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  • V For Vendetta New Edition TP
    V For Vendetta New Edition TP (English, Paperback) David Lloyd, Alan Moore

    In an alternate future in which Germany wins World War II and Britain becomes a fascist state, a vigilante named "V" tries to free England of its ideological chains.

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  • V For Vendetta Book and Mask Set
    V For Vendetta Book and Mask Set (English, Paperback) David Lloyd, Alan Moore

    A graphic novel that defined sophisticated storytelling. It includes the famed V mask in PVC with white elastic band, and is presented in a window box.

    $25.91 $29.99

    5 stars

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  • Torchwood: The Collected Radio Dramas
    Torchwood: The Collected Radio Dramas (English, CD-Audio) Joseph Lidster, James Goss

    In Golden Age by James Goss, Jack discovers that a dangerous energy field centres on an old colonial mansion: Torchwood India. With a guest cast including Freema Agyeman, Tom Price, Martin Jarvis and Rosalind Ayres, the collection includes a bonus behind-the-scenes feature, Torchwood: All Access.

    $27.41 $34.95
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  • The Long Range Desert Group 1940-1945
    The Long Range Desert Group 1940-1945 (English, Paperback) David Lloyd Owen

    This splendid record takes the reader behind enemy lines not only in North Africa but in Italy, the Aegean and the Balkans.The Author, who commanded the LRDG, paints a vivid picture of the unit's colourful characters: for example, Ralph Bagnold who put to good use the knowledge he gained from his pre-war desert travels.The LRDG was truly international with New Zealanders and Rhodesians playing key...

    $16.95 $22.95
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  • Last in the Tin Bath
    Last in the Tin Bath (Paperback) David Lloyd

    The eagerly awaited autobiography of the hugely popular commentator and cricket enthusiast David 'Bumble' Lloyd

    $13.45 $15.50
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  • Torchwood - Outbreak
    Torchwood - Outbreak (CD-Audio) Guy Adams, Emma Reeves

    A medical trial's gone terribly wrong, and one of the test subjects is loose on the streets of Cardiff. Within hours a virus is raging out of control and the bodies start piling up.

    $31.02 $42.38
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  • Radio Moments
    Radio Moments (Paperback) David Lloyd

    A lively and insightful account of 'the second great age of radio'.

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  • Not Dark Yet
    Not Dark Yet (Paperback) Mike Harfield

    Spiced with humour, the tales of epic encounters at Clifton Hampden are told alongside more modest affairs at Lords, Headingley and OldTrafford.

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  • Artist Toolbox: Color
    Artist Toolbox: Color (English, Paperback) Walter Foster Creative Team

    Artist Toolbox: Color explains how color captures mood and helps communicate meaning, as well as how to use color to create personal, expressive works of art....

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  • Beckett's Thing
    Beckett's Thing (English, Hardback) David Lloyd

    Beckett was deeply engaged with the visual arts and individual painters, including Jack B. Yeats, Bram van Velde, and Avigdor Arikha. In this monograph, David Lloyd explores what Beckett saw in their paintings.

    $99.78 $110.00
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  • Belgium in War
    Belgium in War (English, Paperback) J.H. Whitehouse

    Originally published in 1915, this book records the experiences of Liberal politician John Howard Whitehouse in Belgium during the First World War.

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  • Acrylic: Seasons
    Acrylic: Seasons (English, Paperback) David Lloyd Glover

    With comprehensive instruction and artist tips and tricks, Acrylic: Seasons is the perfect resource for beginning acrylic artists....

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  • Torchwood - 1.2. Fall to Earth
    Torchwood - 1.2. Fall to Earth (CD-Audio) James Goss, Neil Gardner

    The hit BBC series is back! Big Finish create a new series of stories featuring the characters of the internationally-successful Doctor Who spin-off! The SkyPuncher is the first private spaceflight. But Ephraim Salt's visionary project has gone horribly wrong - the ship is falling out of the sky and there seems no way to stop it.

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  • Absolute V For Vendetta HC
    Absolute V For Vendetta HC (English, Hardback) David Lloyd, Alan Moore

    "Art for 'Vincent' and additional art for 'Valerie' and 'The Vacation' by Tony Weare."

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  • Belshazzar's Feast
    Belshazzar's Feast (English, Sheet music) William Walton

    for SATB, baritone solo & orchestra A newly engraved edition of this vibrant choral work and fully compatible with the Walton Edition full score. There are minor adjustments to the piano reduction to improve playability and the text underlay is now English only, as Walton's original.

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  • Night Raven: From The Marvel UK Vaults
    Night Raven: From The Marvel UK Vaults (English, Paperback) Steve Parkhouse, Alan Moore

    Who is Night Raven? Find out in this complete collection of classic tales from the Marvel UK archives! Join the mystery masked vigilante in his pulp-era war on crime, as this lone man of justice stealthily stalks his villainous prey on the streets of New York City...and branding criminals with the mark of the deadly Night Raven! Follow this dark avenger into battle with mob bosses, murderers and...

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  • V for Vendetta
    V for Vendetta (English, Hardback) Alan Moore, David Lloyd $35.07
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  • War Stories: v.2
    War Stories: v.2 (English, Paperback) David Lloyd, Gary Erskine

    A newly re-mastered edition of the second volume of the original War Stories, written by Garth Ennis (Preacher, Crossed, The Boys) and featuring art by some of comics' all-time greats. J for Jenny: Drawn by David Lloyd (V for Vendetta). The nightly operations of an RAF Lancaster bomber are dangerous enough, but discord among the crew could mean their end. The Reivers: Drawn by Cam Kennedy (Rogue...

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  • The Sound of Thirst
    The Sound of Thirst (English, Hardback) David Lloyd Owen

    Water, water, everywhere. Or is it? This book explains the urgency of taking water and waste water seriously in an age where good management and political will are chronically scarce. It explores how the human right to water is about empowering people to make reasoned choices about their destiny.

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  • Remember Who You Are
    Remember Who You Are (English, Paperback) Dr David Lloyd

    ?Remember Who You Are? is the profound awakening of African-American intellectuals as a collective African tribe. The message centers on African-Americans taking pride in their many cultural and political achievements as arguably ?the most influential culture the world has ever seen?. The author, originally from Africa, expounds on the extraordinary culture, appropriately labeling African...

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