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  • Nursing the Acutely Ill Adult
    Nursing the Acutely Ill Adult (English, Paperback) David Clarke, Alison Ketchell

    This comprehensive book provides an understanding of the common symptoms related to serious illness in adults. It integrates anatomy with pathophysiology and encourages developmental, critical thinking. Using an in-depth case study approach and including two brand new chapters, this new edition is a must-read for all students of adult nursing.

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  • Trams & Recollections: Sunderland Trams in the 1950s 1959
    Trams & Recollections: Sunderland Trams in the 1950s 1959 (Paperback) David Clarke, Michael H. C. Baker

    In this 85th volume: We travel back to the streets of Sunderland in the 1950s Sunderland's trams had an appeal to tram enthusiasts that was as great as any other British system. Possibly it was the fact that many were second-hand from other systems, or was it their (almost unique) pantographs in their later years?

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  • Cambridge International AS and A Level Psychology Revision Guide
    Cambridge International AS and A Level Psychology Revision Guide (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    Planned revision for your very best grades.

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  • I Don't Want a Divorce
    I Don't Want a Divorce (English, Paperback) Dr David Clarke

    Whether the issue is communication, the kids, negative attitudes, or even adultery, every difficult marriage has a chance to not only survive but become a truly great marriage. This 90-day plan shows readers how with humor, Scripture, and enlightening personal stories.

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  • Kiss Me Like You Mean it
    Kiss Me Like You Mean it (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    Every married couple can experience exhilarating passion; Dr. David Clarke and the Song of Solomon reveal how to put each other first, have fun, be more playful and sensual, and rediscover the lost art of a great kiss!

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  • Remembering the German Democratic Republic
    Remembering the German Democratic Republic (English, Hardback) David Clarke

    Memories of and attitudes to the German Democratic Republic (GDR), or East Germany, within contemporary Germany are characterized by their variety and complexity, whilst the debate over how to remember the GDR tells us a lot about how Germans see themselves and their future. This volume provides a range of international perspectives.

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  • ARC
    ARC (English, Paperback) David Clarke $13.33
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  • The Top 10 Most Outrageous Couples of the Bible and How Their Stories Can Revolutionize Your Marriage
    The Top 10 Most Outrageous Couples of the Bible and How Their Stories Can Revolutionize Your Marriage (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    Improve your marriageand have some fun along the waywith Christian psychologist David Clarke's latest book,The Top 10 Most Outrageous Couples of the Bible.

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  • I'm Not Ok and Neither Are You
    I'm Not Ok and Neither Are You (English, Paperback) David Clarke Phd, William G Clarke Ma

    Break the chains of the past. Everyone has an emotional problem, some personal issue that disrupts relationships, steals joy, and stunts spiritual growth. It's inevitable considering our sin nature, our personal needs, and the pain we experience in life. But emotional problems need not be permanent. In I'm Not OK and Neither Are You, Dr. David Clarke, author of Men Are Clams, Women Are Crowbars...

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  • The Parousia 2nd Edition
    The Parousia 2nd Edition (English, Paperback) James Stuart Russell

    A reformation – indeed – a revolution of sorts is taking place in modern evangelical Christianity. And while many who are joining in and helping promote this movement are not even aware of it, the book you hold in your hand has contributed greatly to initiating this new reformation. This “new” movement is sometimes called full preterism, (Also, and preferably by this writer, Covenant...

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  • Before the Cock Crows (Part 2)
    Before the Cock Crows (Part 2) (English, Paperback) Rev David Clarke Certed

    Before The Cock Crows is the Daily Diary of Trojan Horse International, a Christian mission , and is the second part of a three part series and its to demonstrate the proposition that when Jesus gave the command to go and preach the gospel to the whole world, he used general and not specific terms. That is he did not say how this was to be done. David, the author of this diary, puts forward the...

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  • Railways of Telford
    Railways of Telford (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    Why did Telford need railways? This book details the variety of traffic that was generated in the area and traffic passing through. It also gives details never before published of the workings in and out of Hollinswood Yard.

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  • The Angels of Mons
    The Angels of Mons (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    In 1914, outnumbered British troops in Mons, Belgium, faced annihilation at the hands of advancing German forces. With little chance of survival or escape, hope appeared lost. But many did survive, and many of those who made it claimed to have been saved by strange angelic forms in the sky. The legend of the Angel of Mons was born.

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  • Heroes R Us Vol 1
    Heroes R Us Vol 1 (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    Heroes R Us is the story of a small town turned upside down by the transformation of a general store into a toy store that sells superpowers! All the children rush to get their own set of toys so they can become superheroes! The kids then find out that they were given thier powers for a purpose, to save the world. In order to help them an academy has been created to teach the kids about the proper...

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  • Reflections on the Sabbath
    Reflections on the Sabbath (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    Since the Reformation in England men have had access to the scriptures and were able to read for themselves the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. These scripture were able to free men from the bondage of Rome and give light as to the way of salvation through Christ alone. In the early Church there were men who taught the Law of Moses must be kept in order to be saves but the Apostle Paul stepped...

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  • The Cause of God and Truth, Part 1
    The Cause of God and Truth, Part 1 (English, Paperback) Dr John Gill DD, David Clarke Certed

    The following work was undertaken and begun about the year 1733 or 1734, at which time Dr. Whitby's Discourse on the Five Points was reprinting, judged to be a masterpiece on the subject, in the English tongue, and accounted an unanswerable one ; and it was almost in the mouth of every one, as an objection to the Calvinists, Why do not ye answer Dr. Whitby ? Induced hereby, I determined to give it...

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  • Tippett Studies
    Tippett Studies (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    This book covers all of Tippett's style-periods and many of the key genres within his oeuvre.

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  • Heroes R Us Vol 2
    Heroes R Us Vol 2 (English, Paperback) David Clarke

    The kids at Heroes R Us have come across not one but two super villains in one weekend! The mecha master, Life Haxer who wants to rule the world. And the mysterious Kidd Klash who wants to hunt all the kids in Heroes R Us! The only thing is, Kidd Klash is a kid like them. Except he dosnt want the powers of Heroes R Us! Or is it that he can't use them? Read Volume 2 "Who is Kidd Klash" to find out!

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  • A Body of Doctrinal Divinity, Book VII
    A Body of Doctrinal Divinity, Book VII (English, Paperback) Dr John Gill DD, David Clarke Certed

    This reproduction of Dr John Gill’s Body of Doctrinal Divinity is book VII of seven books, and has been reproduced for the benefit of students at Christchurch Bierton Particular Baptists, Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan. Bierton Particular Baptists Pakistan is the first in Pakistan and founded by David Clarke, who is the sole remaining member of Bierton Particular Baptists, founded in 1831, in England...

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