to be both phantasmagoric and...

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  • Tiny Deaths
    Tiny Deaths (English, Paperback) Robert Shearman

    Analyzing the complexity, absurdity, and blessedness of seemingly ordinary people, this debut collection examines the metaphysical assumptions surrounding death. From the end of a relationship to the meaning behind its title, this anthology continually surprises and subverts, utilizing topics such as alien intelligence, reincarnation, imaginary children, and even conversations with Hitler's...

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  • Moss Witch
    Moss Witch (English, Paperback) Sara Maitland

    A bryologist enters an ancient piece of British woodland to research a rare strain of moss, only to discover an even more exotic specimen; a geologist explains the failures of the feminist movement to her teenage niece in terms of tectonic subduction; two Old Testament newlyweds scheme to make the most of their tightly negotiated dowry by applying 21st-century genetic engineering techniques?each...

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  • The Stone Thrower
    The Stone Thrower (Paperback) Adam Marek $13.82 $18.00
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  • Litmus
    Litmus (English, Paperback) Kate Clanchy, Frank Cottrell Boyce

    "Like the creation myths they supersede, the revelations of science are seared into our collective imagination through storytelling. From Archimedes' bath to Newton's apple, vivid accounts of scientific discovery help us understand the principles behind each theory, and add to the larger narrative of how the universe works, and how we came to be here. This anthology draws out and distills...

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