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  • The Book of Tokyo by Masashi Matsuie
    The Book of Tokyo (English, Paperback) Masashi Matsuie

    The Book of Tokyo collects 10 stories by some of Japan's most exciting contemporary short story writers. Together, the stories form a kind of literary map of the city's ever-changing districts through its fiction. With works of literary fiction, crime, science fiction, and horror, the anthology provides an imaginative tour of the city for short story fans and travelers alike.

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  • You Should Come with Me Now by M. John Harrison
    You Should Come with Me Now (English, Paperback) M. John Harrison

    M. John Harrison is a cartographer of the liminal. His work sits at the boundaries between genres ? horror and science fiction, fantasy and travel writing ? just as his characters occupy the no man's land between the spatial and the spiritual. Here, in his first collection of short fiction for over 15 years, we see the master of the New Wave present unsettling visions of contemporary urban...

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  • Conradology by SJ Bradley
    Conradology (English, Paperback) SJ Bradley, Grazyna Plebanek

    Polish-British Joseph Conrad is regarded as one of the greatest novelists to write in the English language. To celebrate his name, as well as his vision, this anthology brings together specially commissioned short stories and essays, written in English or Polish (the latter being translated into English), which celebrate, respond to and critique the literary legacy of Joseph Conrad. Including 16...

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  • The Book of Havana by Orsola Casagrande
    The Book of Havana (English, Paperback) Daniel Chavarria, Francisco Lopez Sacha

    The stories gathered in this anthology reflect the many complex challenges Havana's citizens have had to endure as a result of their country's political isolation?from the hardships of the "Special Period," to the pitfalls of Cuba's schizophrenic currency system, to the indignities of becoming a cheap tourist destination for well-heeled Westerners. Moving through various moments in its recent...

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  • Litmus by Kate Clanchy
    Litmus (English, Paperback) Kate Clanchy, Frank Cottrell Boyce

    This anthology draws out and distills science's love of narrative from a wide range of scientific disciplines, weaving theory into very human stories and delving into the humanity of theorists and experimenters as they stood on the brink of significant discoveries. From Archimedes' bath to Newton's apple, these vivid accounts of scientific discovery explore the principles behind each theory and...

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  • The BBC National Short Story Award 2018 by Mel Giedroyc
    The BBC National Short Story Award 2018 (English, Paperback) Mel Giedroyc

    *INCLUDES WINNING STORY BY INGRID PERSAUD* Hung-over and grief-stricken, a man contemplated suicide at the edge of a cliff, until he is unexpectedly distracted by the sight of a woman emerging from the water below... A group of art students protesting the demolition of a housing block decide to turn its destruction into a creative act... Waiting in her car for the rain to pass after her...

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  • The Book of Birmingham by Kavita Bhanot
    The Book of Birmingham (English, Paperback) Alan Beard, Jendella Benson

    Few cities have undergone such a radical transformation over the last few decades as Birmingham. Culturally and architecturally, it has been in a state of perpetual flux and regeneration, with new communities moving in, then out, and iconic post-war landmarks making way for brighter-coloured, 21st century flourishes. Much like the city itself, the characters in the stories gathered here are often...

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  • The Book of Tehran by Samantha Clark
    The Book of Tehran (English, Paperback) Samantha Clark

    Tehran is Iran's most secular and liberal city. It is a city that is so much more than your usual chaotic maze of concrete and traffic jams thick with air pollution. This is the beating heart of Iran, a creative tour de force and the place to be to get a handle on modern Iran and what its future will likely be.The outside world focuses on extremes in Iran, but what the writers herein set out to...

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  • The New Uncanny by A. S. Byatt
    The New Uncanny (English, Paperback) A. S. Byatt, Ramsey Campbell

    Performing a deft metaphorical evisceration of Sigmund Freud's classic 1919 essay that delved deeply into the tradition of horror writing, this freshly contemporary collection of literary interpretations reintroduces to the world Freud's compelling theory of das unheimliche?or, the uncanny. Specifically designed to challenge the creative boundaries of some of the most famed and respected horror...

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  • Protest by Sandra Alland
    Protest (English, Paperback) Sandra Alland, Sara Maitland

    Whatever happened to British protest? For a nation that brought the world Chartism, the Suffragettes, the Tolpuddle Martyrs, and so many other grassroots social movements, Britain rarely celebrates its long, great tradition of people power. In this timely and evocative collection, twenty authors have assembled to re-imagine key moments of British protest, from the Peasants' Revolt of 1381 to the...

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  • The Iraqi Christ by Hassan Blasim
    The Iraqi Christ (English, Paperback) Hassan Blasim

    A second collection of short stories from this acclaimed Iraqi author, exploring the chaos of post-invasion Baghdad.

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  • Refugee Tales by Ali Smith
    Refugee Tales (English, Paperback) Ali Smith, Abdulrazak Gurnah

    Two unaccompanied children travel across the Mediterranean in an overcrowded boat that has been designed to only make it halfway across... A 63-year-old man is woken one morning by border officers 'acting on a tip-off' and, despite having paid taxes for 28 years, is suddenly cast into the detention system with no obvious means of escape... An orphan whose entire life has been spent in slavery ?...

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  • The Book of Gaza by Atef Abu Saif
    The Book of Gaza (English, Paperback) Atef Abu Saif, Atef Abu Seif

    A collection of short stories offering a glimpse of life in the Gaza Strip.

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  • Iraq+100 by Hassan Blasim
    Iraq+100 (English, Paperback) Hassan Blasim, Anoud

    Iraq + 100 poses a question to contemporary Iraqi writers: what might your home city look like in the year 2103 exactly 100 years after the disastrous American and British-led invasion of Iraq? How might that war reach across a century of repair and rebirth, and affect the state of the country its politics, its religion, its language, its culture and how might Iraq have finally escaped its chaos,...

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  • Madinah by Nedim Gursel
    Madinah (English, Paperback) Nedim Gursel, Gamal Al-Ghitani

    Conjuring the unpredictability of city life in the Middle East, this compilation of stories reveals the metropolis itself through a vibrant assortment of personalities. From the celebrated author collecting an award in the city that exiled him decades before to the forlorn lover waiting at a rendezvous as government officials raid nearby shops, this anthology shows how urban existence is changing...

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  • Refugee Tales: Volume II by Jackie Kay
    Refugee Tales: Volume II (English, Paperback) Jackie Kay, Olivia Laing

    Upon changing his religion, a young man is denounced as an apostate and flees his country hiding in the back of a freezer lorry...After years of travelling and losing almost everything ? his country, his children, his wife, his farm ? an Afghan man finds unexpected warmth and comfort in a stranger's home...A student protester is forced to leave his homeland after a government crackdown, and spends...

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  • The Book of Rio by Marcelo Moutinho
    The Book of Rio (English, Paperback) Marcelo Moutinho, Elvira Vigna Lehmann

    This diverse, literary patchwork of Rio de Janeiro contains 10 short stories set in varied quarters of the city drawing on its inhabitants' experiences of recent historical and cultural changes. From Copacabana's thriving LGBT scene in the 1960s where the military dictatorship simultaneously terrorizes and represses politically-minded citizens, to the exhausted labourers constructing the...

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  • The Book of Riga by Becca Parkinson
    The Book of Riga (English, Paperback) Dace Ruksane, Kristine Zelve

    Riga may be over 800 years old as a city, but its status as capital of an independent Latvia is only a century old, with half of that time spent under Soviet rule. Despite this, it has established itself as a vibrant, creative hub, attracting artists, performers, and writers from across the Baltic region. The stories gathered here chronicle this growth and on-going transformation, and offer...

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  • The Book of Khartoum by Ahmed Al-Malik
    The Book of Khartoum (English, Paperback) Ahmed Al-Malik, Bushra Al-Fadil

    Nestled on the confluence of the Blue and White Niles, the city of Khartoum has, for two centuries, been a focal point for both imperialism and rebellion, a breeding ground for revolutionary fervor, begrudging target for international criticism, and a refuge for hundreds of thousands of people displaced by wars conducted from this city. The Book of Khartoum provides an intimate tour of this city...

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  • In Another Country
    In Another Country (English, Paperback)
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