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Craig Spearing

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  • Dragon Rampant by Daniel Mersey
    Dragon Rampant (English, Paperback) Daniel Mersey, Craig Spearing

    Whether you're a nameless Dark Lord looking to conquer the known world, a Champion of Light holding out against the forces of evil or a Northern barbarian facing claimants to a stolen throne, this title allows you to bring those battles to the tabletop. Developed from the popular Lion Rampant system.

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  • Werewolves by Graeme Davis
    Werewolves (English, Paperback) Graeme Davis, Craig Spearing

    Revealing the huge variety of werewolf types, including viral, shamanic, and sorcerous, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, this book explains the methods to capture or kill each variety. It tells the history of werewolves and the shocking role that they have played in some of history's most significant events, and more.

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  • Mage Wars: Nature of the Beast by Will McDermott
    Mage Wars: Nature of the Beast (English, Paperback) Will McDermott, Craig Spearing

    A dark secret lurking beneath the surface of Etheria erupts near the Straywood Forest, engulfing the lives of two wood elves and threatening the tenuous peace between the elves and the dwarves of the Anvil Throne.

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