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David Archer

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  • Collaborative Leadership by David Archer
    Collaborative Leadership (English, Paperback) David Archer, Alex Cameron

    We all live in an interconnected world and for business leaders the last decade has seen a dramatic rise in the speed and scale of this interdependence. But while increased connectivity is inevitable, increased collaboration is not. To succeed in today's environment, leaders need to be able to build relationships, handle conflict and to share control in order to promote effective collaboration...

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  • Global Warming by David Archer
    Global Warming (English, Paperback) David Archer

    Archer's Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast 2 nd Edition, is the first real text to present the science and policy surrounding climate change at the right level. Accompanying videos, simulations and instructional support makes it easier to build a syllabus to improve and create new material on climate change.

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  • The Global Carbon Cycle by David Archer
    The Global Carbon Cycle (English, Paperback) David Archer

    Presents an introduction to the global carbon cycle. This book tells about the many ways the global carbon cycle is woven into our climate system. It looks at the carbon cycle on three different time scales, describing how the cycle interacts with climate in very distinct ways in each.

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  • The Climate Crisis by David Archer
    The Climate Crisis (English, Paperback) David Archer, Stefan Rahmstorf

    A concise and clear overview of the essential scientific information on climate change for students and the general reader.

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  • The Long Thaw by David Archer
    The Long Thaw (English, Paperback) David Archer

    If you think that global warming means slightly hotter weather and a modest rise in sea levels that will persist only so long as fossil fuels hold out (or until we decide to stop burning them), think again. This title predicts that if we continue to emit carbon dioxide we may eventually cancel the next ice age and raise the oceans by 50 meters.

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  • Practical Fitness Testing by Morc Coulson
    Practical Fitness Testing (English, Paperback) Morc Coulson, David Archer

    An indispensible guide for anyone involved in prescribing exercise programmes for clients or groups. Effective fitness tests are crucial to measure current fitness and then monitor progress to check the effectiveness of training. Includes both the theory and pratice of fitness testing in fitness and sports settings.

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  • The Politics of Prevention by Tania Boler
    The Politics of Prevention (English, Paperback) Tania Boler, David Archer

    Highlights the political paralysis that prevents the implementation of HIV/AIDS prevention programmes.

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  • The Advanced Fitness Instructor's Handbook by David Archer
    The Advanced Fitness Instructor's Handbook (Paperback) David Archer, Morc Coulson

    The Advanced Fitness Instructor's Handbook follows on from The Fitness Instructor's Handbook, covering the National Occupational Standards and the Qualifications framework for Level 3 and Level 4 Instructors teaching Exercise and Fitness both in the UK and in Europe.

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  • The Long Thaw by David Archer
    The Long Thaw (English, Paperback) David Archer

    The human impact on Earth's climate is often treated as a hundred-year issue lasting as far into the future as 2100, the year in which most climate projections cease. In The Long Thaw, David Archer, one of the world's leading climatologists, reveals the hard truth that these changes in climate will be "locked in," essentially forever....

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  • The Warming Papers by David Archer
    The Warming Papers (English, Paperback) David Archer

    The Warming Papers is a compendium of the classic scientific papers that constitute the foundation of the global warming forecast. The paper trail spans over 175 years, ranging from Fourier and Arrhenius in the 19 th Century to Manabe and Hansen in modern times.

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  • Collaborative Leadership by David Archer
    Collaborative Leadership (English, Paperback) David Archer, Alex Cameron

    Collaborative leadership is about delivering results across boundaries. The nature of that boundary is important, whether it's a formal contract or an informal agreement between two parties to work together for a common aim. This book offers managers and HR professionals a practical advice on how to manage sensitive collaborative relationships.

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