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David Caldwell

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  • Mull and Iona by David Caldwell
    Mull and Iona (English, Paperback) David Caldwell

    Mull and Iona are two of the most visited islands in Scotland, and have played a central role in the history of the country.

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  • The Lewis Chessmen: Unmasked by David Caldwell
    The Lewis Chessmen: Unmasked (English, Hardback) David Caldwell, Mark A. Hall

    The intricately designed hoard of Lewis Chessmen is one of the most significant archaeological discoveries ever made in Scotland. This account includes images of all 93 pieces and reports on new scientific research on how, where and when they were made.

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  • The Lewis Chessmen by David Caldwell
    The Lewis Chessmen (English, Hardback) David Caldwell

    Co-publication with the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. A timely, scholarly look at the Lewis Chessmen, made in twelfth-century Scandinavia, now in the National Museum of Scotland and in the British Museum.

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  • Islay by David Caldwell
    Islay (English, Paperback) David Caldwell

    The history of Islay up to the present day.

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  • Islay, Jura and Colonsay by David Caldwell
    Islay, Jura and Colonsay (English, Paperback) David Caldwell

    Part of Birlinn's series of Scottish Historical Guides, Dr. Caldwell's book draws on a great deal of primary research and local knowledge to create a detailed account of the history of these relic strewn Hebridean Islands. Essential reading for local and tourist alike.

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  • Islay by David Caldwell
    Islay (English, Hardback) David Caldwell

    Islay was originally part of Dal Riata, the early kingdom of the Scots, but was then colonised by Scandinavian settlers in the middle of the ninth century. This book provides a grounding in island history for visitors and locals alike. It offers details on local families, and is intended for genealogists and those tracing their roots to Islay.

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  • The Discourse of Sport by David Caldwell
    The Discourse of Sport (Paperback) David Caldwell

    This collection brings together innovative research from socially-oriented applied linguists working in sports. Drawing on contemporary approaches to applied linguistics, this book provides readers with in-depth analyses of examples of language-in-use in the context of sport, and interprets them through the lens of larger issues within sport culture and practice. With contributions from an...

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