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  • The
    The Wonderful Adventures of Mrs Seacole in Many Lands (English, Paperback) Mary Seacole

    Written in 1857, this is the autobiography of a Jamaican woman whose fame rivalled Florence Nightingale's during the Crimean War. Seacole travelled widely before eventually arriving in London, where her offer to volunteer as a nurse in the war met with racism and refusal.

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  • Churchill
    Churchill on Europe (English, Paperback) Felix Klos

    After the Second World War, with Europe in ruins, the victorious Winston Churchill swore to build a peace that would last.

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  • Autocracy,
    Autocracy, Modernization, and Revolution in Russia and Iran (English, Hardback) Tim McDaniel

    What did the Russian revolution of 1917 and the Iranian revolution of 1978-1979 share besides their drama? How can we compare a revolution led by Lenin with one inspired by Khomeini? How is a revolution based primarily on the urban working class similar to one founded to a significant degree on traditional groups like the bazaaris, small craftsmen, and religious students and preachers? Identifying...

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  • Homo
    Homo Sovieticus (Multiple languages, Paperback) Wladimir Velminski

    In October 1989, as the Cold War was ending and the Berlin Wall about to crumble, television viewers in the Soviet Union tuned in to the first of a series of unusual broadcasts. "Relax, let your thoughts wander free..." intoned the host, the physician and clinical psychotherapist Anatoly Mikhailovich Kashpirovsky. Moscow's Channel One was attempting mass hypnosis over television, a therapeutic...

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  • War
    War in the Crimea (English, Paperback) Ian Fletcher, Natalia Ishchenko

    On 28 March 1854 Queen Victoria’s government announced that Britain was at war with Russia, and British troops made ready to sail to the Crimea. The Crimean War is considered to be the first modern conflict, and the first to be comprehensively photographed. This illustrated history gives a unique pictorial insight into the war, presenting photographs from one of the early pioneers of...

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  • Letters
    Letters from the Light Brigade (English, Hardback) Anthony Dawson

    Graphic selection of previously unpublished letters and eyewitness accounts describing the Charge of the Light Brigade

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  • Catherine
    Catherine the Great (English, Hardback) John T. Alexander

    The biography of one of history's most colourful figures, based on the latest scholarship, and including a newly-translated collection of Catherine's love notes.

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  • Wonderful
    Wonderful Adventures of Mrs.Seacole in Many Lands (English, Paperback) Mary Seacole

    Mrs Seacole, a free-born Jamaican daughter of a Scottish army officer and a free black woman, recounts her childhood, her years as a storekeeper in a Central American frontier town, and her role as a battlefield 'doctress' to British troops in the Crimea.

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  • Military
    Military Men of Feeling (English, Hardback) Holly Furneaux

    Military Men of Feeling considers the popularity of the figure of the gentle soldier in the Victorian period, inviting us to think afresh about Victorian masculinity and Victorian militarism.

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  • The
    The Chef at War (Paperback) Alexis Soyer

    The flamboyant Frenchman Alexis Soyer was the most renowned chef in Victorian England. This title offers an account of his time at the front in the Crimean War, where he joined British troops in order to improve the quality of the food they were eating.

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  • How Not to Network a Nation (English, Paperback) Benjamin Peters

    Between 1959 and 1989, Soviet scientists and officials made numerous attempts to network their nation -- to construct a nationwide computer network. None of these attempts succeeded, and the enterprise had been abandoned by the time the Soviet Union fell apart. Meanwhile, ARPANET, the American precursor to the Internet, went online in 1969. Why did the Soviet network, with top-level scientists and...

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  • Revisiting
    Revisiting Prussia's Wars Against Napoleon (English, Paperback) Karen Hagemann

    This book explores the history and the construction of memory in Prussia's and Germany's anti-Napoleonic wars of 1806-15.

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  • Revisiting
    Revisiting Prussia's Wars Against Napoleon (English, Hardback) Karen Hagemann

    This book explores the history and the construction of memory in Prussia's and Germany's anti-Napoleonic wars of 1806-15.

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  • Echelon"/
    Echelon (English, Hardback) James W. Bancroft

    Lord Cardigan's cavalry charge on 25 October 1854 at the battle of Balaclava 'into the valley of death' is surely one of the most famous actions in military history.

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  • The
    The Great War with Russia (English, Paperback) Sir William Howard Russell

    An account of the British involvement in the Crimean War by a journalist who witnessed it first hand.

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  • General
    General Todleben's History of the Defence of Sebastopol, 1854-5 (English, Paperback) Sir William Howard Russell

    Russell's thorough 1865 review of the Russian military engineer Todleben's work emphasises its importance to historians of the Crimean War.

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  • Journal
    Journal Kept During the Russian War (English, Paperback) Frances Isabella Duberly

    A celebrated Crimean War account by the only woman on the front line - hugely controversial when published in 1855.

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  • Crimean
    Crimean War in Imperial Context, 1854-1856 2015 (English, Hardback) Andrew Rath

    This study of the Crimean War's lesser-known events in the Baltic, White Sea, and Pacific considers vivid descriptions from primary sources in a half-dozen languages. This lively examination of Anglo-French naval campaigns against Czarist Russia and their impact from Finland to Japan is sure to interest historians representing a number of fields.

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  • British
    British Military Intelligence in the Crimean War, 1854-1856 (English, Paperback) Stephen M. Harris

    This is a study of the British military intelligence operations during the Crimean War. It details the beginnings of the intelligence operations as a result of the British Commander, Lord Raglan's, need for information on the enemy, and traces the subsequent development of the system.

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