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  • Cop Under Fire
    Cop Under Fire (English, Hardback) Professor of Control Engineering Department of Engineering Science David Clarke

    Media-favorite Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke navigates the choppy waters of race, religion, politics, and patriotism and share how we once again can become a great nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.

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  • Nursing the Acutely Ill Adult
    Nursing the Acutely Ill Adult (English, Paperback) David Clarke, Alison Ketchell

    This comprehensive book provides an understanding of the common symptoms related to serious illness in adults. It integrates anatomy with pathophysiology and encourages developmental, critical thinking. Using an in-depth case study approach and including two brand new chapters, this new edition is a must-read for all students of adult nursing.

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  • LMS/BR Class 7 4-6-0 Rebuilds
    LMS/BR Class 7 4-6-0 Rebuilds (English, Hardback) David Clarke

    Looks at the LMS/BR Class 7 4-6-0 rebuilt locomotives, including the rebuilt Jubilees, the rebuilt Patriots and the rebuilt Royal Scots. This book includes hundreds of photographs and feedback from the original crews that operated the engines.

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  • Railways of Telford
    Railways of Telford (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    Why did Telford need railways? This book details the variety of traffic that was generated in the area and traffic passing through. It also gives details never before published of the workings in and out of Hollinswood Yard.

    $20.96 $29.95
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  • Britain's X-traordinary Files
    Britain's X-traordinary Files (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    David Clarke opens The National Archives' own X Files to uncover the secret, official accounts behind legendary paranormal and extraordinary phenomena. From mediums employed by the police to help with psychic crime-busting to sea monster sightings reported to the Royal Navy, Britain's X-traordinary Files brings to light a range of secret documents created by military intelligence and government...

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  • Hinckley Triumphs
    Hinckley Triumphs (English, Hardback) David Clarke

    The name of Triumph was one of the most famous in motorcycling. Its demise in 1973 caused anguish in the worldwide biking community. This book examines the re-invention and rise of Triumph Motorcycles.

    $31.44 $39.95
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  • I Don't Want a Divorce
    I Don't Want a Divorce (English, Paperback) Dr David Clarke, William G Clarke

    Whether the issue is communication, the kids, negative attitudes, or even adultery, every difficult marriage has a chance to not only survive but become a truly great marriage. This 90-day plan shows readers how with humor, Scripture, and enlightening personal stories.

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  • 1066 Harold's Way
    1066 Harold's Way (Paperback) David Clarke

    1066 Harold's Way is a new 100 mile long distance walk from Westminster Abbey to Battle Abbey in East Sussex, tracing the likely route of King Harold's journey to the Battle of Hastings. Written by an experienced walker and historian, readers can follow the footsteps of King Harold by referring to the 10 bite-sized chunks of information provided in this essential guidebook.

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  • How UFOs Conquered the World
    How UFOs Conquered the World (English, Hardback) David Clarke

    How UFOs Conquered the World explores the origins of UFOs in the build-up to the First World War and how reports of them have changed in tandem with world events, science and culture.

    $23.37 $28.99
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  • Cambridge International AS and A Level Psychology Revision Guide
    Cambridge International AS and A Level Psychology Revision Guide (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    Planned revision for your very best grades.

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  • Kiss Me Like You Mean it
    Kiss Me Like You Mean it (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    Every married couple can experience exhilarating passion; Dr. David Clarke and the Song of Solomon reveal how to put each other first, have fun, be more playful and sensual, and rediscover the lost art of a great kiss!

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  • The UFO Files
    The UFO Files (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    The UFO Files tells the story of over 100 years of UFO sightings, drawing on formerly secret government documents at the National Archives in London. Alongside extraordinary reports by ordinary people, it reveals details of official interest and investigations stretching back more than 80 years.

    $20.20 $30.00
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  • Aliasing in Object-Oriented Programming
    Aliasing in Object-Oriented Programming (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    This book surveys state-of-the-art techniques for dealing with aliasing in object-oriented programming, presenting 22 papers on the Geneva convention, ownership, concurrency, alias analysis, controlling effects, verification, programming languages and visions.

    $91.39 $107.00
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  • The Saxon Times
    The Saxon Times (Paperback) David Clarke $15.89
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  • Table Talk
    Table Talk (English, Paperback) DD Martin Luther

    This work of Martin luther (1483-1546) was banned in Germany an all copies were ordered to be burned by the emperor Rudolphus II. Luther was excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church in January of 1521 but one copy of his work was miraculously rescued and brought to England and translated in unusual circumstances told in the introduction of this book.The translator Henry Bell has spent 10...

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  • ARC
    ARC (English, Paperback) David Clarke $17.58
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  • The UFO Files
    The UFO Files (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    Original records newly released by the Ministry of Defence and now held at The National Archives in Kew reveal how British Intelligence and the CIA investigated many Cold War sightings. This title presents the story of over 200 years of UFO sightings drawing on the formerly secret reports from the Ministry of Defence.

    $20.31 $24.95
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  • The Life of Mohammad (English, Paperback) George Bush, David Clarke

    The rise in Islamic terrorism has caused great concern to many in the West. (This reprint of George BushÂ’s Life Of Muhammad has been created by David Clarke the president of Bierton Particular Baptists, Pakistan} So with current numbers of Muslim migration from the various parts of the world into Europe, Great Britain and the USA, it seems reasonable to discover the roots of Islam in order to...

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