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  • The Money Laundry
    The Money Laundry (English, Hardback) J. C. Sharman

    In The Money Laundry, J. C. Sharman investigates whether anti?money laundering policy works, and why it has spread so rapidly to so many states with so little in common.

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  • Capitalist Diversity on Europe's Periphery
    Capitalist Diversity on Europe's Periphery (English, Paperback) Dorothee Bohle, Byla Greskovits

    Dorothee Bohle and Bela Geskovits trace the fundamental decisions made by postsocialist countries that have joined the European Union since 2004 or are candidates to do so.

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  • Small States in World Markets
    Small States in World Markets (English, Paperback) Peter J. Katzenstein

    Katzenstein maintains that democratic corporatism is an effective way of coping with a rapidly changing world - a more effective way than the United States and several other large industrial countries have yet managed to discover.

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  • Hierarchy in International Relations
    Hierarchy in International Relations (English, Paperback) David A. Lake

    International relations are generally understood as a realm of anarchy in which countries lack any superior authority and interact within a Hobbesian state of nature. In Hierarchy in International Relations, David A. Lake challenges this traditional...

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  • Inequality and Prosperity
    Inequality and Prosperity (English, Paperback) Jonas Pontusson

    What are the relative merits of the American and European socioeconomic systems? Long-standing debates have heated up in recent years with the expansion of the European Union and increasingly sharp political and cultural differences between the United...

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  • America Inc.?
    America Inc.? (English, Paperback) Linda Weiss

    Linda Weiss attributes the U.S. capacity for transformative innovation to the strength of its national security state, a complex of agencies, programs, and hybrid arrangements that has developed around the institution of permanent defense preparedness and the pursuit of technological supremacy.

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  • The Making of Southeast Asia
    The Making of Southeast Asia (English, Paperback) Amitav Acharya

    Developing a framework to study "what makes a region," Amitav Acharya investigates the origins and evolution of Southeast Asian regionalism and international relations.

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  • The Power of Inaction
    The Power of Inaction (English, Hardback) Cornelia Woll

    Cornelia Woll details the varying relationships between financial institutions and national governments by comparing national bank rescue schemes in the United States and Europe.

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  • Two Crises, Different Outcomes
    Two Crises, Different Outcomes (English, Paperback) T. J. Pempel

    This volume examines East Asian policy reactions to the global financial crisis of 2008?9 and the Asian financial crisis of 1997?98.

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  • Varietals of Capitalism
    Varietals of Capitalism (English, Hardback) Xabier Itcaina, Antoine Roger

    Varietals of Capitalism shows that politics is an omnipresent part of the economics of wine and of economic activity in general. Based on a four-year research project encompassing fieldwork in France, Spain, Italy, and Romania, Xabier Itçaina, Antoine Roger, and Andy Smith examine the causes and effects of a 2008l reform adopted by the EU.

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  • Regime Shift
    Regime Shift (English, Paperback) T. J. Pempel

    The Liberal Democratic Party, which dominated postwar Japan, lost power in the early 1990s. During that same period, Japan's once stellar economy suffered stagnation and collapse. Now a well-known commentator on contemporary Japan traces the political...

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  • How China Escaped the Poverty Trap
    How China Escaped the Poverty Trap (English, Hardback) Yuen Yuen Ang

    How China Escaped the Poverty Trap offers the most complete synthesis to date of the numerous interacting forces that have shaped China's dramatic makeover and the problems it faces today.

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  • Constructing the International Economy
    Constructing the International Economy (English, Paperback) Rawi Abdelal

    Focusing empirically on how political and economic forces are always mediated and interpreted by agents, both in individual countries and in the international sphere, Constructing the International Economy sets out what such constructions and what...

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  • The Currency of Ideas
    The Currency of Ideas (English, Paperback) Kathleen R. McNamara

    Why have the states of Europe agreed to create an Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and a single European currency? What will decide the fate of this bold project? This book explains why monetary integration has deepened in Europe from the Bretton...

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  • National Interests in International Society
    National Interests in International Society (English, Paperback) Martha Finnemore

    How do states know what they want? Asking how interests are defined and how changes in them are accommodated, Martha Finnemore shows the fruitfulness of a constructivist approach to international politics. She draws on insights from sociological...

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  • Border Games
    Border Games (English, Paperback) Peter Andreas

    The second edition of this book places the continued sharp escalation of border policing in the context of a transformed post-September 11 security environment.

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  • The End of Diversity?
    The End of Diversity? (English, Paperback) Kozo Yamamura

    After the devastation of World War II, Germany and Japan built national capitalist institutions that were remarkably successful in terms of national reconstruction and international competitiveness. Yet both "miracles" have since faltered, allowing...

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  • The Hidden Hand of American Hegemony
    The Hidden Hand of American Hegemony (English, Hardback) David E. Spiro

    Between 1973 and 1980, the cost of crude oil rose suddenly and dramatically, precipitating convulsions in international politics. Conventional wisdom holds that international capital markets adjusted automatically and remarkably well: enormous amounts...

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  • Ideas and Foreign Policy
    Ideas and Foreign Policy (English, Paperback) Judith Goldstein $37.64
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