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David Liss

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  • Marvel's SPIDER-MAN: Hostile Takeover by David Liss
    Marvel's SPIDER-MAN: Hostile Takeover (English, Paperback) David Liss

    The official prequel to MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN, the PS4 exclusive video game from Marvel and Insomniac Games, with a thrilling adventure that leads directly into the game narrative itself

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  • A Spectacle Of Corruption, A by David Liss
    A Spectacle Of Corruption, A (English, Paperback) David Liss

    Benjamin Weaver, the quick-witted pugilist turned private investigator, returns in David Liss's sequel to the Edgar Award?winning novel, A Conspiracy of Paper....

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  • Conspiracy Of Paper by David Liss
    Conspiracy Of Paper (English, Paperback) David Liss

    Benjamin Weaver, a Jew and an ex-boxer, is an outsider in eighteenth-century London, tracking down debtors and felons for aristocratic clients. The son of a wealthy stock trader, he lives estranged from his family--until he is asked to investigate his father's sudden death. Thus Weaver descends into the deceptive world of the English stock jobbers, gliding between coffee houses and gaming houses, drawing rooms and bordellos. The more Weaver uncovers, the darker the truth becomes, until he realizes that he is following too closely in his father's footsteps--and they just might lead him to his own grave. An enthralling historical thriller, A Conspiracy of Paper will leave readers wondering just how much has changed in the stock market in the last three hundred years. . . .

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  • The Coffee Trader by David Liss
    The Coffee Trader (English, Paperback) David Liss

    * An original financial thriller set in 17th century Amsterdam * This is a rich and satisfying second novel from the Edgar Award winner.

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  • Dark Discoveries - Issue #26 by David Liss
    Dark Discoveries - Issue #26 (English, Hardback) David Liss, Jonathan Maberry

    All new Fiction by: Gary A. Braunbeck, Hank Schwaeble, David Liss, Norman Partridge and Gemma Files. ...

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  • Sherlock Holmes: Moriarty Lives by Daniel Indro
    Sherlock Holmes: Moriarty Lives (English, Paperback) Daniel Indro, Carlos Furuzono

    His name was Professor James Moriarty, known to many as "The Napoleon of Crime" and the master of a vast association of thieves, extortionists, smugglers, fences, and ladies of questionable virtue. And, over Reichenbach Falls in 1891, he fell to his doom alongside his arch rival, the glory-seeking detective Sherlock Holmes... or did he?

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  • The Devil's Company by David Liss
    The Devil's Company (English, Paperback) David Liss

    From the acclaimed and bestselling author of The Whiskey Rebels and A Conspiracy of Paper comes a stunning new thriller set in the splendor and squalor of eighteenth-century London....

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  • The Day of Atonement by David Liss
    The Day of Atonement (English, Paperback) David Liss

    Returning to mid-18th-century Lisbon to avenge the death of his father, Sebastian Foxx, the protégé of bounty hunter Benjamin Weaver, stealthily collects funds and identifies friends and allies among Inquisition spies. By the Edgar Award-winning author of A Conspiracy of Paper. 15,000 first printing.

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  • The Ethical Assassin by David Liss
    The Ethical Assassin (English, Paperback) David Liss

    Working as a door-to-door salesman in a South Florida trailer park, teenager Lem Altick becomes an eyewitness to the murders of two of his would-be customers and is forced into an uneasy alliance with the assassin, an extremist with a dedication to animal rights. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.

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  • The Spider Volume 1: Terror of the Zombie Queen by Colton Worley
    The Spider Volume 1: Terror of the Zombie Queen (English, Paperback) Colton Worley, David Liss

    Richard Wentworth is a decorated war hero who has sacrificed everything, including the woman he loves, for duty. But the New York City Wentworth returns to is riddled with crime and corruption. With the police overwhelmed and a populace helpless, Wentworth becomes The Spider, a vigilante as ruthless and merciless as the criminals he hunts.

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  • Four Summoner's Tales by Kelley Armstrong
    Four Summoner's Tales (English, Paperback) Kelley Armstrong, David Liss

    Offers four tales dealing with the dead being summoned from their graves for a price.

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  • If You Could Read My Mind: Jason McClean by David Liss
    If You Could Read My Mind: Jason McClean (English, Paperback) David Liss

    More than many artists, Jason McLean's work is directly related to his identity, from day-to-day thoughts, habits and activities, to his travels and recent moves between cities, and to larger questions relating to health, fatherhood and his own mortality....

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  • The Spider Volume 2 by Ivan Rodriguez
    The Spider Volume 2 (English, Paperback) Ivan Rodriguez, David Liss

    The Fly, a wealthy playboy with all the resources and power of Richard Wentworth's masked alter-ego! Dedicated to criminal perfection, the Fly targets the outlaw hero and the city itself in the midst of a serial killer's rampage and corporate terrorist attacks! Will the Spider be pushed to the brink of human endurance?

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  • The Shadow Now by Tim Bradstreet
    The Shadow Now (English, Paperback) Tim Bradstreet, Colton Worley

    Having spent decades in the east to rejuvenate himself, the greatest pulp hero of them all, The Shadow, returns to New York in modern times. Lamont Cranston seeks to resume his old life, and his heroic alter-ego is ready to stand once more as an enemy to evil.

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  • The Coffee Trader by David Liss
    The Coffee Trader (English, Paperback) David Liss

    Amsterdam, 1659: On the world's first commodities exchange, fortunes are won and lost in an instant. Miguel Lienzo, a sharp-witted trader in the city's close-knit community of Portuguese Jews, knows this only too well. Once among the city's most envied merchants, Miguel has suddenly lost everything. Now, impoverished and humiliated, living in his younger brother's canal-flooded basement, Miguel...

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  • The Spider Volume 3 by Ivan Rodriguez
    The Spider Volume 3 (English, Paperback) Ivan Rodriguez, David Liss

    Richard Wentworth has been brought low, but his costumed alter-ego, The Spider, must still protect New York! As a terrible new wave of violence sweeps across the city, the Spider faces a ring of crooked cops, a deadly uptown gang, and a terrible new enemy who will stop at nothing.

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  • Renegades by David Liss
    Renegades (English, Hardback) David Liss $21.60
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  • Green Hornet: Reign of the Demon by David Liss
    Green Hornet: Reign of the Demon (English, Paperback) David Liss, Kewber Baal

    Britt Reid, the masked crimefighter known as The Green Hornet, and his inseparable ally Kato return in an all-new tale by David Liss (Black Panther, The Spider) and Kewber Baal (Kiss)! If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it could be the deadliest for Central City's staunch defenders! Green Hornet's personal vendetta against organized crime creates a void in Chicago, one filled by two...

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  • Rebels by David Liss
    Rebels (English, Hardback) David Liss

    A science fiction superfan is heading back to space on a new mission to save Earth in this hilarious follow-up to the "exhilarating" (Booklist, starred review) Randoms....

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  • The Twelfth Enchantment by David Liss
    The Twelfth Enchantment (English, Paperback) David Liss

    Lucy Derrick is a young woman of good breeding and poor finances. After the death of her beloved father, she becomes the unwanted boarder of her tyrannical uncle, fending off marriage to a local mill owner. But just as she is resigned to a life of misery, a handsome stranger?the poet and notorious rake Lord Byron?arrives at her house, stricken by what seems to be a curse, and with a cryptic...

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