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David Hawkes

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  • Shakespeare and Economic Theory by David Hawkes
    Shakespeare and Economic Theory (English, Paperback) David Hawkes

    Over the last 20 years, the concept of 'economic' activity has come to seem inseparable from psychological, semiotic and ideological experiences. In fact, the notion of the 'economy' as a discrete area of life seems increasingly implausible. This returns us to the situation of Shakespeare's England, where the financial had yet to be differentiated from other forms of representation. This book...

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  • Ideology by David Hawkes
    Ideology (English, Paperback) David Hawkes

    A guide to the myriad definitions and meanings of "ideology", this title traces the history of the term and the debates which surround it, from Machiavelli to the present day; asks why ideology matters; and examines ideology within the critical frameworks of empiricism, idealism, Marxism, post-Marxism and postmodernism.

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  • Paradise Lost (Barnes & Noble Classics Series) by John Milton
    Paradise Lost (Barnes & Noble Classics Series) (English, Paperback) John Milton

    Paradise Lost is the greatest epic poem in English literature, and Milton's Satan one of its most compelling figures. The controversy has been exceeded only by its tremendous influence: countless masters of English verse have paid homage to Milton and Paradise Lost. A profound meditation on the role of man under God, Pardise Lost is essential reading.

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