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  • Nursing the Acutely Ill Adult by David Clarke
    Nursing the Acutely Ill Adult (English, Paperback) David Clarke, Alison Ketchell

    This comprehensive book provides an understanding of the common symptoms related to serious illness in adults. It integrates anatomy with pathophysiology and encourages developmental, critical thinking. Using an in-depth case study approach and including two brand new chapters, this new edition is a must-read for all students of adult nursing.

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  • Cambridge International AS and A Level Psychology Revision Guide by David Clarke
    Cambridge International AS and A Level Psychology Revision Guide (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    Planned revision for your very best grades.

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  • Music and Consciousness by David Clarke
    Music and Consciousness (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    Consciousness poses major challenges to human understanding. This unique book considers whether music might afford some special source of insight into consciousness, and how issues of consciousness might in turn shape our understanding of music.

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  • The City of God by Saint Augustine
    The City of God (English, Paperback) Saint Augustine, Dr David Clarke

    The City of God, is a book of Christian philosophy written in Latin by Augustine of Hippo in the early 5th century AD. The book was in response to allegations that Christianity brought about the decline of Rome and is considered one of Augustine's most important works.The City of God is a cornerstone of Western thought, expounding on many profound questions of theology, such as the suffering of...

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  • I Don't Love You Anymore by David Clarke
    I Don't Love You Anymore (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    Dr. David Clarke shares his 'guerilla love' technique and equips readers to take an active, not passive, role in reviving a failing marriage.

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  • Early Medieval Scotland by David Clarke
    Early Medieval Scotland (English, Paperback) David Clarke, Alice Blackwell

    A pioneering partnership between National Museums Scotland and The Glenmorangie Comany has supported a major programme of research into the archaeology of Scotland during the Early Medieval Period. Out of that has come this milestone book in Scottish archaeological publishing.

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  • Cambridge Composer Studies: Tippett Studies by David Clarke
    Cambridge Composer Studies: Tippett Studies (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    Michael Tippett (1905-98) was one of the major figures of British music in this century. This volume of essays provides the first substantial writing on the composer for over a decade and includes the work of established scholars as well as several new voices.

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  • Aliasing in Object-Oriented Programming by David Clarke
    Aliasing in Object-Oriented Programming (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    This book surveys state-of-the-art techniques for dealing with aliasing in object-oriented programming, presenting 22 papers on the Geneva convention, ownership, concurrency, alias analysis, controlling effects, verification, programming languages and visions.

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  • ARC by David Clarke
    ARC (English, Paperback) David Clarke $12.28
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  • Hinckley Triumphs by David Clarke
    Hinckley Triumphs (English, Hardback) David Clarke

    The name of Triumph was one of the most famous in motorcycling. Its demise in 1973 caused anguish in the worldwide biking community. This book examines the re-invention and rise of Triumph Motorcycles.

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  • Remembering the German Democratic Republic by David Clarke
    Remembering the German Democratic Republic (English, Hardback) David Clarke

    Memories of and attitudes to the German Democratic Republic (GDR), or East Germany, within contemporary Germany are characterized by their variety and complexity, whilst the debate over how to remember the GDR tells us a lot about how Germans see themselves and their future. This volume provides a range of international perspectives.

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  • Cambridge International AS/A Level Psychology Revision Guide 2nd edition by David Clarke
    Cambridge International AS/A Level Psychology Revision Guide 2nd edition (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    Reinforce and practise skills learned with step-by-step support from experts to help you achieve your maximum potential.

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  • The Angel of Mons by David Clarke
    The Angel of Mons (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    In 1914, outnumbered British troops in Mons, Belgium, faced annihilation at the hands of advancing German forces. With little chance of survival or escape, hope appeared lost. But many did survive, and many of those who made it claimed to have been saved by strange angelic forms in the sky. The legend of the Angel of Mons was born.

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  • The Bondage of the Will by Martin Luther DD
    The Bondage of the Will (English, Paperback) Martin Luther DD, Dr David Clarke

    This work of Martin Luther is very relevant today as so many who profess a knowledge of God in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ are unable to discern the error of so-called Free Will. So for any who find a problem with Calvinism and Arminianism it is important they grasp the issues discussed in this book. This was first published in 1525 and was Luther's reply to Desiderius Erasmus on Free...

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  • Mercies of a Covenant God by John Warburton
    Mercies of a Covenant God (English, Paperback) John Warburton, Bierton Particular Baptists

    God be merciful to me a sinner was the cry of John Warburton on discovering and realizing he ruined lost condition before God. He knew and felt the condemnation of God against him. He knew of no way but to mend his ways, repent to find mercy. He could think of no other way to save his soal but by mending his life, doing his duty and pleasing God. This book, ?Mercies of a Covent God? tells the life...

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  • The Sovereignty of God by Arthur Pink
    The Sovereignty of God (English, Paperback) Arthur Pink, Dr David Clarke

    This work of Arthur Pink addresses has been republished by Bierton Particular Baptists Pakistan and deals with the real issues facing those who profess Christianity. The bible is very clear as to the Sovereignty of God in every aspect of our lives, in creation and redemption but so very few people are able to grasp the reality and profound implications of this fact. This book demonstrates that...

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  • The Book of Revelation and Commentary by James Stuart Russell
    The Book of Revelation and Commentary (English, Paperback) James Stuart Russell, Dr David Clarke

    The book of Revelation has produced many idea's in the minds of men as to what the future holds for mankind and some believe Revelation predicts the end of the world. There are a range of views held by professing Christians about the meaning of the book and some believe much of what is spoken about in the book has yet to be fulfilled. This book reproduces the The of Revelation written as...

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