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David Lewis

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  • Employment Law by Malcolm Sargeant
    Employment Law (English, Paperback) Malcolm Sargeant, David Lewis

    Offering comprehensive coverage of all the key aspects of individual and collective employment law in a clear and accessible way, Employment Law is ideal for both LLB and HRM students. Packed with a wealth of case law and legislation, this book will enable you to fully understand the intricacies of this fast-changing subject with ease. With features such as chapter summaries and further reading...

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  • Reading Contemporary Picturebooks by David Lewis
    Reading Contemporary Picturebooks (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    This book analyses how picture books work - the role of picture books in learning to read, how children make meaning from pictures, and how teachers can make best use of picture books in the classroom.

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  • Mythology of the American Nations by Brian Molyneaux
    Mythology of the American Nations (English, Paperback) Brian Molyneaux, David Lewis Jones

    A fully illustrated A-Z reference on the legends of the American continents, with 900 entries.

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  • Interrogating Illiberal Peace in Eurasia by Catherine Owen
    Interrogating Illiberal Peace in Eurasia (English, Paperback) Catherine Owen

    Draws together analyses of new approaches to peacebuilding and conflict resolution in a politically turbulent region and offers students and researchers an in-depth and theoretically guided empirical analyses of post-Western and decolonial approaches to peacebuilding in Eurasia.

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  • Philosophical Papers: Volume I by David Lewis
    Philosophical Papers: Volume I (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    This book consists of 15 selected papers by one of America's most important and most influential philosophers. First published from 1966 to 1980 with new postscripts added to eight of them, the papers deal with topics in ontology, the philosophical mind, and the philosophy of language. (Philosophy)

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  • Employment Law by David Lewis
    Employment Law (English, Paperback) David Lewis, Malcolm Sargeant

    Gain a thorough grounding in employment law that can be applied in practice with this definitive and easy to use guide.

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  • Philosophical Papers: Volume II by David Lewis
    Philosophical Papers: Volume II (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    This second collection of essays by Lewis focuses on causation, probability, dependence and decision, and several other related topics. The thirteen papers are a major contribution to philosophy by one of the most influential and imaginative of contemporary American philosophers.

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  • On the Plurality of Worlds by David Lewis
    On the Plurality of Worlds (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    This book is a defense of modal realism; the thesis that our world is but one of a plurality of worlds, and that the individuals that inhabit our world are only a few out of all the inhabitants of all the worlds. Lewis argues that the philosophical utility of modal realism is a good reason for believing that it is true.

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  • Religion in Japanese Daily Life by David Lewis
    Religion in Japanese Daily Life (English, Hardback) David Lewis

    Are Japanese people religious ? and, if so, in what ways? David Lewis addresses this question from the perspective of ordinary Japanese people in the context of their life cycles, and explores why they engage in religious activities. He not only discusses how Japanese people engage in different religious practices as they encounter new events in their lives but also analyses the attitudes and...

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  • Convention by David Lewis
    Convention (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    Convention was immediately recognized as a major contribution to the subject and its significance has remained undiminished since its first publication in 1969.

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  • Manufacturing Demand by David Lewis
    Manufacturing Demand (English, Hardback) David Lewis

    Historically, the discipline of marketing has been heavily skewed toward a subjective art at the expense of a measurable science. But the days of hunches, intuitions, and incomplete or misleading perspectives are rapidly disappearing. Today, savvy marketers and forward-looking organizations are embracing innovative new models driven by cutting-edge technology and analytics to align sales and...

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  • Papers in Philosophical Logic: Volume 1 by David Lewis
    Papers in Philosophical Logic: Volume 1 (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    This collection of David Lewis's most recent papers is devoted to his work on philosophical logic from the last twenty-five years.

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  • The Brain Sell by David Lewis
    The Brain Sell (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    Neuromarketing pioneer Dr. David Lewis goes behind the scenes of the persuasion industry to reveal the powerful tools and techniques, technologies and psychologies seeking to stimulate us all to buy more often without us consciously realizing it.

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  • Ice Bird by David Lewis
    Ice Bird (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    Ice Bird is one of the great true sea stories of the twentieth century. It is also a tale of human endurance, a testimony of one man's will to overcome almost anything and everything physical and psychological to stay alive.

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  • Collaborative Caring by Suzanne Gordon
    Collaborative Caring (English, Hardback) Suzanne Gordon

    Taking an unusual approach to the topic of medical teamwork, this book gathers fifty engaging first-person narratives provided by people from various health care...

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  • We, the Navigators by David Lewis
    We, the Navigators (English, Hardback) David Lewis

    This new edition includes a discussion of theories about traditional methods of navigation developed during recent decades, the story of the renaissance of star navigation throughout the Pacific, and material about navigation systems in Indonesia, Siberia, and the Indian Ocean.

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  • Impulse by David Lewis
    Impulse (Paperback) David Lewis

    Delving into the mysteries of the `zombie brain' that each of us possesses, he demonstrates how unconscious neurological processes underpin every aspect of our lives, from whether or not we find someone sexually attractive to how we resist (or give in to) temptation.

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  • Seven Year Twitch by David Lewis
    Seven Year Twitch (Paperback) David Lewis $15.01
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