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  • Liquid Intelligence
    Liquid Intelligence (English, Hardback) Dave Arnold

    A revolutionary approach to making better-looking, better-tasting drinks.

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  • There Will Always Be More
    There Will Always Be More (English, Paperback) Dave Arnold

    MacArthur Smith, an elite Navy SEAL warrior, now the CIA's premier operative, battles an ISIS assassin in a race across America. With only his skills and his team to assist, will he be able to stop this homegrown killer from his main target.

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  • Amazing Grace
    Amazing Grace (English, CD-Audio) Dave Arnold

    The Radio Theatre production of Amazing Grace provides a prequel view to events featured inAmazing Grace, the movie. It offers listeners a more in-depth and personal story of each of the main characters?William Wilberforce (an evangelical Christian politician), John Newton (author of ?Amazing Grace?), and Olaudah Equiano (slave turned quaker merchant)?three men instrumental in overthrowing the...

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  • Vespas, Cafes, Singlespeed Bikes, and Urban Hipsters
    Vespas, Cafes, Singlespeed Bikes, and Urban Hipsters (English, Paperback) Sean Benesh

    Gentrification is a complex process that historically has created dividing lines between the haves and have-nots. In urban renewal, there are clear winners and losers as neighborhoods and districts become revitalized. On the plus side, there is a reclamation and preservation of grand historic buildings, homes and edifices alongside renewed economic vitality. On the negative side, gentrification...

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  • Pilgrims of the Alley
    Pilgrims of the Alley (English, Paperback) Dave Arnold

    Sometimes people wonder why they feel stuck in life, as if they are living out their days in an unnatural and often hostile environment. But the truth is, this is a reality for people attempting to follow Jesus in our world.We are displaced persons.But God is at work in displacement. And it’s in this environment – in the alleys of life – where extraordinary growth takes place and our faith...

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  • Building Friendships
    Building Friendships (Paperback) Dave Arnold $9.70
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  • Aquatic Macrophyte Risk Assessment for Pesticides
    Aquatic Macrophyte Risk Assessment for Pesticides (English, Hardback) Lorraine Maltby, Dave Arnold

    Combining regulatory and research information from key specialists in the area of environmental regulation, this book provides a guide to ecotoxicological risk assessment. It is suitable for the assessment of the risk of pesticides with herbicidal activity to aquatic macrophytes.

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  • No Ordinary Man
    No Ordinary Man (English, Paperback) MR Dave Arnold

    MacArthur Smith is no ordinary man; a Navy SEAL, a husband, a scholar, a friend. if you enjoy Mitch Rapp, see what MacArthur Smith is up to

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