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  • You're
    You're Not Crazy - It's Your Mother! (English, Paperback) Danu Morrigan

    Exposing the hidden but devastating condition of narcissistic mother's syndrome

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  • Some
    Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept (English, Paperback) Jayneen Sanders, Lecturer in Philosophy Craig Smith

    Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept is a beautifully illustrated picture book that sensitively broaches the subject of keeping our children safe from inappropriate touch. We teach water safety and road safety but how do we teach 'body safety' to young children in a way that is neither frightening nor confronting? This book is an invaluable tool for parents, caregivers, teachers and health...

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  • Sane
    Sane New World (English, Paperback) Ruby Wax

    Comedian, writer and mental health campaigner shows us why and how our minds can send us mad and how we can rewire our thinking, especially through mindfulness, to calm ourselves in a frenetic world.


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  • Caring
    Caring for the Dying (English, Hardback) Henry Fersko-Weiss

    Caring for the Dying describes a whole new way to approach death and dying. It explores how the dying and their families can bring deep meaning and great comfort to the care given at the end of a life. Created by Henry Fersko-Weiss, the end-of-life doula model is adapted from the work of birth doulas and helps the dying to find meaning in their life, express that meaning in powerful and beautiful...

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  • The
    The Healing Platform (Paperback) Annie Brandt $23.83
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  • Dying
    Dying to be Me (Paperback) Anita Moorjani

    A memoir of Anita Moorjani that relates how, after fighting cancer for almost four years, her body-overwhelmed by the malignant cells spreading throughout her system-began shutting down. As her organs failed, she entered into an extraordinary near-death experience where she realized her inherent worth... and the actual cause of her disease.

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  • Sex
    Sex Addiction 101 (Paperback) M S W Robert Weiss $23.48
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  • Grieving
    Grieving the Loss of Someone You Love (English, Paperback) Raymond R Mitsch, Lynn Brookside

    This series of thoughtful daily devotions can help you endure the anguish and uncertainty; understand the cycles of grief; sort through the emotions of anger, guilt, fear, and depression; and face the God who allowed you to lose the one you love.

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  • This
    This Life I Live (English, Hardback) Rory Feek

    The Love Story that Captured a Nation's Heart Joey and Rory Feek were enjoying a steadily growing fan base in country music when Joey was diagnosed unexpectedly with a rapidly spreading cancer. This vibrant and beautiful young woman would soon be on a unique journey for which no one is ever fully prepared. Her husband, Rory, and children, Heidi, H

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  • The
    The Insulin Resistance Diet Plan & Cookbook (English, Paperback) Tara Spencer

    Nutritionist Tara Spencer knows firsthand the struggle of coping with insulin resistance and PCOS. Now she combines her experience and expertise to help you overcome the physical and emotional effects of your condition with a holistic 4-week meal plan and cookbook.Millions of people are diagnosed with insulin resistance—yet too often feel alone. If you’re looking for a natural approach, Tara’s...

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  • Depressive
    Depressive Illness (English, Paperback) Tim Cantopher

    This book has helped many thousands of those who have depression. This new edition, written by a leading consultant psychiatrist, explains that depression tests the strongest of us. Dr Cantopher guides the reader through the nature of depression, its history, symptoms, causes and treatments.

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  • The
    The Brain Injury Workbook (English, Paperback) Trevor Powell

    Contains over 140 cognitive rehabilitation exercises - tailored for memory, thinking skills, executive functions, awareness and insight, and emotional adjustment. This title provides more than 40 information sheets on key problem areas, with questions for the reader, designed to educate and stimulate thinking and discussion.

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  • Hardcore
    Hardcore Self Help: F**k Anxiety v. 1 (English, Paperback) Robert Duff

    Hardcore Self Help: F**k Anxiety is for those of us that find the prospect of reading a traditional self help book to be way too boring. How are you supposed to make positive change in your life if the book itself feels like a chore? This book is definitely not a chore. In Hardcore Self Help: F**k Anxiety, I talk to you like a friend. There is lots of swearing and humor and also loads of helpful...

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  • Treat
    Treat Your Own Rotator Cuff (English, Paperback) Jim Johnson

    Treat your own rotator cuff? Who needs to worry about that?

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  • Eating
    Eating the Elephant (Paperback) Alice Wells

    A true story about the impact of sexual abuse and rise of internet pornography. As a doctor, as well as a wife and mother, Alice Wells tackles her complex feelings of bereavement - mourning the death of a man she loves, while struggling with the unfolding knowledge of his hidden life as a paedophile and his abuse of their daughter.

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  • Breathing
    Breathing Under Water (Paperback) Richard Rohr

    Only people who have suffered in some way can save one another. Deep communion and deep compassion are formed much more by shared pain than by shared pleasure. This, says Richard Rohr, is one of the greatest discoveries of the Twelve Step program, America's most significant and authentic contribution to the history of spirituality.

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  • The
    The China Study (English, Paperback) T. Colin Campbell

    Issuing a warning against the imminent "Atkins Backlash", the author cuts through the haze of misinformation and delivers an insightful message to those living with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and those concerned with the effect of ageing. He also challenges the validity of these low-carb fad diets.

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  • Healing
    Healing Back Pain (English, Paperback) John E. Sarno

    Without drugs, without surgery, without exercise - back pain can be stopped forever.

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  • I'll
    I'll Hold You in Heaven (Paperback) Dr Jack Hayford

    Jack Hayford provides compassionate answers to troubling questions for those who have lost a baby. The freeing truth of the Word of God promises that, like David, you will hold your child again in heaven.

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