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Dan Schoening

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  • Back To The Future Untold Tales And Alternate Timelines by Bob Gale
    Back To The Future Untold Tales And Alternate Timelines (English, Paperback) Bob Gale, Marcelo Ferreira

    Take a trip back to 1985 and be there when Doc Brown and Marty McFly first meet, and then jump even farther back, to 1945, to witness Doc's involvement in the super-secret Manhattan Project.

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  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters by Tom Waltz
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters (English, Paperback) Tom Waltz, Dan Schoening

    When a new invention goes haywire, the Turtles are sent to a whole new type of New York City. One with a whole lot more ghosts... and Ghostbusters! The two teams will have to learn to get along quickly, because a new foe from the Turtles past has followed them and aims to conquer NYC.

    $15.75 $17.99
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  • Dr. Psycho's Circus of Crime by Paul Kupperberg
    Dr. Psycho's Circus of Crime (English, Paperback) Paul Kupperberg, Dan Schoening

    When a crime wave erupts in Washington D.C., WONDER WOMAN investigates and discovers a strange connection between the cases ? each criminal had recently visited the circus! The AMAZON PRINCESS goes undercover under the Big Top, and she soon learns that the evil DR. PSYCHO has taken over and is brainwashing his audience into committing crimes. If WONDER WOMAN can't stop him, the Capital City will...

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  • Clock King's Time Bomb by Sean Tulien
    Clock King's Time Bomb (Paperback) Sean Tulien, Dan Schoening

    But when the clock strikes midnight . Then the CLOCK KING appears, spouting his evil plan. When the clock strikes midnight across all time zones, the world will be doomed! But the FLASH must find the location of the Time Bomb before the whole planet falls under the hand of the CLOCK KING.

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  • Rumble in the Rainforest by Sarah Hines Stephens
    Rumble in the Rainforest (English, Paperback) Sarah Hines Stephens, Dan Schoening

    While visiting the rainforest, WONDER WOMAN discovers that a logging company has secretly destroyed a large area of trees. Traveling deeper into the forest to investigate, she is suddenly attacked by two angry super-villains ? POISON IVY and GORILLA GRODD! However, these foes soon realize that they share a common enemy with the AMAZON PRINCESS. And, for one day, they'll unite to stop the...

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  • Attack of the Cheetah by Dan Schoening
    Attack of the Cheetah (Paperback) Dan Schoening, Jane B. Mason

    When a cheetah exhibition opens at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., Princess Diana arrives to witness the event. At the grand opening, the rare cats suddenly escape, fleeing through a crowd of frightened zoogoers! Diana quickly transforms into her secret identity, Wonder Woman, captures the cats and saves the day.

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  • Creature of Chaos by Dan Schoening
    Creature of Chaos (Paperback) Dan Schoening, Sarah Hines Stephens

    When riots erupt in downtown Washington, D.C., only one person can stop them . . . Wonder Woman! But as she controls the crazy crowd, the super hero is suddenly caught off guard by an even bigger problem. Devastation, the shape-shifting super-villain, is

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  • Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie Prequel by Matt Anderson
    Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie Prequel (English, Paperback) Matt Anderson, Dan Schoening

    Finding it difficult to balance his new role as Dragon Warrior with his responsibilities as a son, Po is relieved when his Dad gets some extra help at Dragon Warrior Noodles & Tofu. When Mr Ping is taken hostage, can Po save him, or will the restaurant soon be under new management?

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  • Skyscraper Showdown (DC Super Friends) by Billy Wrecks
    Skyscraper Showdown (DC Super Friends) (English, Paperback) Billy Wrecks, Dan Schoening

    When the Joker traps the Super Friends at the top of a skyscraper, Batman races to save them.

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  • The Flash: Clock King's Time Bomb by Sean Tulien
    The Flash: Clock King's Time Bomb (English, Paperback) Sean Tulien, Dan Schoening

    When, on New Year's eve, the Clock King sets off a time bomb that interferes with all technology that depends on clocks, it is up to the Flash to find the villain and his device and undo the chaos it is causing.

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  • Flower Power! by Courtney Carbone
    Flower Power! (English, Hardback) Courtney Carbone, Dan Schoening

    Wonder Woman and Batgirl team up to stop Poison Ivy.

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  • Green Lantern: Web of Doom by Michael Anthony Steele
    Green Lantern: Web of Doom (English, Paperback) Michael Anthony Steele, Dan Schoening

    HAL JORDAN can't get a break! He tries to free a fleet of intergalactic battle cruisers from the energy webs of the ruthless KIRIAZIS. But the crosiers cruisers don't want his help. The war-like race wants to fight their own battles. Then, as KIRIAZIS spins her evil plans, another villain arrives and causes problems for everyone. The only way out of this sticky situation is for GREEN LANTERN to...

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  • Green Lantern: Red Lanterns' Revenge by Michael V Acampora
    Green Lantern: Red Lanterns' Revenge (English, Paperback) Michael V Acampora, Dan Schoening

    When Atrocitus, leader of the Red Lanterns, hatches a plan to drain all the underground water from Mars, it is up to Hal Jordan and his Green Lantern Corps teammates to stop him.

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  • Fear the Shark by Laurie S Sutton
    Fear the Shark (English, Paperback) Laurie S Sutton, Dan Schoening

    Something fishy is at work in COAST CITY. A new super-villain rises from the peaceful waters . . . the SHARK, who uses telepathy and oceanic powers to feed off the citizens' frenzy and fright. Luckily, citizen HAL JORDAN is secretly hero GREEN LANTERN. His power ring should be able to liquidate the SHARK's watery weapons. But when the slippery predator sends a monstrous tsunami toward the city,...

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  • Green Lantern: Prisoner of the Ring by Scott Sonneborn
    Green Lantern: Prisoner of the Ring (English, Paperback) Scott Sonneborn, Dan Schoening

    On a distant planet, GREEN LANTERN battles an attack of formerly peaceful robots. He learns too late that the mechanical marauders are infected by an ultra-evil, ultra-advanced nano virus hungry for power. The wizard quickly invades the nearest form of high tech energy: GREEN LANTERN's ring. HAL JORDAN must shrink to microscopic size and enter the ring itself, or else his unlimited power will turn...

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  • Ghostbusters 3 by Erik Burnham
    Ghostbusters 3 (English, Hardback) Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening

    Shipped to Detroit, Michigan, by Walter Peck, the Ghostbusters deal with Major General Anthony Wayne, the ghost of a Civil War soldier.

    $20.21 $25.65
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  • Fruit of All Evil by Philip Crawford
    Fruit of All Evil (English, Paperback) Philip Crawford, Dan Schoening

    As WONDER WOMAN speaks at a Peace Day Conference in New York City, a young girl passes out apples to spectators. Then suddenly, the crowd becomes angry and turns violent. In the center of the chaos, a fire erupts, and ARES, the god of war, emerges from the flames. His daughter, ERIS, has created enough anger with her Golden Apples of Discord to refuel her father's evil superpowers. But when ERISis...

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  • Ghostbusters 1 by Erik Burnham
    Ghostbusters 1 (English, Hardback) Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening $20.21 $25.65
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  • The Man Behind the Mask by Michael Dahl
    The Man Behind the Mask (English, Paperback) Michael Dahl, Dan Schoening

    Many years after the death of his parents, Bruce Wayne comes face to face with their killer, Joe Chill. While chasing down the cold-blooded crook, Bruce recalls the story of his own past and how he became the world's greatest crime fighter . . . Batman. Just in time for Batman's 80th Anniversary, this action-packed chapter book also features a brand new Batman's Friends and Foes Roster and...

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