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  • The Survivors
    The Survivors (English, Hardback) David Long, Kerry Hyndman

    Tells the story of a sailor who survived for 133 days on a raft in the Atlantic when his ship was torpedoed, using shark's blood in place of fresh water; a teenager who fell 2 miles from an aeroplane and trekked through the Amazon jungle to safety and a woman who was trapped under freezing water for so long her heart stopped.

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  • Jet the Rescue Dog
    Jet the Rescue Dog (Hardback) David Long, Peter Bailey

    As mascots, messengers, rat-catchers and even spies, animals have long marched into war alongside servicemen and women. Dogs, horses, cats (even birds, camels and elephants) have saved thousands of lives through instinct, intelligence, courage and devotion.

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  • Animal Heroes
    Animal Heroes (English, Paperback) David Long

    The PDSA Dickin Medal (regarded as the animals' Victoria Cross) has been awarded to just 64 animals, from the Blitz to present day, for their courage in times of crisis. This title includes the true-life story of G I Joe the plucky pigeon, who rescued over 100 lives by flying twenty miles in twenty minutes to deliver a message in World War II.

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  • Bizarre London
    Bizarre London (Hardback) David Long

    A charming gift book of the strangest and most intriguing stories of London.

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  • Jet the Rescue Dog
    Jet the Rescue Dog (English, Paperback) David Long, Peter Bailey

    As mascots, messengers, rat-catchers and even spies, animals have long marched into war alongside servicemen and women. Dogs, horses, cats (even birds, camels and elephants) have saved thousands of lives through intelligence, courage and devotion. This book tells the stories of these brave, silent heroes with sensitivity and gentle humour.

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  • Clinical Engineering
    Clinical Engineering (English, Hardback) Azzam F. G. Taktak

    Intended for professionals and students in the clinical engineering field who need to successfully deploy medical technologies, this book provides a broad reference to the core elements of the subject and draws from the expertise of a range of authors selected on the basis of their experience in their field.

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  • Bizarre Scotland
    Bizarre Scotland (English, Hardback) David Long

    A new title by the author of Bizarre London, this takes a close look at eccentric, secret, unusual and plain weird aspects of Scotland and its history.

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  • A History of London in 100 Places
    A History of London in 100 Places (English, Hardback) David Long

    From Roman Londinium to the seething modern metropolis of today, journey through 2,000 years of the world's most vibrant capital.

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  • Diary of a Time Traveller
    Diary of a Time Traveller (Hardback) David Long, Nicholas Stevenson

    Meet some of the most interesting people in history in this time-travelling book that visits the Romans, Greeks, Ancient Egyptians and more than 25 other exciting times and places.

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  • English Country House Eccentrics
    English Country House Eccentrics (English, Hardback) David Long

    This is a lighthearted, witty but factual biographical account of the eccentric lifestyles of the builders and residents of one hundred of England’s best-known country houses. Extraordinary buildings require extraordinary people, and over the centuries our historic houses have produced more than their fair share of oddballs. Insulated from the outside world by vast wealth, rolling acres and the...

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  • Dinosaurs
    Dinosaurs (Paperback) David Long, Nicky O'Byrne

    It's never too early to find out about dinosaurs with this brand new green Early Reader factbook.

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  • A History of London in 50 Lives
    A History of London in 50 Lives (English, Paperback) David Long

    Meet 50 of the English capital's most eccentric, revolutionary, bloodthirsty, ingenious and generally extraordinary characters

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  • Hidden City
    Hidden City (English, Hardback) David Long

    The streetscape of London's historic square mile has been evolving for centuries, but the City's busy commercial heart still boasts an extensive network of narrow passages and alleyways, secret squares and half-hidden courtyards.

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  • Little Book of the London Underground
    Little Book of the London Underground (English, Hardback) David Long

    With 980 million passengers a year, more than 250 miles of track, literally hundreds of different stations and a history stretching back nearly 150 years, the world's oldest underground railway might seem familiar, but actually, how well do you know it? This title offers a tube-based trivia for travellers and lovers of London.

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  • London's Big Day
    London's Big Day (English, Paperback) David Long, Gavin Whitelaw

    June 2013 sees the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation, only the second time in British history a monarch has reached this remarkable milestone. ...

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  • War School for Dogs
    War School for Dogs (Paperback) David Long

    During the First World War, the British War Dog School was set up. Find out how it trained dogs to carry messages along the trenches, helping the war effort and saving lives.

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  • Prayer Request Journal
    Prayer Request Journal (English, Paperback) Professor David Long

    This pray journal is an accessible and insightful way to deepen our connection to GodÂ’s loving presence and fill each day with grace.This prayer journal is laid out in an easy to use daily format to jot down what and who the prayer was for. Along with places for note. God wants to hear from us, and he wants our hearts to listen back. Keeping a prayer journal can help you to reflect upon your...

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  • The Battle of Passchendaele
    The Battle of Passchendaele (Paperback) David Long

    In 1917, during World War I, the battle of Passchendaele was fought on the Western Front in Belgium. Find out why the battle was important and what life was like for the soldiers who fought and died there.

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  • Visions of the Heart
    Visions of the Heart (English, Paperback) David Long, Olive Patricia Dickason

    A contributed text suitable for use in first-, second-, and third-year introduction to Aboriginal studies and Aboriginal history courses offered out of Aboriginal studies and history departments nation-wide.

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