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David Lewis

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  • Employment Law by David Lewis
    Employment Law (English, Paperback) David Lewis, Malcolm Sargeant

    Gain a thorough grounding in employment law that can be applied in practice with this definitive and easy to use guide.

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  • Employment Law by Malcolm Sargeant
    Employment Law (English, Paperback) Malcolm Sargeant, David Lewis

    Offering comprehensive coverage of all the key aspects of individual and collective employment law in a clear and accessible way, Employment Law is ideal for both LLB and HRM students. Packed with a wealth of case law and legislation, this book will enable you to fully understand the intricacies of this fast-changing subject with ease. With features such as chapter summaries and further reading...

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  • The Illustrated History of Liverpool's Suburbs by David Lewis
    The Illustrated History of Liverpool's Suburbs (Paperback) David Lewis $17.93 $19.53
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  • Inside the Neolithic Mind by David Lewis-Williams
    Inside the Neolithic Mind (English, Paperback) David Lewis-Williams, David Pearce

    A brilliantly argued and elegantly written examination of the intricate web of belief, myth and society in the Neolithic period.

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  • Anthropology and Development by Katy Gardner
    Anthropology and Development (English, Paperback) Katy Gardner, David Lewis

    A critical look at how a non-traditional, technocratic development industry is failing the societies it professes to help

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  • Interrogating Illiberal Peace in Eurasia by Catherine Owen
    Interrogating Illiberal Peace in Eurasia (English, Paperback) Catherine Owen

    Draws together analyses of new approaches to peacebuilding and conflict resolution in a politically turbulent region and offers students and researchers an in-depth and theoretically guided empirical analyses of post-Western and decolonial approaches to peacebuilding in Eurasia.

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  • Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound by David Lewis Yewdall
    Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound (English, Paperback) David Lewis Yewdall

    Provides a comprehensive explanation of film sound, including mixing, dubbing, workflow, budgeting, and digital audio techniques. Practically grounded with real-world stories from the trenches throughout, this book provides relevant technical data, as well as an appreciation of all the processes involved in creating optimal motion picture sound.

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  • Philosophical Papers: Volume I by David Lewis
    Philosophical Papers: Volume I (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    This book consists of 15 selected papers by one of America's most important and most influential philosophers. First published from 1966 to 1980 with new postscripts added to eight of them, the papers deal with topics in ontology, the philosophical mind, and the philosophy of language. (Philosophy)

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  • Counterfactuals by David Lewis
    Counterfactuals (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    A presentation of and sustained argument for a particular view about propositions which express contrary-to-fact conditionals, including the author's infamous defense of realism about possible worlds.

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  • On the Plurality of Worlds by David Lewis
    On the Plurality of Worlds (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    This book is a defense of modal realism; the thesis that our world is but one of a plurality of worlds, and that the individuals that inhabit our world are only a few out of all the inhabitants of all the worlds.

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  • Solon the Thinker by John David Lewis
    Solon the Thinker (English, Paperback) John David Lewis

    Presents the hypothesis that Solon saw Athens as a self-governing, self-supporting system akin to the early Greek conceptions of the cosmos.

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  • Non-Governmental Organizations, Management and Development by David Lewis
    Non-Governmental Organizations, Management and Development (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    "First published 2001, second edition published 2006 as The Management of Non-governmental Development Organizations"--Title page verso.

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  • Ice Bird by David Lewis
    Ice Bird (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    Ice Bird is one of the great true sea stories of the twentieth century. It is also a tale of human endurance, a testimony of one man's will to overcome almost anything and everything physical and psychological to stay alive.

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  • Creek Indian Medicine Ways by David Lewis
    Creek Indian Medicine Ways (English, Paperback) David Lewis, Ann T. Jordan

    Offers a glimpse of a living American Indian religious tradition. This book includes descriptions of the selection and training of a medicine person, medicine plant uses, and ceremonies. Includes descriptions of the selection and training of a medicine person, medicine plant uses, and ceremonies of American Indians.

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  • We, the Navigators by David Lewis
    We, the Navigators (English, Hardback) David Lewis

    This new edition includes a discussion of theories about traditional methods of navigation developed during recent decades, the story of the renaissance of star navigation throughout the Pacific, and material about navigation systems in Indonesia, Siberia, and the Indian Ocean.

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  • Graven Images by Christine Hoff Kraemer
    Graven Images (English, Paperback) Christine Hoff Kraemer

    Addressing the fervor with which the public has come to view comics as an art form and Americans' fraught but passionate relationship with religion, this title explores the roles of religion in comic books and graphic novels.

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  • Development Brokers and Translators by David Lewis
    Development Brokers and Translators (English, Paperback) David Lewis

    The success of any international development agency depends on an understanding of the ways in which a community and individuals relate to ideas and resources. This book shows how ethnography can be an indispensable tool for understanding these complex and dynamic relationships.

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  • Seven Year Twitch by David Lewis
    Seven Year Twitch (Paperback) David Lewis $13.36
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  • Impulse by David Lewis
    Impulse (Paperback) David Lewis

    Delving into the mysteries of the `zombie brain' that each of us possesses, he demonstrates how unconscious neurological processes underpin every aspect of our lives, from whether or not we find someone sexually attractive to how we resist (or give in to) temptation.

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