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  • The Birds of Costa Rica
    The Birds of Costa Rica (English, Paperback) Richard Garrigues, Robert Dean

    A new, updated edition of the one compact, portable, and user-friendly field guide the novice or experienced birder needs to identify birds in the field in the diverse habitats found in Costa Rica.

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  • Mosses, Liverworts, and Hornworts
    Mosses, Liverworts, and Hornworts (English, Paperback) Ralph Pope

    This photo-based field guide to the more common or distinctive bryophytes of northeastern North America gives beginners the tools they need to identify most specimens without using a compound microscope.

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  • Insects and Other Arthropods of Tropical America
    Insects and Other Arthropods of Tropical America (English, Paperback) Paul E. Hanson, Kenji Nishida

    With their beautifully illustrated guide to insects and other arthropods, Paul E. Hanson and Kenji Nishida put the focus on readily observable insects that one encounters while strolling through a tropical forest in the Americas.

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  • The Paradox of Ukrainian Lviv
    The Paradox of Ukrainian Lviv (English, Hardback) Tarik Cyril Amar

    In The Paradox of Ukrainian Lviv, Tarik Cyril Amar reveals the local and transnational forces behind the twentieth-century transformation of one of East Central Europe's most important multiethnic borderland cities into a Soviet and Ukrainian urban center.

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  • The Birds of Panama
    The Birds of Panama (English, Paperback) George Richard Angehr, Robert Dean

    The Birds of Panama will be an essential tool for the new generation of birders traveling in search of Panama's spectacular avifauna.

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  • Hoping to Help
    Hoping to Help (English, Paperback) Judith N. Lasker

    Hoping to Help is the first book to offer a comprehensive assessment of global health volunteering, based on research into how it currently operates, its benefits and drawbacks, and how it might be organized to contribute most effectively.

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  • Amphibians of Costa Rica
    Amphibians of Costa Rica (English, Paperback) Twan Leenders

    Amphibians of Costa Rica is the first in-depth field guide to all 206 species of amphibians known to occur in Costa Rica or within walking distance of its borders.

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  • Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil
    Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil (English, Paperback) John A. Gwynne, Robert S. Ridgely

    Brazil, the fifth largest nation in the world, is one of the planet's richest places for avian diversity and endemism. With the Birds of Brazil field guide series, the Wildlife Conservation Society brings together a top international team to do...

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  • White World Order, Black Power Politics
    White World Order, Black Power Politics (English, Hardback) Robert Vitalis

    In White World Order, Black Power Politics, Robert Vitalis recovers the arguments, texts, and institution building of an extraordinary group of professors at Howard University, including Alain Locke, Ralph Bunche, Rayford Logan, Eric Williams, and Merze Tate, who was the first black female professor of political science in the country.

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  • From Silence to Voice
    From Silence to Voice (English, Paperback) Bernice Buresh, Suzanne Gordon

    The comprehensively revised and updated third edition of From Silence to Voice will help nurses construct messages using a range of traditional and new social media that accurately describe the true nature of their work.

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  • Handbook of Larval Amphibians of the United States and Canada
    Handbook of Larval Amphibians of the United States and Canada (English, Hardback) Ronald Altig, Roy W. McDiarmid

    Written by the foremost experts on larval amphibians, this is the first guide of its kind and will transform the fieldwork of scientists and fish and wildlife professionals.

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  • Rays of the World
    Rays of the World (English, Hardback) Gavin J. P. Naylor

    Rays of the World is the first complete pictorial atlas of the world's ray fauna and features paintings of more than six hundred species by the fish artist Lindsay Marshall.

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  • The Eye of the Sandpiper
    The Eye of the Sandpiper (English, Paperback) Brandon Keim

    In The Eye of the Sandpiper, Brandon Keim pairs cutting-edge science with a deep love of nature, conveying his insights in prose that is both accessible and beautiful.

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  • Biology and Evolution of Crocodylians
    Biology and Evolution of Crocodylians (English, Hardback) Gordon C. Grigg, David Kirshner

    This volume is a comprehensive review of current scientific knowledge about the world's largest and most famous living reptiles.

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  • Brethren by Nature
    Brethren by Nature (English, Paperback) Margaret Ellen Newell

    In Brethren by Nature, Margaret Ellen Newell reveals a little-known aspect of American history: English colonists in New England enslaved thousands of Indians.

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  • Photo Guide to Birds of Costa Rica
    Photo Guide to Birds of Costa Rica (English, Paperback) Richard Garrigues

    Few ecosystem destinations are as abundant in their biodiversity as Costa Rica. Having the right field guides in hand can make all the difference when you're enjoying the country's birdlife. Photo Guide to Birds of Costa Rica features 549 excellent photographs and treats 365 species.

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  • Zoned in the USA
    Zoned in the USA (English, Paperback) Sonia A. Hirt

    Sonia A. Hirt argues that zoning laws are among the important but understudied reasons for the cross-continental differences between Europe and the United States

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  • Universal Human Rights in Theory and Practice
    Universal Human Rights in Theory and Practice (English, Paperback) Jack Donnelly

    "This wide-ranging book looks at all aspects of human rights, drawing on political theory, sociology, and international relations as well as international law."?Foreign Affairs

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  • Making Uzbekistan
    Making Uzbekistan (English, Hardback) Adeeb Khalid

    In Making Uzbekistan, Adeeb Khalid chronicles the tumultuous history of Central Asia in the age of the Russian revolution. Traumatic upheavals?war, economic collapse, famine?transformed local society and brought new groups to positions of power and authority in Central Asia.

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  • Restraint
    Restraint (English, Paperback) Barry R. Posen

    The United States, Barry R. Posen argues, has grown incapable of moderating its ambitions in international politics. In contrast to the failures and unexpected problems that have stemmed from America's consistent overreaching, Posen makes an urgent argument for restraint in the future use of U.S. military strength.

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