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Cornell Studies In Security Affairs

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  • Conventional Deterrence by John J. Mearsheimer
    Conventional Deterrence (English, Paperback) John J. Mearsheimer

    Conventional Deterrence is a book about the origins of war. Why do nations faced with the prospect of large-scale conventional war opt for or against an offensive strategy? John J. Mearsheimer examines a number of crises that led to major conventional wars to explain why deterrence failed.

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  • Bombing to Win by Robert A. Pape
    Bombing to Win (English, Paperback) Robert A. Pape

    In this now-classic work of the theory and practice of airpower and its political effects, Robert A. Pape helps military strategists and policy makers judge the purpose of various air strategies, and helps general readers understand the policy debates.

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  • Corporate Warriors by P. W. Singer
    Corporate Warriors (English, Paperback) P. W. Singer

    Some have claimed that "War is too important to be left to the generals," but P. W. Singer asks "What about the business executives?" Breaking out of the guns-for-hire mold of traditional mercenaries, corporations now sell skills and services...

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  • Why Intelligence Fails by Robert L. Jervis
    Why Intelligence Fails (English, Paperback) Robert L. Jervis

    Jervis examines the politics and psychology of two of the more spectacular intelligence failures in recent memory: the mistaken belief that the regime of the Shah in Iran was secure and stable in 1978, and the 2002 claim that Iraq had active WMD...

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  • Undermining the Kremlin by Gregory Mitrovich
    Undermining the Kremlin (English, Paperback) Gregory Mitrovich

    Mitrovich argues that the Cold War policy of containment was only the first step in America's clandestine campaign to destroy Soviet power, revealing a range of previously unknown covert actions launched during the Truman and Eisenhower administrations.

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  • The Mediation Dilemma by Kyle Beardsley
    The Mediation Dilemma (English, Hardback) Kyle Beardsley

    While mediation has a strong record in reducing hostilities, it is not without its own problems. In The Mediation Dilemma, Kyle Beardsley highlights its long-term limitations.

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  • Alliance Politics by Glenn H. Snyder
    Alliance Politics (English, Paperback) Glenn H. Snyder

    Glenn H. Snyder creates a theory of alliances by deductive reasoning about the international system, by integrating ideas from neorealism, coalition formation, bargaining, and game theory, and by empirical generalization from international history...

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  • Liddell Hart and the Weight of History by John J. Mearsheimer
    Liddell Hart and the Weight of History (English, Paperback) John J. Mearsheimer

    This troubling book offers a striking illustration of how history can be used and abused-how a gifted individual can create their own self-serving version of the past.

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  • Just Politics by C. William Walldorf
    Just Politics (English, Hardback) C. William Walldorf, Jennifer L. Pierce

    Walldorf argues that Western governments can and must integrate human rights into their foreign policies. Failure to take humanitarian concerns into account, he contends, will only damage their long-term strategic objectives.

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  • A Grand Strategy for America by Robert J. Art
    A Grand Strategy for America (English, Paperback) Robert J. Art

    What strategic behavior is appropriate for a state as powerful as the U.S.? To answer this question, Robert J. Art concentrates on "grand strategy"-the deployment of military power in both peace and war to support foreign policy goals.

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  • Exporting the Bomb by Matthew Kroenig
    Exporting the Bomb (English, Paperback) Matthew Kroenig

    In a vitally important book for anyone interested in nuclear proliferation, defense strategy, or international security, Matthew Kroenig points out that nearly every country with a nuclear weapons arsenal received substantial help at some point from a...

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  • Restraint by Barry R. Posen
    Restraint (English, Hardback) Barry R. Posen

    The United States, Barry R. Posen argues, has grown incapable of moderating its ambitions in international politics. In contrast to the failures and unexpected problems that have stemmed from America's consistent overreaching, Posen makes an urgent argument for restraint in the future use of U.S. military...

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  • The Ideology of the Offensive by Jack Snyder
    The Ideology of the Offensive (English, Paperback) Jack Snyder

    Jack Snyder's analysis of the attitudes of military planners in the years prior to the Great War demonstrates that it is not only rational analysis that determines strategic doctrine, but also the attitudes of military planners.

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  • The Ideological Origins of Great Power Politics, 1789-1989 by Mark L. Haas
    The Ideological Origins of Great Power Politics, 1789-1989 (English, Paperback) Mark L. Haas

    How do leaders perceive threat levels in world politics, and what effects do those perceptions have on policy choices? Mark L. Haas focuses on how ideology shapes perception. He does not delineate the content of particular ideologies, but rather the...

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  • Securing Japan by Richard J. Samuels
    Securing Japan (English, Paperback) Richard J. Samuels

    The definitive assessment of Japanese security policy and its implications for the future of East Asia.

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  • Japan Prepares for Total War by Michael Barnhart
    Japan Prepares for Total War (English, Paperback) Michael Barnhart

    Barnhart examines the events leading up to World War II in the context of Japan's quest for economic security.

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  • Winning the Next War by Stephen Peter Rosen
    Winning the Next War (English, Paperback) Stephen Peter Rosen

    Rosen argues that armies and navies are not forever doomed to "fight the last war." Rather, they are able to respond to shifts in the international strategic situation.

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  • The Origins of Alliances by Stephen M. Walt
    The Origins of Alliances (English, Paperback) Stephen M. Walt

    How are alliances made? In this book, Stephen M. Walt makes a significant contribution to this topic, surveying theories of the origins of international alliances and identifying the most important causes of security cooperation between states...

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  • Inadvertent Escalation by Barry R. Posen
    Inadvertent Escalation (English, Paperback) Barry R. Posen

    This sobering book demonstrates how the interplay between conventional military operations and nuclear forces could inadvertently produce pressures for nuclear escalation.

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  • The Peace of Illusions by Christopher Layne
    The Peace of Illusions (English, Paperback) Christopher Layne

    In a provocative book about American hegemony, Christopher Layne outlines his belief that U.S. foreign policy has been consistent in its aims for more than sixty years and that the current Bush administration clings to mid-twentieth-century tactics-to...

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