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What is an affiliate programme?

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An affiliate programme is a great way of earning money through your website or newsletter, whether you are an occasional blogger, regular reviewer or a price comparison service. By integrating some simple links, you will provide your readers an easy way to purchase one of your recommended books. Once a customer has clicked through one of these links and made a purchase, you will be rewarded with 5% commission on their total order value, whether that be 1 book or 100 books!

You can send users to in a number of ways such as: links in emails and newsletters, a direct link in a book review, tweets or Facebook updates and many more. What's even better is that you will benefit from great support from the Wordery team with matters including: new marketing tools, advice on how to grow your affiliate earnings and help with any technical queries.

Why should I join the Wordery affiliate programme? is one of the World's leading online book retailers. We offer a HUGE catalogue of over 9 million titles, all of which are offered with FREE world wide delivery and excellent customer service. Our affiliate programme has been designed with you in mind; it is simple to navigate, it provides real time reporting so you can track your earnings and we have designed a selection of banners to help you promoting your affiliate links further.

What could I earn?

We want to reward you fairly for all of your hard efforts and we have provided the below case study to illustrate how our programme could work for you:

  • Affiliate 'A' -we'll call him Bob- runs a successful blog on his much loved hobby of gardening.
  • In this blog he includes handy links to gardening books and promotions on where readers can find a plethora of books to further enhance their knowledge of all things green.
  • In the early days, these links generated on average 500 clicks per month.
  • On average, 15% of these users made a purchase, with an average order value of £15. Bob earns 5% commission on these orders, so at the end of the month he has earned himself £56.
  • Now, as Bob's blog increased in popularity and received more visitors each month, his banners and text links also got more clicks. Within 6 months, Bob was generating 800 clicks per month. These 800 clicks generated an additional £90 a month for Bob (15% of users make a purchase, average order of £15 = £1800 and Bob receives 5% commission). Across the year, Bob's blog managed to earn him the tidy sum of £876 which meant he was able to treat himself to a well-deserved holiday, a visit to the Chelsea Flower show and still have change leftover for some new shrubs.

Sounds great, tell me more...

To find out more about our programme and how it can work for you, click on the link below:

From here you are able to register your interest in the programme, get in touch with our Affiliate Manager with any questions or sign up to join the programme.

We look forward to working with you very soon!