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  • Wittgenstein's Mistress
    Wittgenstein's Mistress (English, Paperback) David Markson

    Wittgenstein's Mistress is a novel unlike anything David Markson?or anyone else?has ever written before. It is the story of a woman who is convinced?and, astonishingly, will ultimately convince the reader as well?that she is the only person left on earth.

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  • The Recognitions
    The Recognitions (English, Paperback) William Gaddis

    A great masterpiece by William Gaddis, with a new introduction by William H. Gass.

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  • Voices from Chernobyl
    Voices from Chernobyl (English, Hardback) Svetlana Alexievich

    A journalist by trade, who now suffers from an immune deficiency developed while researching this book, presents personal accounts of what happened to the people of Belarus after the nuclear reactor accident in 1986, and the fear, anger, and uncertainty that they still live with.

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  • Once Upon A Time - A Floating Opera
    Once Upon A Time - A Floating Opera (English, Paperback) John Barth

    Written when John Barth was 24 years old, The Floating Opera is his first novel, published in 1957. It is a first-person reminiscence of the day Todd Andrews decided to commit suicide. Having picked up some sense of the French Existentialist writers from the postwar Zeitgeist, this novel questions life's value through the eyes of 37-year-old man.

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  • A Sentimental Novel
    A Sentimental Novel (English, Paperback) Alain Robbe-Grillet

    In France, Alain Robbe-Grillet's final novel was sold in shrink-wrap, labeled with a sticker warning readers that this perverse fairy tale might offend certain sensibilities. It tells the story of Gigi, also known as Djinn, who is being schooled by her father to be a perfect slave and mistress. Running the gamut of unacceptable subject matter from incest to torture, this book abounds with...

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  • Ryder
    Ryder (English, Paperback) Djuna Barnes

    From the author of Nightwood: ?Djuna Barnes has written a book that is all that she was, and must still be?vulgar, beautiful, defiant, witty, poetic, and a little mad.??Argonaut

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  • Romancer Erector
    Romancer Erector (English, Paperback) Diane Williams

    Famous for her works of "flash fiction" which capture life, love, and contradiction in a single page, Diane Williams continues to forge her own innovative tradition in this new collection. Including over three dozen short stories along with three novellas, Romancer Erector is her boldest collection to date. Here she once again astonishes us with her distinctive voice, detached yet fiercely...

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  • The Tunnel
    The Tunnel (English, Paperback) William H. Gass

    "Gass has produced a book that burrows inside us then wails like a beast, a book that mainlines a century's terror direct to the brain."?Voice Literary Supplement

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  • Cobra
    Cobra (English, Paperback) Severo Sarduy

    The late Severo Sarduy was one of the most outrageous and baroque of the Latin American Boom writers of the sixties and seventies, and here bound back to back are his two finest creations. Cobra (1972) recounts the tale of a transvestite named Cobra, star of the Lyrical Theater of the Dolls, whose obsession is to transform his/her body. She is assisted in her metamorphosis by the Madam and Pup,...

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  • Quarantine
    Quarantine (English, Hardback) Juan Goytisolo, Peter Bush

    Quarantine is the newest novel by one of Spain's most provocative writers. The novel recounts the forty days in which, according to Islamic tradition, the soul wanders between death and eternity, still in possession of a tenuous, dreamlike body. After the unexpected death of a friend, the narrator - a writer like Goytisolo - follows her in his imagination into this otherworld where all kinds of...

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  • Reading Rilke
    Reading Rilke (English, Paperback) William H. Gass

    After nearly a lifetime of reading Rilke in English translation, William H. Gass undertook the task of translating Rilke's writing himself, in order to see if he could, in that way, get closer to the work he so deeply admired. Gass examines the genesis of the ideas that inform the Elegies and discusses previous translations, while writing, in his inimitable style, about Rilke the man: his...

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  • Selected Stories
    Selected Stories (English, Paperback) Kjell Askildsen

    A man and a woman in an isolated house, surrounded by nothing, or nearly nothing; besieged by urban desert or actual wilderness, by alcohol, cigarettes, and ghosts; by mothers, fathers, and lovers who have disappeared... Written in a seemingly unadorned style, with flashes of pitch-black humor, Askildsen's devastating stories convey in few words a portrait of life and thought as they are actually...

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  • Barley Patch
    Barley Patch (English, Paperback) Gerald Murnane

    Discover the Australian novelist ranked by Ladbrokes as a top-five contender for the 2010 Nobel Prize.

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  • The Human Country
    The Human Country (English, Paperback) Harry Mathews

    The Human Country collects all of Mathews's shorter fiction, including the early stories from Country Cooking, the mid-career stories from The American Experience, and ten recent, previously uncollected pieces that are every bit as brilliant and surprising. These stories include "The Broadcast," in which the narrator learns from a radio program that everything he needs in life should fit into one...

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  • Best European Fiction 2017
    Best European Fiction 2017 (English, Paperback) Nathaniel Davis

    Since 2010, this anthology has been an essential resource for readers, critics, and publishers interested in contemporary European literature. In this, the eighth installment of the series, the anthology continues its commitment to uncovering the best prose writing happening across the continent from Ireland to Eastern Europe. Also featuring an erudite prefatory essay written by Eileen Battersby...

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  • Girl on Heaven's Pier
    Girl on Heaven's Pier (English, Paperback) Eeva-Liisa Manner

    Originally published in 1951, this novel tells of a young girl living with her deeply religious grandparents in pre-war Vyborg?before it became part of the Soviet Union. Leena hates school, loves music and rain, and wanders through the town in a state of childish enchantment. ?Like a spruce cone, a child falls into a world where logical disorder replaces magical order, and there you are?in...

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  • Natural Novel
    Natural Novel (English, Paperback) Georgi Gospodinov

    "Natural Novel is simultaneously erudite and funny?a lucky combination that rarely occurs in Bulgarian books."?Kapital

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  • Magnetic Field(s)
    Magnetic Field(s) (English, Paperback) Ron Loewinsohn

    Organized around the idea that "you can't know what a magnetic field is like unless you're inside of it," Ron Loewinsohn's first novel opens from the disturbing perspective of a burglar in the midst of a robbery and travels through the thoughts and experiences (both real and imaginary) of a group of characters whose lives are connected both coincidentally and intimately. All of the characters have...

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  • The Family of Pascual Duarte
    The Family of Pascual Duarte (English, Paperback) Camilo Cela

    "After Don Quixote, probably the most widely read novel in Spanish."?The New York Times

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  • Suicide
    Suicide (English, Paperback) Edouard Leve

    Edouard Levé delivered the manuscript for his final book, Suicide, just a few days before he took his own life.

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