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  • Biomythology
    Biomythology (English, Paperback) Professor David Cook

    Is the life unexamined by the fMRI not worth living? Can biology replace the humanities in capturing what it means to be human? Biomythology levels the playing field of skepticism, doing for Darwin and science what Richard Dawkins has attempted for God and religion. This irreverent romp reasons:...

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  • Robot Building for Beginners, Third Edition
    Robot Building for Beginners, Third Edition (English, Paperback) David Cook

    "I wrote this book because I love building robots. An appendix offers an introduction to 3D printing and parts of the robot can, as an alternative, be "printed" using a 3D printer.The master project of the book is a simple, entertaining, line-following robot.

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  • Understanding Jihad
    Understanding Jihad (English, Paperback) David Cook

    Jihad is one of the most loaded and misunderstood terms in the news today. Contrary to popular understanding, the term does not mean "holy war." This book looks closely at a range of sources from sacred Islamic texts, and focuses on the role of Islam in the contemporary world.

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  • Liberty or Death
    Liberty or Death (English, Paperback) MR David Cook

    It is May, 1798, and Ireland is a country at war. One hundred thousand peasants have risen up against the Crown to the tales of men, women and children butchered as traitors. It is whispered that the feared and despised ghosts of Oliver Cromwell's New Model army have returned seeking bloodshed, and no one is safe.Major Lorn Mullone, a man forged by war and torn by past failures, is sent by the...

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  • The Princeton Encyclopedia of Islamic Political Thought
    The Princeton Encyclopedia of Islamic Political Thought (English, Hardback) Gerhard Bowering

    Provides the context needed for understanding contemporary politics in the Islamic world and beyond. This volume focuses on the origins and evolution of Islamic political ideas and related subjects, covering central terms, concepts, personalities, movements, places, and schools of thought across Islamic history.

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  • Blood on the Snow
    Blood on the Snow (English, Paperback) David Cook

    Winter, 1794, Flanders, and the British are retreating.Faced by appalling weather and pursued by an overwhelming enemy, the very survival of the British Army is at stake. With little supplies and ammunition, Lieutenant Jack Hallam of the 28th Regiment must prove himself by leading his company through the full horrors of the withdrawal, where morale is desperately low, and where looting and...

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  • Heart of Oak
    Heart of Oak (English, Paperback) MR David Cook

    It is December, 1799, and Captain of Marines Simon Gamble has been sent behind enemy lines to capture an impregnable fortress called Dominance on the Maltese island of Gozo.Gamble must lead his lightly-armed men against the prime veteran soldiers of France, in a daring and brutal fight where there can only be one winner. Success means freedom for the Gozitans from their French oppressors; failure...

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  • Tempest
    Tempest (English, Paperback) MR David Cook

    Fishguard, February, 1797: HMS Britannia anchors off the Pembrokeshire coast in the dying days of winter. Two armed companies of soldiers row ashore, led by the charismatic American, Colonel William Tate. They are met by the local Welsh Volunteer regiment who, unlike the suspicious locals, have been expecting them.But one man has been secretly shadowing a small flotilla bound for the same...

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  • Marksman
    Marksman (English, Paperback) MR David Cook

    Spain, 1810. The victorious French have overrun the country. The Spanish armies are no more, and only the guerrilleros are left to wage war against overwhelming numbers. Welshman Arthur Cadoc, stranded in the chaos of war and still wearing the green jacket of the 95th Rifles, now fights for the charismatic Spanish Colonel, Antonio Rai Herrero, who wants nothing more than to unite his countrymen...

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  • Still Waters Run Deep
    Still Waters Run Deep (English, Paperback) MR David Cook

    Rifleman Arthur Cadoc, guerrillero, rogue and hero, and now going by the moniker of El Tirador - the marksman, rides with Spanish Colonel Rai Herrero's irregulars, who have joined Wellington's allied army to fight in the Pyrenean campaign.It is the winter of 1813 and the French are being pushed back from their mountainous border defences and into southern France. The long and bitter war looks soon...

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  • Robot Building for Beginners
    Robot Building for Beginners (English, Paperback) David Cook

    "I wrote this book because I love building robots.

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  • Contemporary Muslim Apocalyptic Literature
    Contemporary Muslim Apocalyptic Literature (English, Paperback) David Cook

    Although apocalyptic visions and predictions have been part of contemporary Islam, this work covers this disparate but influential body of writing. It suggests that Islam began as an apocalyptic movement and has retained an apocalyptic and messianic tone.

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  • Luther on Leadership (English, Paperback) David Cook $22.99
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  • Luther on Leadership (English, Hardback) David Cook $43.89
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  • 'The Book of Tribulations: the Syrian Muslim Apocalyptic Tradition'
    'The Book of Tribulations: the Syrian Muslim Apocalyptic Tradition' (English, Paperback) David Cook, Nu'aym b. Hammad al-Marwazi

    The first annotated translation of the 9th-century Islamic apocalyptic work The Book of Tribulations the earliest complete Muslim apocalyptic text to survive.

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  • The Must of Love (Classic Reprint)
    The Must of Love (Classic Reprint) (Paperback) Professor David Cook

    Excerpt from The Must of Love ...

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