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Darwin College Lectures

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  • Plagues by Jonathan L. Heeney
    Plagues (English, Paperback) Jonathan L. Heeney

    An engaging and timely collection examining the impact of plagues, from early history to current medicine and the future.

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  • Ways of Communicating by D.H. Mellor
    Ways of Communicating (English, Paperback) D.H. Mellor

    The world of communication from human speech and body language to satellites.

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  • Darwin by William Brown
    Darwin (English, Paperback) Andrew C. Fabian

    A multi-disciplinary overview, by leading authorities, of the influence of the work of Charles Darwin on arts, science and society.

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  • Serendipity by Iain Morley
    Serendipity (English, Paperback) Iain Morley

    Insightful, entertaining accounts of the relationship between serendipity and knowledge by some of the most eminent thinkers of this generation.

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  • Games by David Blagden
    Games (Paperback) David Blagden

    Prominent public intellectuals offer their expertise on the games that shape aspects of all of our lives.

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  • Development by Torsten Krude
    Development (Paperback) Torsten Krude

    Prominent intellectuals and public figures explore the dynamics of development, offering varying perspectives from a range of fields.

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