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  • River Ouse Bargeman
    River Ouse Bargeman (English, Hardback) David Lewis

    A history of trade on the Ouse with access to never-before-published, first-hand accounts of a bargeman's working life.

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  • River Ouse Bargeman
    River Ouse Bargeman (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    A history of trade on the Ouse.

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  • Employment Law
    Employment Law (English, Paperback) David Lewis, Malcolm Sargeant

    Gain a thorough grounding in employment law that can be applied in practice with this definitive and easy to use guide.

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  • Bangladesh
    Bangladesh (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    The remarkable story of Bangladesh, which is becoming of increasing interest to the international community.

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  • Non-Governmental Organizations, Management and Development
    Non-Governmental Organizations, Management and Development (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    "First published 2001, second edition published 2006 as The Management of Non-governmental Development Organizations"--Title page verso.

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  • Nothing Less than Victory
    Nothing Less than Victory (English, Paperback) John David Lewis

    The goal of war is to defeat the enemy's will to fight. But how this can be accomplished is a thorny issue.Nothing Less than Victory provocatively shows that aggressive, strategic military offenses can win wars and establish lasting peace, while defensive maneuvers have often led to prolonged carnage, indecision, and stalemate. Taking an ambitious and sweeping look at six major wars, from...

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  • Reading Contemporary Picturebooks
    Reading Contemporary Picturebooks (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    This book analyses how picture books work - the role of picture books in learning to read, how children make meaning from pictures, and how teachers can make best use of picture books in the classroom.

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  • Popular Representations of Development
    Popular Representations of Development (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    Although the academic study of development is well established, as is also its policy implementation, less considered are the broader, more popular understandings of development that often shape agendas and priorities, particularly in representative democracies....

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  • Muslim Superheroes
    Muslim Superheroes (English, Paperback) A. David Lewis

    The roster of Muslim superheroes in the comic book medium has grown over the years, as has the complexity of their depictions. Muslim Superheroes tracks the initial absence, reluctant inclusion, tokenistic employment, and then nuanced scripting of Islamic protagonists in the American superhero comic book market and beyond.

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  • Philosophical Papers: Volume I
    Philosophical Papers: Volume I (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    This book consists of 15 selected papers by one of America's most important and most influential philosophers. First published from 1966 to 1980 with new postscripts added to eight of them, the papers deal with topics in ontology, the philosophical mind, and the philosophy of language. (Philosophy)

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  • Ice Bird
    Ice Bird (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    Ice Bird is one of the great true sea stories of the twentieth century. It is also a tale of human endurance, a testimony of one man's will to overcome almost anything and everything physical and psychological to stay alive.

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  • Delta
    Delta (English, Paperback) W David Lewis $50.48
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  • Mythology of the American Nations
    Mythology of the American Nations (English, Paperback) Brian Molyneaux, David Lewis Jones

    A fully illustrated A-Z reference on the legends of the American continents, with 900 entries.

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  • We, the Navigators
    We, the Navigators (English, Hardback) David Lewis

    This new edition includes a discussion of theories about traditional methods of navigation developed during recent decades, the story of the renaissance of star navigation throughout the Pacific, and material about navigation systems in Indonesia, Siberia, and the Indian Ocean.

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  • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Vol. 2
    Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Vol. 2 (English, Paperback) Hayao Miyazaki, David Lewis

    Volume 2in the manga series about the young princess Nausicaa, of the Valley of the Wind.

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  • Fat Planet
    Fat Planet (English, Paperback) David Lewis, Dr. Margaret Leitch

    Our planet is in the grip of an obesity pandemic. They use ground-breaking research to highlight the behaviour of corporations that relentlessly promote foods high in sugar, fat and salt, and show that these `junk' foods have shockingly similar neurological effects to hard drugs.

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  • The Brain Sell
    The Brain Sell (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    Neuromarketing pioneer Dr. David Lewis goes behind the scenes of the persuasion industry to reveal the powerful tools and techniques, technologies and psychologies seeking to stimulate us all to buy more often without us consciously realizing it.

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  • Impulse
    Impulse (Paperback) David Lewis

    Delving into the mysteries of the `zombie brain' that each of us possesses, he demonstrates how unconscious neurological processes underpin every aspect of our lives, from whether or not we find someone sexually attractive to how we resist (or give in to) temptation.

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  • Non-Governmental Organizations and Development
    Non-Governmental Organizations and Development (English, Paperback) David Lewis, Nazneen Kanji

    Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are high profile actors in the field of international development, as providers of services to vulnerable individuals and communities and as campaigning policy advocates. This book provides an introduction to the wide-ranging topic of NGOs and development. It highlights the importance of NGOs in development.

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