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Database Design and Theory books

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  • Database Development For Dummies by Allen G. Taylor
    Database Development For Dummies (English, Paperback) Allen G. Taylor

    The key to successful database development is accurate and appropriate modelling of the real-world system that will be placed on the computer. This guide describes two popular modelling methods, the entity-relationship model and the semantic object model.

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  • Understanding Compression by Colt McAnlis
    Understanding Compression (English, Paperback) Colt McAnlis, Aleks Colt

    This witty book helps you understand how data compression algorithms work-in theory and practice-so you can choose the best solution among all the available compression tools.

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  • Microsoft Power BI Quick Start Guide by Devin Knight
    Microsoft Power BI Quick Start Guide (English, Paperback) Devin Knight, Brian Knight

    Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based service that helps you easily visualize and share insights from your organization's data. This book will get you started with Business Intelligence using the Power BI tool, covering essential concepts like installation, building basic dashboards and visualizations to make your data come to life.

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  • Learning Bpmn 2.0 by Joshua Fuehrer
    Learning Bpmn 2.0 (English, Paperback) Joshua Fuehrer, Joseph Butchko $32.40
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  • Agile Data Warehouse Design by Lawrence Corr
    Agile Data Warehouse Design (English, Paperback) Lawrence Corr, Jim Stagnitto

    Agile Data Warehouse Design is a step-by-step guide for capturing data warehousing/business intelligence (DW/BI) requirements and turning them into high performance dimensional models in the most direct way: by modelstorming (data modeling + brainstorming) with BI stakeholders. This book describes BEAM

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  • Data Modeling for MongoDB by Steve Hoberman
    Data Modeling for MongoDB (English, Paperback) Steve Hoberman

    Learn the value of conceptual, logical, and physical data modeling and how each stage increases our knowledge of the data and reduces assumptions and poor design decisions in MongoDB.

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  • Database Principles by Peter Rob
    Database Principles (English, Mixed media product) Peter Rob, Carlos Coronel

    Provides a practical foundation for the design, implementation and management of database systems. This edition has been updated with the developments and technologies and incorporates a generous number of localised and motivating business vignettes that tie the concepts to real-life situations.

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  • Developing High Quality Data Models by Matthew West
    Developing High Quality Data Models (English, Paperback) Matthew West

    A multitude of problems is likely to arise when developing data models. Using real-world examples, this title walks the reader through identifying a number of data modeling principles and analysis techniques that enable the development of data models that both meet business requirements and have a consistent basis.

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  • Inside Relational Databases with Examples in Access by Mark Whitehorn
    Inside Relational Databases with Examples in Access (English, Paperback) Mark Whitehorn, Bill Marklyn

    On the other hand, the six different types that we describe are part of the re- tional world and this book is about that world - we are not trying to teach you how to use Access, we are simply using Access to illustrate the relational model. Incidentally, this is not meant to imply that Access is somehow lacking as a relational database engine.

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  • DAMA Dictionary of Data Management CD-ROM by Susan Earley
    DAMA Dictionary of Data Management CD-ROM (English, Paperback) Susan Earley

    A glossary of over 2,000 terms which provides a common data management vocabulary for IT and Business professionals.

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  • Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook by Josh Diakun
    Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook (English, Paperback) Josh Diakun, Paul R Johnson

    This book demonstrates the power of Splunk 7.x to offer you quick solutions and strategies to bring efficient operational intelligence in your organization. Implement a wide range of tasks in recipe format to perform operations on machine data. Learn to achieve intelligent data-driven way using machine learning capabilities to explore complex data.

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  • Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications: Relational Mathematics Series Number 132 by Gunther Schmidt
    Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications: Relational Mathematics Series Number 132 (English, Hardback) Gunther Schmidt

    This 2010 comprehensive overview of relational mathematics provides an easy introduction to the topic, but is nevertheless theoretically sound and up-to-date. Assuming a minimum of prerequisites, it is suitable for applied scientists, explaining all of the necessary mathematics from scratch.

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  • Data Modeling of Financial Derivatives by Robert Mamayev
    Data Modeling of Financial Derivatives (English, Paperback) Robert Mamayev

    Written in plain English and based on successful client engagements, Data Modeling of Financial Derivatives: A Conceptual Approach introduces new and veteran data modelers, financial analysts, and IT professionals to the fascinating world of financial derivatives.

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  • Data Modeling Made Simple with PowerDesigner by Steve Hoberman
    Data Modeling Made Simple with PowerDesigner (English, Paperback) Steve Hoberman

    Data Modeling Made Simple with PowerDesigner will provide the business or IT professional with a practical working knowledge of data modeling concepts and best practices, and how to apply these principles with PowerDesigner.

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  • Data Modeling Made Simple by Steve Hoberman
    Data Modeling Made Simple (English, Paperback) Steve Hoberman

    Data issues don't always make the front page, yet they exist within every organisation. We need to improve how we manage data - and the most valuable tool for explaining, vaildating and managing data is a data model. This book provides the business or IT professional with a practical working knowledge of data modelling concepts and best practices.

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  • Data & Reality by William Kent
    Data & Reality (English, Paperback) William Kent

    Data and Reality gracefully weaves the disciplines of psychology and philosophy with data management to create timeless takeaways on how we perceive and manage information.

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  • Argus Developer in Practice by Tim M. Havard
    Argus Developer in Practice (English, Paperback) Tim M. Havard

    This book is a practical guide to using Argus Developer, the world's most widely used real estate development feasibility modeling software. Using practical examples and many case studies, it takes readers beyond basic training and provides the in-depth knowledge required to analyze potential real estate deals and help ensure a profitable development. Argus Developer in Practice fills an important...

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  • The Data Model Toolkit by Dave Knifton
    The Data Model Toolkit (English, Paperback) Dave Knifton $35.83
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  • Painting by Numbers by Jason Makansi
    Painting by Numbers (English, Paperback) Jason Makansi, Elena Makansi

    Winner of 2017 Independent Publishers IPPY GOLD and 2016 Foreword Reviews INDIE SILVER BETTER NUMERICAL LITERACY ISN'T JUST DESIRABLE; IT'S ESSENTIAL TO SUSTAINING A CIVIL, DEMOCRATIC, AND FREE SOCIETY In the public sphere, numbers are supposed to be more solid than words, less subjective. They are not. "The numbers don't lie," say experts. Yet they very often do. Numerical results are used to further the political, business, academic, and personal objectives of those who wield them. In PAINTING BY NUMBERS, you get wisdom, humor, and twelve commandments anyone can apply to separate numerical BS from valid results. It will raise your numerical literacy, and that of your friends, family, colleagues, and students. Even PhDs have called PAINTING BY NUMBERS a "refreshing refresher," and "something every literate person needs to understand." Given polling controversies in the recent election, vociferous debate over climate change, economic meltdowns caused by bogus and fraudulent financial models, medical and health trends driven by dubious results from trials, even sports now managed by "numbers guys," better numerical literacy isn't just desirable; it's essential to sustaining a civil, democratic, and free society.

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  • Big Data Analytics in Genomics by Ka-Chun Wong
    Big Data Analytics in Genomics (English, Hardback) Ka-Chun Wong

    This contributed volume explores the emerging intersection between big data analytics and genomics. To reveal novel genomic insights from this data within a reasonable time frame, traditional data analysis methods may not be sufficient or scalable, forcing the need for big data analytics to be developed for genomics.

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