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Dean Haspiel

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  • Garbage Pail Kids by Hilary Barta
    Garbage Pail Kids (English, Paperback) Hilary Barta, Dean Haspiel

    Remember mullets and teased bangs? Stonewashed denim jackets and jeans? Well, not everything about the '80s was lame, this volume focuses on this era that featured irreverent, satirical stickers quickly became a pop-culture phenomenon.

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  • The Alcoholic (10th Anniversary Expanded Edition) by Jonathan Ames
    The Alcoholic (10th Anniversary Expanded Edition) (English, Hardback) Jonathan Ames, Dean Haspiel

    Coming off a doomed romance, a failing writer searches for hope in the bottom of a bottle as he careens from one off-kilter encounter to another in search of himself.

    $17.30 $19.99
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  • The MLJ Companion by Rik Offenberger
    The MLJ Companion (English, Paperback) Rik Offenberger, Paul Castiglia

    Documents the history of Archie Comics' super-hero characters known as the "Mighty Crusaders" - The Shield, Black Hood, Steel Sterling, Hangman, Mr Justice, The Fly, and many others. This title features in-depth examinations of each era of the characters' extensive history: The Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Bronze Age, up to the Modern Age.

    $29.45 $34.95
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  • Popgun Volume 3 by James Kochalka
    Popgun Volume 3 (English, Paperback) James Kochalka, Ryan Ottley

    Features stories covering many genres and styles.

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  • Fox, The: Freak Magnet by Mark Waid
    Fox, The: Freak Magnet (English, Paperback) Mark Waid, Dean Haspiel

    When photojournalist Paul Patton, Jr. donned a superhero costume, he thought it would be a quick way to make some news, but now the strange and unusual just can't help but be drawn to the freak-magnetism of the fabulous fighting Fox! Acclaimed writer J.M. DeMatteis (Abadazad, Justice League 3000) and Eisner Award-nominated artist Mike Cavallaro (Parade, Savior 66) take readers back in time for an...

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  • The Red Hook Volume 1: New Brooklyn by Dean Haspiel
    The Red Hook Volume 1: New Brooklyn (English, Paperback) Dean Haspiel

    Winner of the Ringo Award for Best Webcomic 2017, this book collects the first volume of The Red Hook, the tale of a super-thief who is bequeathed the Omni-fist of Altruism and transformed into a hero against his will a year after a sentient Brooklyn's heart is broken and physically secedes from America.

    $15.93 $17.99
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  • 9-11: Emergency Relief by Harvey Pekar
    9-11: Emergency Relief (English, Paperback) Harvey Pekar, James Kochalka

    The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks touched people worldwide, over 80 cartoonists used art to express their grief and support.

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  • Mo And Jo by Dean Haspiel
    Mo And Jo (English, Hardback) Dean Haspiel, Jay Lynch

    When the Mighty Mojo gives his powerful costume to Mo and Jo, these argumentative twins fight so much they rip it in half. Can they find a way to combine their powers, fight the evil Saw-Jaw and save their town?

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  • The Fox: Fox Hunt by Mark Waid
    The Fox: Fox Hunt (English, Paperback) Mark Waid, Dean Haspiel

    THE FOX: FOX HUNT is the clever, darkly humorous story of The Fox, a father and vigilante hero trying to keep his family alive and together. Plotted and illustrated by acclaimed, Emmy-winning artist Dean Haspiel, and scripted by Eisner Award-winning comics legend Mark Waid, The Fox is similar in tone to Waid's DAREDEVIL....

    $11.93 $14.99
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  • Cartoon Network All-Star Omnibus by Sholly Fisch
    Cartoon Network All-Star Omnibus (English, Paperback) Sholly Fisch, Dean Haspiel

    A collection of short comics featuring characters from various Cartoon Network shows, including Johnny Bravo, The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy, Codename: kids next door, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and Cow and Chicken.

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  • The Red Hook Volume 2: War Cry by Dean Haspiel
    The Red Hook Volume 2: War Cry (English, Paperback) Dean Haspiel

    The Red Hook's dead girlfriend is resurrected into WARCRY, a human of mass destruction hosted by a teenage boy named Rajak Allah. Whena demigod from their past comes to haunt them to death they must resolve theirlost love. This Ringo nominated comic continues the New Brooklynsaga.

    $17.09 $17.99
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  • Avenging Spider-man: Threats & Menaces by Marvel Comics
    Avenging Spider-man: Threats & Menaces (English, Paperback) Marvel Comics, Rob Williams

    One collection full of all-new action-packed Spidey tales! See Spider-Man journey to the Savage Land where he teams up with Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy to battle a horde of super-powered lizards! Then, Peter Parker gets the shock of a time when he finds himself stuck in a world where Spider-Man never existed! Plus, Spidey goes toe-to-toe with the Thing! Collecting: Avenging Spider-Man 14-15,...

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