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Corey J White

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  • Killing Gravity by Corey J. White
    Killing Gravity (English, Paperback) Corey J. White

    Mars Xi can kill you with her mind, but she'll need more than psychic powers to save her in Killing Gravity, the thrilling science fiction space adventure debut by Corey J. White....

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  • Void Black Shadow by Corey J. White
    Void Black Shadow (English, Paperback) Corey J. White

    Corey J. White's space opera Voidwitch Series continues: Mars Xi returns in Void Black Shadow, sequel to Killing Gravity....

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  • Voidwitch Saga #3 by Corey J. White
    Voidwitch Saga #3 (English, Paperback) Corey J. White

    She killed the man who trained her. She killed the fleet that came for her. She killed the planet that caged her. Now she must confront her father....

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