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  • What to Do When it's Not Fair
    What to Do When it's Not Fair (English, Paperback) Jacqueline B. Toner, Clare A. B. Freeland

    What to Do When It's Not Fair introduces kids to cognitivebehavioral therapy-based strategies that can help them understand and deal with envy, jealousy, and self-esteem. Includes an introduction for parents and caregivers.

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  • Goldmine Jazz Album Price Guide
    Goldmine Jazz Album Price Guide (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    All that Jazz--and more!

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  • 10cc - The Cost of Living in Dreams
    10cc - The Cost of Living in Dreams (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    The story of 10cc, the self-styled worst band in the world is told through exclusive interviews and a lifetime of music. Tracing Lol Creme, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley and Graham Gouldman from their earliest music together, The Cost Of Living In Dreams tells the stories of all those projects - from the Whirlwinds and the Mockingbirds to Godley & Creme, Wax and GG06, and on to Kevin's most recent...

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  • An Accidental Musician
    An Accidental Musician (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson, Judy Dyble

    Written with Judy's inimitable piquant humour and warm observation, An Accidental Musician is a saga of love, loss and laughter that begins in the folk clubs of the early 1960s and continues right up to the present day.

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  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show FAQ
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show FAQ (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    Everything there is to know about the stage show, the film and the unique period in theatrical history it was produced in

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  • Standard Catalog of American Records
    Standard Catalog of American Records (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    Featuring more than 150,000 45s, albums, picture sleeve records, extended play singles and 12-inch singles, the Standard Catalog of American Records are the world's most comprehensive and detailed guide to American vinyl records on the market.

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  • Britcoms FAQ
    Britcoms FAQ (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    Britcoms FAQ is a sweeping survey of the very best in British television comedy

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  • Roger Waters
    Roger Waters (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    Roger Waters: The Man Behind the Wall is the first full biography of the author of Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, and, of course, The Wall.

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  • Goldmine Record Album Price Guide
    Goldmine Record Album Price Guide (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    With its rich history of appreciation for the format and featuring more than 110,000 albums covering 60 years, Goldmine Record Album Price Guide, 9th Edition, is the best and most trusted resource for buying, selling or simply enjoying a vinyl album collection.

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  • Robert Plant
    Robert Plant (English, Hardback) Dave Thompson

    Follows the iconic singer through his heights of fame with classic rock giant Led Zeppelin, his second life as a multimillion-selling solo artist, and his more idiosyncratic pursuits.

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  • Roger Waters
    Roger Waters (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    To some, he is the face behind classic Pink Floyd. To others, he is the temperament behind some of the greatest albums of the rock era. And to others still, he is one of the most original songwriters of a generation that overflows with notable talent. But to call Roger Waters a mass of contradictions is simply taking the easy way out.

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  • Dancing Barefoot
    Dancing Barefoot (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    Uses interviews, Patti Smith's memoir "Just Kids," and documentaries to enhance a biography of the artist and musician.

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  • Missing Letter Hidden Word Sudoku
    Missing Letter Hidden Word Sudoku (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    Classic Sudoku puzzles always use the same symbols to fill in cells: the digits 1-9. In Word Sudoku, however, each puzzle has a different set of symbols—the letters in a word or phrase. The puzzles are a little bit harder than classic Sudoku because you have to learn the allowable symbols all over again each time you begin a new puzzle. This book takes this idea three steps further. First, you...

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  • Goldmine Record Album Price Guide
    Goldmine Record Album Price Guide (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    Whether your passion is pop or musicals, Goldmine Record Album Price Guide is your best resource for buying, selling or simply appraising a vinyl collection.

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  • Robin Hood FAQ
    Robin Hood FAQ (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    Robin Hood FAQ is a thorough survey of one of the world s most enduring and popular myths, tracing the story of the legendary outlaw from the earliest ballads and chronicles to the present day.

    $18.26 $19.99
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  • June 1st 1974
    June 1st 1974 (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    On June 1st 1974, the Rainbow Theatre in London hosted the first ever performance by what was (at least by those folk who’d heard of the artists) described as the greatest supergroup of the era. In the frontline:Kevin Ayers, the Soft Machine co-founder who had been winding an ever more idiosyncratic solo career through the first half of the 1970s (and would continue to do so thereafter).John...

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  • Children of the Revolution
    Children of the Revolution (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    Despite its disposable appearance, Glam Rock has survived and thrived for four decades and is now viewed as one of the best loved and most productive periods for pop music in the UK. Children of the Revolution is the definitive A to Z guide to the period, chronicling every band and artist who made a significant impression on the art form, both in its heyday and its later years. Provides a wealth...

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  • A Seance at Syd's
    A Seance at Syd's (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    A Séance at Syd’s - An Anthology of Modern Acid-Folk-Haunt-Psych-Prog-Space-Kraut-Radiophonic-Rock Etcetera Quotes is a collection of quotes and commentary from more than eighty bands, musicians, artists and record label heads, representatives of the sprawling mass of musical notions that have made the current decade so unexpectedly enthralling.Includes an Introduction by Nik Turner (Hawkwind...

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  • Those We Have Loved (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    Back in print for the first time in thirty years, "Those We Have Loved" is an epic (quarter of a million words) odyssey through the bleakest backwaters of English Football League history. It tells the stories of the thirty Football League sides voted, or otherwise removed, from the competition in the years before automatic promotion and relegation were introduced, drawing upon colourful...

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  • A Legacy in Wax
    A Legacy in Wax (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    Fully updated and available for the first time in almost a decade, LEGACY IN WAX - LISTENING TO JOY DIVISION AND NEW ORDER, 1976-2016 is a detailed year by year, album by album guide to some of the most influential music of the past forty years.Complete to spring 2016 and the superlative Music Complete album, Legacy in Wax tells the full story of these two crucial bands, together with side and...

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