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  • Between the World and Me
    Between the World and Me (Paperback) Ta-Nehisi Coates

    In the 150 years since the end of the Civil War and the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment (the abolition of slavery), the story of race and America has remained a brutally simple one. It is the story of the black body, exploited to create the country's foundational wealth, violently segregated to unite a nation after a civil war and, today, still disproportionately threatened, locked up and...

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  • Bore Hole
    Bore Hole (English, Paperback) Joe Mellen

    'This is the story of how I came to drill a hole in my head to get permanently high...' Joey Mellen's memoir has achieved a legendary status that reaches far beyond the 500 long-vanished copies he printed in 1970. It has been hailed as the blueprint for the next step in human evolution, denounced as a tragic example of the dangers of drug experimentation, and retold endlessly as an irresistible...

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  • Ghosts of My Life
    Ghosts of My Life (English, Paperback) Mark Fisher

    Collected essays on popular culture by a major critic.

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  • How to Read a Dress
    How to Read a Dress (English, Paperback) Lydia Edwards

    Fashion is ever-changing, and while some styles mark a dramatic departure from the past, many exhibit subtle differences from year to year that are not always easily identifiable. With overviews of each key period and detailed illustrations for each new style, How to Read a Dress is an authoritative visual guide to women's fashion across five centuries.Each entry includes annotated color images...

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  • Seinfeldia
    Seinfeldia (English, Hardback) Jennifer Keishin Armstrong

    The hilarious behind-the-scenes story of two guys who went out for coffee and dreamed up Seinfeld, the cultural sensation that changed television.

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  • Vader's Little Princess
    Vader's Little Princess (English, Hardback) Jeffrey Brown

    The hilarious sequel to the international bestseller Darth Vader and Son, following the parenting adventures of Darth Vader as he raises his teenage daughter, Princess Leia.


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  • The Year of Living Danishly
    The Year of Living Danishly (English, Paperback) Helen Russell

    Denmark is officially the happiest nation on Earth, so when journalist Helen Russell finds herself spending a year in rural Jutland, she decides she'll do all she can to uncover the secrets of the Danes' happiness. But will the long, dark winters and pickled herring take their toll?

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  • The Death of Expertise
    The Death of Expertise (English, Hardback) Tom Nichols

    People are now exposed to more information than ever before, provided both by technology and by increasing access to every level of education. These societal gains, however, have also helped fuel a surge in narcissistic and misguided intellectual egalitarianism that has crippled informed debates on any number of issues. Today, everyone knows everything: with only a quick trip through WebMD or...

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  • David and Goliath
    David and Goliath (Paperback) Malcolm Gladwell

    What if everything we thought about power was wrong? What if, in the ancient story of the shepherd boy who topples a giant, David actually had the advantage? This title takes you on journey from art to basketball, the brain to revolutions, along the way weaving unforgettable stories of misfits, outsiders, and more.

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  • A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and the Beautiful
    A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and the Beautiful (English, Paperback) Edmund Burke

    In his Enquiry Edmund Burke overturned the Platonic tradition in aesthetics and replaced metaphysics with psychology. His revolutions in method and sensibility influenced later philosophers and literary and artistic movements from the Gothic novel to Romanticism and beyond. This new edition guides the reader through Burke's arguments.

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  • Longthroat Memoirs
    Longthroat Memoirs (English, Paperback) Yemisi Aribisala

    Longthroat Memoirs presents a sumptuous menu of essays about Nigerian food, lovingly presented by the nation's top epicurean writer. As well as a mouth-watering appraisal of the cultural politics and erotics of Nigerian cuisine, it is also a series of love letters to the Nigerian palate.

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  • The Oxford Companion to Cheese
    The Oxford Companion to Cheese (English, Hardback) Mateo Kehler

    The Oxford Companion to Cheese answers a clear call for the kind of subject-defining reference work that The Oxford Companion to Wine achieved. It is the first truly comprehensive cheese book, containing 855 A-Z scholarly, yet accessible entries on the history, culture, and science of cheese making and cheese enjoyment, worldwide.

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  • The Cannabis Encyclopedia
    The Cannabis Encyclopedia (English, Paperback) Jorge Cervantes

    Cervantes is the expert in his field. This guide details everything he's learned from his lifetime in the trade. Collecting tips about everything, from Cervantes' time touring large scale marijuana farms making instructional DVDs to his time growing in his basement in Mexico City.

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  • Without Getting Killed or Caught
    Without Getting Killed or Caught (English, Hardback) Tamara Saviano

    For more than forty years, Guy Clark wrote and recorded unforgettable songs. His lyrics and melodies paint indelible portraits of the people, places, and experiences that shaped him. He has served as model, mentor, supporter, and friend to at least two generations of the world’s most talented and influential singer-songwriters. In songs like “Desperados Waiting for a Train,” L.A....

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  • Against Everything
    Against Everything (Hardback) Mark Greif

    A brilliant collection of essays from one of the most highly acclaimed young writers in the US

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  • The Xenophobe's Guide to the Norwegians
    The Xenophobe's Guide to the Norwegians (English, Paperback) Dan Elloway

    The Norwegian man-hug is more a show of strength than a greeting and is usually a painful experience for the smaller of the two.There is nothing more important to Norwegians than enjoying the great outdoors. Happily, they have a lot of outdoors to enjoy.Foreigners brought up with the belief that relaxing involves lounging on the sofa may find leisure time in Norway challenging.What makes the...

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  • Satanic Panic
    Satanic Panic (English, Paperback) Kier-La Janisse $26.44 $29.95
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  • You Gotta Want it
    You Gotta Want it (Hardback) Jake Paul

    A humorous, motivational memoir in the vein of Tyler Oakley's Binge and Marcus Butler's Hello Life, from high-energy comedic social media phenomenon Jake Paul.

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  • Event
    Event (English, Paperback) Slavoj Zizek

    An Event can be an occurrence that shatters ordinary life, a radical political rupture, a transformation of reality, a religious belief, the rise of a new art form, or an intense experience such as falling in love. This book examines the new and highly-contested concept of Event.

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  • Manus x Machina
    Manus x Machina (English, Paperback) Andrew Bolton, Nicholas Alan Cope

    A stunning look at the paradoxical relationship between the artisanal and the technological in fashion

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