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David Charnick

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  • Death and the City by David Charnick
    Death and the City (English, Paperback) David Charnick

    What happens when put-upon prostitutes and workhouse inmates take revenge, or when a royal corpse goes walkabout? Why do the dead call to us, and who are they anyway? These twelve stories, written by a life-long Londoner, introduce us to the dead of London. We hear their voices, and through them we understand our place within the ongoing narrative of history. Just as we remember them, so one day...

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  • Behind the Curtains by David Charnick
    Behind the Curtains (Paperback) David Charnick

    This collection of stories explores the wide variety of human nature revealed when we discover what happens behind the curtains. What might at first glance seem like quite ordinary people have curious and strange experiences, and no-one knows the stories hidden behind domestic door fronts.

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  • The Dark Side of East London by David Charnick
    The Dark Side of East London (English, Hardback) David Charnick

    Vivid reconstructions of crimes and misdeeds illustrate the little-known richness of local history beyond the stereotypes.

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