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Cooking For One books

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  • First-time Vegan by Leah Vanderveldt
    First-time Vegan (English, Hardback) Leah Vanderveldt

    Start your vegan journey the right way by going back to basics with Leah Vanderveldt's recipes for plant-based essentials and more.

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  • Good Food: Meals for One by Good Food Guides
    Good Food: Meals for One (English, Paperback) Good Food Guides

    With dishes for every occasion whether lunches for packed lunches, dinners that won't break the bank or simply a luxury meal to wind down the day, and triple-tested by the experts at Good Food, Meals for One is your one-stop collection of recipes for one.

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  • Solo by Signe Johansen
    Solo (English, Hardback) Signe Johansen

    Treat yourself with eighty recipes from bestselling food writer Signe Johansen.

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  • Mug Cakes: 40 speedy cakes to make in a microwave by Mima Sinclair
    Mug Cakes: 40 speedy cakes to make in a microwave (English, Hardback) Mima Sinclair

    A delicious cake you make in a mug, in a microwave, in less than 10 minutes? Yes, it may sound crazy but it actually works and this latest baking craze is quickly catching on, spreading across blogs and Instagram and Pinterest with photographic proof of baking brilliance.

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  • The Date Night Cookbook by Rebecca Warbis
    The Date Night Cookbook (English, Hardback) Rebecca Warbis

    Date nights should be magical occasions filled with fun, flirting, and, most importantly, food! Whether you're nervously planning a first date, enjoying a lazy night in, enjoying some much-needed quiet time while the kids are at camp, or marking a special anniversary, The Date Night Cookbook is the perfect creative and memorable foodie accompaniment to your romantic plans....

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  • Cooking for One by Valerie Ferguson
    Cooking for One (English, Hardback) Valerie Ferguson

    Enjoy the pleasure of eating delicious dishes every time you cook, whatever the quantity. Every dish is tailored to suit the individual diner, from appetizers to main courses and desserts. Contains useful information on cooking in small batches and making the most of pantry ingredients.

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  • Everyday Cooking For One by Wendy Hobson
    Everyday Cooking For One (English, Paperback) Wendy Hobson

    An indispensable collection of simple, delicious meals - specially designed for one - that will ensure you enjoy your everyday eating.

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  • Gourmet Cooking for One (or Two) by April Anderson
    Gourmet Cooking for One (or Two) (English, Paperback) April Anderson

    Gourmet Cooking for One (or Two) is a celebration of YOU. Treat yourself (and maybe a special someone) to simple, elegant recipes with a twist, because you deserve the good life.

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  • Indian Instant Pot(r) Cookbook by Urvashi Pitre
    Indian Instant Pot(r) Cookbook (English, Paperback) Urvashi Pitre

    From the publisher of the bestselling cookbooks Instant Pot Obsession and The Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook comes the first authorized Instant Pot cookbook for Indian cooking at home....

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  • Healthyish by Lindsay Hunt
    Healthyish (English, Hardback) Lindsay Hunt

    BuzzFeed Food editor Lindsay Hunt brings accessible, delicious, and fuss-free meals to the millennial kitchen

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  • Microwave Recipes For One by Annette Yates
    Microwave Recipes For One (English, Paperback) Annette Yates

    Annette Yates' book is designed for the person who has to prepare individual meals for whatever reason

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  • Air Fryer Cookbook by MR Colin Rivera
    Air Fryer Cookbook (English, Paperback) MR Colin Rivera

    Get MAXIMUM From Your AIR FRYER - BEST COOKBOOK For SMART PEOPLE50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! HURRY UP!Is there any way to cook delicious and healthy fried dishes without oil? Absolutely!Get invaluable experience of cooking with the help of your air fryer and start to cook delicious homemade meals with low fat.The Air Fryer Cookbook is an exclusive cookbook you ever seen. We used the most...

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  • The Keto Instant Pot Cookbook by Urvashi Pitre
    The Keto Instant Pot Cookbook (English, Paperback) Urvashi Pitre

    The ONLY OFFICIAL Instant Pot® cookbook with fast and easy recipes for keeping up with the ketogenic diet.Home cooked meals that help you keep up with the ketogenic diet don't have to be challenging or time consuming. On a mission to make keto convenient, Urvashi Pitre?the bestselling author behind Two Sleevers and The Indian Instant Pot® Cookbook?combines delicious low-carb recipes with the...

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  • 30-Minute Cooking for Two by Taylor Ellingson
    30-Minute Cooking for Two (English, Paperback) Taylor Ellingson

    30-Minute Cooking for Two offers the fastest, perfectly portioned recipes to make homemade meals every day of the week....

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  • Budget Cooking for One - Vegetarian by Penelope R Oates
    Budget Cooking for One - Vegetarian (English, Paperback) Penelope R Oates

    Cooking for a vegetarian can sometimes be a challenge. Thinking of something new and interesting to cook that doesn't include meat or meat products can really test your imagination, especially when cooking for one. It can be very tempting to resort to the ready-made vegetarian meals that you can find in the supermarkets. But it really is so much more fun to plan and cook your very own vegetarian...

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  • Mini-Waffle Cookbook by Andrews McMeel Publishing
    Mini-Waffle Cookbook (English, Paperback) Andrews McMeel Publishing

    Whether you're up late or up early, looking for an easy dinner or a tasty snack, the Mini-Waffle Cookbook has something for you.

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  • Cast Iron Skillet Weeknight Meals for Two by Allison Barnes
    Cast Iron Skillet Weeknight Meals for Two (English, Paperback) Allison Barnes

    Cooking dinner for a couple is easy when you have recipes that are made for just the two of you! The emphasis in this collection is to save time and simplify cooking for couples who lead busy lives. This is easily accomplished by using the cast iron skillet, one of most versatile cookware you can have in your kitchen. From simple vegetable sautés to a whole chicken roast, cooking for two can...

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  • The Pleasures Of Cooking For One by Judith Jones
    The Pleasures Of Cooking For One (English, Hardback) Judith Jones

    Counsels readers on how to enjoy a solitary culinary life by preparing meals in accordance with one's own preferences, outlining a range of basic through sophisticated recipes that work in weekly menus and make use of leftovers.

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  • How to Boil an Egg by Jan Arkless
    How to Boil an Egg (English, Paperback) Jan Arkless

    A brand new edition of the book that has life-time sales of 230,000 copies.

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  • Air Fryer Cookbook by Katya Johansson
    Air Fryer Cookbook (English, Paperback) Katya Johansson

    90+ Great Recipes In 1 Air Fryer Cookbook!...

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