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  • Torg Eternity - Drama Deck by Shane Lacy Hensley
    Torg Eternity - Drama Deck (English, Game) Shane Lacy Hensley, Darrell Hayhurst

    Three decks of cards to make your Torg Eternity game come alive! Drama cards set initiative, add exciting conditions to encounters, and control pacing by rewarding certain types of actions. Chases and Dramatic Task Resolution are moderated by the cards, including the appearance of deadly dilemmas. Destiny cards are a powerful tool for players, and allowing Storm Knights to perform amazing feats,...

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  • Torg Eternity - Day One by Darrell Hayhurst
    Torg Eternity - Day One (English, Hardback) Darrell Hayhurst, Aaron Acevedo

    All across the world the maelstrom bridges land, heralding the invasion of the High Lords. Experience the chaos and uncertainty of the opening minutes of the Possibility Wars first hand. Players take on the roles of ordinary people all over the world caught up in events beyond their comprehension and control. Will you survive to become a Storm Knight?...

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  • Torg Eternity - GM Screen by Shane Lacy Hensley
    Torg Eternity - GM Screen (English, Hardback) Shane Lacy Hensley, Darrell Hayhurst

    This three-panel GM Screen offers beautiful art and Core Earth's World Laws for players on the outside, and the charts, tables, and modifiers from the core rules for the GM on the inside....

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  • Torg Eternity - Dice Pack by Shane Lacy Hensley
    Torg Eternity - Dice Pack (English, Game) Shane Lacy Hensley, Aaron Acevedo

    This blister pack contains two d20 and 4 six-sided ?bonus dice?. All the dice have the distinctive mixed red and blue coloring of the original Torg dice. The bonus die's sixth side is an eternity symbol....

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