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  • Jack the Ripper FAQ
    Jack the Ripper FAQ (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    An entertaining, fascinating, and comprehensive look at Jack the Ripper, both the historical figure and the legend he has become

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  • Robin Hood FAQ
    Robin Hood FAQ (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    Robin Hood FAQ is a thorough survey of one of the world s most enduring and popular myths, tracing the story of the legendary outlaw from the earliest ballads and chronicles to the present day.

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  • 10cc - The Cost of Living in Dreams
    10cc - The Cost of Living in Dreams (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    The story of 10cc, the self-styled worst band in the world is told through exclusive interviews and a lifetime of music. Tracing Lol Creme, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley and Graham Gouldman from their earliest music together, The Cost Of Living In Dreams tells the stories of all those projects - from the Whirlwinds and the Mockingbirds to Godley & Creme, Wax and GG06, and on to Kevin's most recent...

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  • What to Do When it's Not Fair
    What to Do When it's Not Fair (English, Paperback) Jacqueline B. Toner, Clare A. B. Freeland

    What to Do When It's Not Fair introduces kids to cognitivebehavioral therapy-based strategies that can help them understand and deal with envy, jealousy, and self-esteem. Includes an introduction for parents and caregivers.

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  • Goldmine Record Album Price Guide
    Goldmine Record Album Price Guide (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    Whether your passion is pop or musicals, Goldmine Record Album Price Guide is your best resource for buying, selling or simply appraising a vinyl collection.

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  • Smoke On The Water
    Smoke On The Water (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    It is now 35 years since Deep Purple first came together and today - 14 musicians, 17 albums and millions of record sales later - the group remains a monster. This is the first book in 20 years to tell the story of this remarkable band, from their grandiose inception in 1968 to the release of their latest album in 2003. Drawing on candid interviews with band members, associates and fans alike, it...

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  • An Accidental Musician
    An Accidental Musician (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson, Judy Dyble

    Written with Judy's inimitable piquant humour and warm observation, An Accidental Musician is a saga of love, loss and laughter that begins in the folk clubs of the early 1960s and continues right up to the present day.

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  • Goldmine's Essential Guide to Record Collecting
    Goldmine's Essential Guide to Record Collecting (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    Goldmine's Essential Guide to Record Collecting celebrates some of the finest vinyl ever pressed by music's greatest artists.

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  • Roger Waters
    Roger Waters (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    Roger Waters: The Man Behind the Wall is the first full biography of the author of Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, and, of course, The Wall.

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  • The Freakiest Show
    The Freakiest Show (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    From Marilyn Manson to Morrissey; from Simple Minds to Stargaze; Lulu to the London Symphony Orchestra, and Peter Gabriel to the Peckham Spastics Society, the untold history of David Bowie cover versions features almost 1,500 listings, almost 300 reviews, and 30+ interviews....

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  • The Industrial Revolution - Twentieth Anniversary Edition
    The Industrial Revolution - Twentieth Anniversary Edition (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    A new edition of the long out-of-print cult classic "The Industrial Revolution" - a 1992 guide to the birth and brilliance of the Industrial Music scene, written by one of the acknowledged experts in the scene.Featuring in-depth biographies and discographies of every Industrial band functioning at the time, together with historical retrospectives, features, exclusive interviews and more, "The...

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  • Bad Reputation
    Bad Reputation (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    Tells the story of Joan Jett, the single most exciting rocker of the American 1980s, one of the biggest-selling acts of the age, and one of punk rock's most valued elder statespeeps.

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  • Black And White And Blue
    Black And White And Blue (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    The films that society has termed pornographic have been with us for over a century now. Yet beyond a handful of scholarly tracts and a a few glancing references in certain Hollywood histories, there is no modern history of the subject available. Featuring exclusive interviews, descriptions of over 300 films and written in a conversational style, Black and White and Blue fills that void.

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  • Dancing Barefoot
    Dancing Barefoot (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    Uses interviews, Patti Smith's memoir "Just Kids," and documentaries to enhance a biography of the artist and musician.

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  • The Music Lover's Guide to Record Collecting
    The Music Lover's Guide to Record Collecting (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    A long-time veteran music collector offers his most interesting essays on record collecting, covering everything from 78s to MP3s and providing information on imports, the most popular artists, collectible labels, and more. Original.

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  • Wheels Out Of Gear
    Wheels Out Of Gear (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    Helter Skelter first published this book in 2004 to rave reviews (Uncut magazine rated it one of their books of the year) and strong sales. Soundcheck Books have licensed the work and are publishing it as a B-Format paperback in time for the Specials reunion tour, starting in Europe in September 2011 (hitting the UK in October).

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  • The Whole Tone Scale
    The Whole Tone Scale (English, Paperback) MR Dave Thompson

    A comprehensive guide to the whole tone scale and it's usage in contemporary music. Focusing on the guitar this book features Scale construction, harmonisation, chord voicings, improvisation and musical examples for 6, 7 and 8 stringed instruments.

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  • Hey!
    Hey! (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    Back in print for the first time in over 25 years!The original Glam Rock history, tracing beginnings reaching back to "Louie Louie," and forward to a new age of rocking narcissism.Featuring: Adam & the Ants, Alice Cooper, the Archies, Arrows, Bauhaus, Bay City Rollers, Barry Blue, David Bowie, David Cassidy, Chinnichap, Cockney Rebel, Doctors of Madness, David Essex, Bryan Ferry, Gary Glitter, the...

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  • London's Burning
    London's Burning (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    London's Burning is the story of punk rock as it happened, stripped of hindsight and future legend, and laid bare. Here are the Damned and the Adverts on tour, the Sex Pistols swearing through their prime-time television debut, the Tom Robinson Band conducting a club full of skinheads through the anthem ?Glad to Be Gay,? rioting Rastas running through the carnage that closed the Notting Hill...

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  • June 1st 1974
    June 1st 1974 (English, Paperback) Dave Thompson

    On June 1st 1974, the Rainbow Theatre in London hosted the first ever performance by what was (at least by those folk who’d heard of the artists) described as the greatest supergroup of the era. In the frontline:Kevin Ayers, the Soft Machine co-founder who had been winding an ever more idiosyncratic solo career through the first half of the 1970s (and would continue to do so thereafter).John...

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