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  • Great Tide Rising
    Great Tide Rising (English, Paperback) Kathleen Dean Moore

    Even as seas rise against the shores, another great tide is beginning to rise ? a tide of outrage against the pillage of the planet, a tide of commitment to justice and human rights, a swelling affirmation of moral responsibility to the future and to Earth's fullness of life....

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  • A Small Porch
    A Small Porch (English, Hardback) Wendell Berry

    More than thirty-five years ago, when the weather allowed, Wendell Berry began spending his sabbaths outdoors, walking and wandering around familiar territory, seeking a deep intimacy only time could provide. These walks arranged themselves into poems and each year since he has completed a sequence dated by the year of its composition. Last year we collected the lot into a collection, This Day,...

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  • 9/11: The Simple Facts
    9/11: The Simple Facts (English, Paperback) Arthur Naiman, Gregg Roberts

    Books on 9/11 tend to get dismissed as ?conspiracy theories? but that won't work with this one, because it contains no theories at all about who did what. It simply focuses on flaws in the official story that have led more than 1500 architects and engineers, with 25,000 years of professional experience (and tens of thousands of others) to demand a new, independent investigation. The book lists fourteen clearly observable facts about 9/11 that the official story can't explain, then provides a simple explanation that accounts for all of them. It raises hundreds of questions like: Why has no other skyscraper ever been destroyed by fire, even ones that raged for seventeen or eighteen hours? How could the Twin Towers fall so evenly and so fast, straight down through 160,000 tons of structural steel? How could the smaller, lighter floors above where the planes hit completely destroy the much heavier, stronger and completely undamaged floors below? For that matter, how could the top of the South Tower crush the floors below it if it began its fall toppling off them? (See the cover above.) If this was a gravitational collapse, they're going to have to rewrite the laws of gravity.

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  • Jane
    Jane (English, Paperback) Maggie Nelson

    Jane tells the spectral story of the life and death of Maggie Nelson's aunt Jane, who was murdered in 1969 while a first-year law student at the University of Michigan. Though officially unsolved, Jane's murder was apparently the third in a series of seven brutal rape-murders in the area between 1967 and 1969. Nelson was born a few years after Jane's death, and the narrative is suffused with the...

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  • New Collected Poems
    New Collected Poems (English, Paperback) Wendell Berry

    In New Collected Poems, the poet revisits for the first time his immensely popular Collected Poems, which The New York Times Book Review described as ?a straightforward search for a life connected to the soil, for marriage as a sacrament and family life? that ?affirms a style that is resonant with the authentic,? and ?[returns] American poetry to a Wordsworthian clarity of purpose.? In New Collected Poems, Berry reprints the nearly two hundred pieces in Collected Poems, along with the poems from his most recent collections?Entries, Given, and Leavings?to create an expanded collection, showcasing the work of a man heralded by The Baltimore Sun as ?a sophisticated, philosophical poet in the line descending from Emerson and Thoreau . . . a major poet of our time.? Wendell Berry is the author of over fifty works of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, and has been awarded numerous literary prizes, including the T. S. Eliot Award, a National Institute of Arts and Letters award for writing, the American Academy of Arts and Letters Jean Stein Award, and a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship. While he began publishing work in the 1960s, Booklist has written that ?Berry has become ever more prophetic,? clearly standing up to the test of time.

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  • This Day
    This Day (English, Paperback) Wendell Berry

    For nearly thirty-five years, Wendell Berry has been at work on a series of poems occasioned by his solitary Sunday walks around his farm in Kentucky. From riverfront and meadows, to grass fields and woodlots, every inch of this hillside farm lives in these poems, as do the poet's constant companions of memory and occasion, family and animals, who have with Berry created his Home Place with love...

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  • Moshi Moshi
    Moshi Moshi (English, Hardback) Banana Yoshimoto

    In Moshi-Moshi, Yoshie's much-loved musician father has died in a suicide pact with an unknown woman. It is only when Yoshie and her mother move to Shimo-kitazawa, a traditional Tokyo neighborhood of narrow streets, quirky shops, and friendly residents that they can finally start to put their painful past behind them. However, despite their attempts to move forward, Yoshie is haunted by nightmares...

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  • White Like Me
    White Like Me (English, Paperback) Tim Wise

    With a new preface and updated chapters, White Like Me is one-part memoir, one-part polemical essay collection. It is a personal examination of the way in which racial privilege shapes the daily lives of white Americans in every realm: employment, education, housing, criminal justice, and elsewhere. Using stories from his own life, Tim Wise demonstrates the ways in which racism not only burdens people of color, but also benefits, in relative terms, those who are ?white like him.? He discusses how racial privilege can harm whites in the long run and make progressive social change less likely. He explores the ways in which whites can challenge their unjust privileges, and explains in clear and convincing language why it is in the best interest of whites themselves to do so. Using anecdotes instead of stale statistics, Wise weaves a narrative that is at once readable and yet scholarly, analytical and yet accessible.

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  • The Practice of the Wild
    The Practice of the Wild (English, Paperback) Gary Snyder

    The nine captivatingly meditative essays in The Practice of the Wild display the deep understanding and wide erudition of Gary Snyder in the ways of Buddhist belief, wildness, wildlife, and the world. These essays, first published in 1990, stand as the mature centerpiece of Snyder's work and thought, and this profound collection is widely accepted as one of the central texts on wilderness and the interaction of nature and culture.

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  • Eat Live Love Die
    Eat Live Love Die (English, Hardback) Betty Fussell

    Betty Fussell is an inspiring badass. She's not just the award-winning author of numerous books ranging from biography and memoir to cookbooks and food history; not just a winner of the James Beard Foundation's Journalism Award who was inducted into their ?Who's Who of American Food and Beverage" in 2009; and not just an extraordinary person whose fifty years' worth of essays on food, travel, and...

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  • Our Only World
    Our Only World (English, Paperback) Wendell Berry

    Since the Second World War ended, America has performed like a gyroscope losing its balance, wobbling this way and that, unable to settle into itself and its own great promise. Wendell Berry has been a voice for that promise, a voice for reason and hope and urgent concern....

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  • The Lankavatara Sutra
    The Lankavatara Sutra (English, Paperback) Red Pine

    Having translated The Diamond Sutra and The Heart Sutra, and following with The Platform Sutra, Red Pine now turns his attention to perhaps the greatest Sutra of all. The Lankavatara Sutra is the holy grail of Zen. Zen's first patriarch, Bodhidharma, gave a copy of this text to his successor, Hui-k'o, and told him everything he needed to know was in this book. Passed down from teacher to student ever since, this is the only Zen sutra ever spoken by the Buddha. Although it covers all the major teachings of Mahayana Buddhism, it contains but two teachings: that everything we perceive as being real is nothing but the perceptions of our own mind and that the knowledge of this is something that must be realized and experienced for oneself and cannot be expressed in words. In the words of Chinese Zen masters, these two teachings became known as ?have a cup of tea? and ?taste the tea.? This is the first translation into English of the original text used by Bodhidharma, which was the Chinese translation made by Gunabhadra in 443 and upon which all Chinese Zen masters have relied ever since. In addition to presenting one of the most difficult of all Buddhist texts in clear English, Red Pine has also added summaries, explanations, and notes, including relevant Sanskrit terms on the basis of which the Chinese translation was made. This promises to become an essential text for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding or knowledge of Zen.

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  • Woman and Nature
    Woman and Nature (English, Paperback) Susan Griffin

    In this famously provocative cornerstone of feminist literature, Susan Griffin explores the identification of women with the earth both as sustenance for humanity and as victim of male rage. Starting from Plato's fateful division of the world into spirit and matter, her analysis of how patriarchal Western philosophy and religion have used language and science to bolster their power over both women...

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  • I Was Trying to Describe What it Feels Like
    I Was Trying to Describe What it Feels Like (English, Hardback) Noy Holland

    Noy Holland is one of America's great writers, and each of her previous collections has been greeted with wide acclaim. Critics have praised her exquisite prose, her exuberant characters, and the exhilarating tension of her tales....

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  • This Present Moment
    This Present Moment (English, Hardback) Gary Snyder

    "This present moment...

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  • Road to Heaven
    Road to Heaven (English, Paperback) Red Pine

    In 1989, Bill Porter, having spent much of his life studying and translating Chinese religious and philosophical texts, began to wonder if the Buddhist hermit tradition still existed in China. At the time, it was believed that the Cultural Revolution had dealt a lethal blow to all religions in China, destroying countless temples and shrines, and forcibly returning thousands of monks and nuns to a lay life. But when Porter travels to the Chungnan mountains ? the historical refuge of ancient hermits ? he discovers that the hermit tradition is very much alive, as dozens of monks and nuns continue to lead solitary lives in quiet contemplation of their faith deep in the mountains. Part travelogue, part history, part sociology, and part religious study, this record of extraordinary journeys to an unknown China sheds light on a phenomenon unparalleled in the West. Porter's discovery is more than a revelation, and uncovers the glimmer of hope for the future of religion in China.

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  • Black Sunset
    Black Sunset (English, Paperback) Clancy Sigal

    This riveting, poignant and hilarious memoir recounts Clancy Sigal's escapades as a young agent, handling mostly B-list screenwriters at the Sam Jaffe Agency in the blacklist-addled Hollywood of the 1950's. He's hired by the debonair, hardboiled agent Mary Baker after being tossed out of Columbia Pictures for using the mimeo machine to copy radical leaflets.  Atom bomb tests in the desert light...

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  • Vampira
    Vampira (English, Paperback) W. Scott Poole

    The new book from award-winning historian W. Scott Poole is a whip-smart piece of pop culture detailing the story of cult horror figure Vampira that actually tells the much wider story of 1950s America and its treatment of women and sex, as well as capturing a fascinating swath of Los Angeles history....

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  • A Train through Time
    A Train through Time (English, Hardback) Elizabeth Farnsworth, Mark Serr

    Memory and imagination are closely linked in this memoir of self discovery from an award-winning foreign correspondent. ...

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  • The Long-Winded Lady
    The Long-Winded Lady (English, Paperback) Maeve Brennan

    Of all the incomparable stable of journalists who wrote for The New Yorker during its glory days in the Fifties and Sixties,? writesThe Independent, the most distinctive was Irish-born Maeve Brennan.? From 1954 to 1981, Maeve Brennan wrote forThe New Yorker's Talk of the Town? column under the pen name The Long-Winded Lady.? Her unforgettable sketchesprose snapshots of life in small restaurants,...

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