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David Adam

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  • The Man Who Couldn't Stop by David Adam
    The Man Who Couldn't Stop (English, Paperback)

    An intimate look at the power of intrusive thoughts, how our brains can turn against us and what it means to live with obsessive compulsive disorder

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  • The Radiance of His Glory by David Adam
    The Radiance of His Glory (English, Paperback)

    Offers prayers that link with the readings for each Sunday and great festival of the Christian Year.

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  • The Holy Island of Lindisfarne by David Adam
    The Holy Island of Lindisfarne (English, Paperback)

    Reveals how Lindisfarne and its people have responded to trial, tribulation and triumph in the course of a long and vibrant history.

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  • The Rhythm of Life by David Adam
    The Rhythm of Life (English, Hardback)

    Life has its rhythms. We all need to be able to cope with its ebb as well as its flow. We have to survive its darkness as well as its light. We face dry times as well as times of richness. To survive this intricate pattern, we need to have an over-riding rhythm of prayer.

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  • The Eye of the Eagle by David Adam
    The Eye of the Eagle (Paperback)

    The Celtic hymn, "Be Thou My Vision" is still popular after 12 centuries because of its vivid response to our deep human need for God. David Adam takes the reader through this hymn, seeking to discover the spiritual riches that are hidden in all our lives.

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  • A Desert in the Ocean by David Adam
    A Desert in the Ocean (English, Paperback)

    Do you really want to launch out into the deep for the love of God? Are you ready to risk and adventure, to extend your life and put your faith in God? ... Have you heard the voice that asks you to seek a desert in the ocean? There is no doubt that God is calling you, writes David Adam in his thoughtful new work of spirituality. Some of the questions, he continues, can be found in a Celtic poem...

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  • The Open Gate by David Adam
    The Open Gate (Paperback)

    Offers an invitation to deepen our prayer life. Written in the Celtic tradition, and illustrated by line drawings, this book provides resources both for personal daily prayer and corporate weekly worship. Designed to stimulate spiritual formation, it includes prayers of confession, adoration, and intercession and thanksgiving.

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  • Clouds and Glory by David Adam
    Clouds and Glory (English, Paperback)

    Based on the New Common Worship Lectionary, written in the Celtic style, and linked to the Sunday readings, these prayers and intercessions may be used by congregations for the Prayers of the People, as well as by individuals seeking to supplement their personal devotions. Original.

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  • The Holy Island of Lindisfarne by David Adam
    The Holy Island of Lindisfarne (English, Paperback)

    Lindisfarne is more than a history, its a book of stories about the Holy Island and its people: their trials and tribulations, as well as their celebrations and successes, revealing how Lindisfarne and its people have coped with and adapted to change. The new book gives readers a feeling for the tiny island, which played such a large role in the history of England, plus a sense of its sacred...

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  • Power Lines by David Adam
    Power Lines (English, Paperback)

    Celtic prayers have always offered everyday needs to God in a straightforward way. Power Lines incorporates the insights of the Celtic tradition into a series of modern prayers about the concerns of work-whether paid, unpaid, in factory, home, or office. This book opens up Celtic patterns of prayer that focus on the work we all do in the presence of God....

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  • Traces of Glory: Year B by David Adam
    Traces of Glory: Year B (English, Paperback)

    Offers intercessions, blessings and forms for the peace covering each Sunday and major festival of the Church's year. Can be used as a complement to the readings and collects for Year B of the Revised Common Lectionary.

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  • Love the World by David Adam
    Love the World (English, Paperback)

    Spiritual guidance through meditating on the wonders of the created world.

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  • Clouds and Glory: Year A by David Adam
    Clouds and Glory: Year A (English, Paperback)

    David Adam believes that the way to get the most out of worship on Sundays is to pray regularly on weekdays. To help us in this duty and joy of preparation, he offers prayers that link with the readings for each Sunday and great festival of the Christian Year. The prayers employ a Celtic emphasis and style.

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  • Encompassing God by David Adam
    Encompassing God (English, Paperback)

    Based on 'the prayer of seven directions', Encompassing God seeks to increase our awareness of being held by God. We are nurtured at every moment of our existence in the encompassing love of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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  • Occasions for Alleluia by David Adam
    Occasions for Alleluia (English, Paperback)

    David Adam aims to help us recognize that there are moments in each day of our lives that are cause for thanksgiving, and to stop and praise God. Contents: Unbending the bow; Resting in God; Opening our eyes; Seeing with the heart; Being aware of what is around us; Knowing God, loving the world, loving God; Enjoying life, and enjoying God.

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  • The Man Who Couldn't Stop by David Adam
    The Man Who Couldn't Stop (English, Paperback)

    Winner of the Medical Journalists' Association's Tony Thistlethwaite Award...

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  • The Wonder of the Beyond by David Adam
    The Wonder of the Beyond (English, Paperback)

    Over fifty joyous years, David Adam has exercised a rich and profoundly influential ministry. From his earliest days, he was encouraged to use his eyes to absorb what was around him. Though autobiographical, the aim of The Wonder of the Beyond is primarily to help us enter a more wonder full world.

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  • Border Lands by David Adam
    Border Lands (English, Hardback)

    The best of international bestselling author David Adam's writings. Adam demonstrates a unique blend of modern concerns with a distinctively Celtic approach.

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  • Aidan, Bede, Cuthbert by David Adam
    Aidan, Bede, Cuthbert (English, Paperback)

    Explores the lives and stories of Aidan, Bede and Cuthbert. After an introduction which tells appropriately of David Adam's ordination in Durham Cathedral, this work contains four chapters on each of them.

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  • The Awesome Journey by David Adam
    The Awesome Journey (English, Paperback)

    Drawing on a lifetime of Christian pilgrimage, David Adam reflects on biblical encounters with the divine and offers insights - on grief and glory, emptiness and fulfilment; repentance and forgiveness; loving and being loved - that will transform the way we live, and the way we relate to God, here and now.

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