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Craig Cartmell

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  • In Her Majesty's Name by Craig Cartmell
    In Her Majesty's Name (English, Paperback) Craig Cartmell, Fabien Esnard-Lascombe

    It is 1895 and the world is in turmoil. In the decades to come, historians will reflect upon the cause of this state of affairs and many will point squarely at Charles Babbage. The perfection of first his Difference Engine, and then his Analytical Engine, gave the new scientific establishment in the Great Powers the tool they had so long needed in order to make a dramatic leap forward. The ability...

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  • Heroes, Villains and Fiends by Charles Murton
    Heroes, Villains and Fiends (English, Paperback) Charles Murton, Fabien Esnard-Lascombe

    Presents Companies, from the rebellious Zulu and Apache to the spies of the Okhrana and Secret Service, and the mysterious forces of such groups as the Knights Templar and the sinister Hellfire Club.

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  • Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun by Craig Cartmell
    Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun (English, Paperback) Craig Cartmell, Fabien Esnard-Lascombe

    China, the greatest empire the world had ever known, is weak and divided after a series of humiliating defeats in the Opium Wars, and the divine Empress' court harbours many who deeply resent the westerners who inflicted and now take advantage of these losses. This book deals with this topic.

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