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Deborah Blake

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  • Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake
    Everyday Witch Tarot (English, Cards) Deborah Blake, Elisabeth Alba

    A fun, practical, easy-to-use tarot kit for every witch.

    $21.20 $29.99

    5 stars

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  • Everyday Witchcraft by Deborah Blake
    Everyday Witchcraft (English, Paperback) Deborah Blake

    New book with a great hook by a bestselling author

    $13.30 $16.99

    5 stars

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  • Midsummer by Deborah Blake
    Midsummer (English, Paperback) Deborah Blake

    The latest in Llewellyn's ongoing series of good value titles that will help us celebrate or otherwise mark the pagan wheel of the year

    $9.86 $12.99

    4 stars

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  • The Little Book of Cat Magic by Deborah Blake
    The Little Book of Cat Magic (English, Paperback) Deborah Blake

    Deepen the bond between you and your cat as you weave magic together. This wonderful and witchy book is filled with a wide variety of spells, charms, and recipes that you can use to improve the lives of both you and your feline friends

    $14.14 $15.99
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  • The Witch's Broom by Deborah Blake
    The Witch's Broom (English, Paperback) Deborah Blake

    Everything a witch, Wiccan or pagan needs to know about brooms, from the basics to specialty and special occasion brooms

    $13.47 $15.99
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  • A Year and a Day of Everyday Witchcraft by Deborah Blake
    A Year and a Day of Everyday Witchcraft (English, Paperback) Deborah Blake

    Provides 366 days of recipes, spells, meditations, lore, and more to help readers deepen their witchcraft

    $16.14 $17.99
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  • Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook by Deborah Blake
    Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook (English, Paperback) Deborah Blake

    Deals with the things ranging from family drama to weight loss to fertility - well beyond love and protection concerns. This book helps you manifest your exact intention, whether it's blessing your pet or ageing gracefully. It is suitable for the modern Witches.

    $14.23 $19.99

    5 stars

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  • The Goddess is in the Details by Deborah Blake
    The Goddess is in the Details (English, Paperback) Deborah Blake

    Takes you into the heart of what it means to be a Witch all day, every day. This book covers various aspects of the modern Witch's life: the seven core beliefs of Witches, mindful eating and health, creating sacred space at home, relationships with non-Pagans, sex and the single Witch, raising Pagan children, solitary and coven practice.

    $15.75 $17.99
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  • Everyday Witch A to Z by Deborah Blake
    Everyday Witch A to Z (English, Paperback) Deborah Blake

    From altars to the zodiac, this book features things that are witchy. It covers witchcraft-herbs, gems and stones, deities, gods and goddesses, magical tools, and correspondences. It offers tips and tricks for crafting quick and effective spells, along with helpful hints for incorporating witchcraft into your daily life.

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  • Dangerously Driven by Deborah Blake
    Dangerously Driven (English, Paperback) Deborah Blake $9.40
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  • Wickedly Dangerous by Deborah Blake
    Wickedly Dangerous (English, Paperback) Deborah Blake

    Older than she looks and powerful beyond measure, Barbara Yager no longer has much in common with the mortal life she left behind long ago. Posing as an herbalist and researcher, she travels the country with her faithful (mostly) dragon-turned-dog in an enchanted Airstream, fulfilling her duties as a Baba Yaga and avoiding any possibility of human attachment. But when she is summoned by a woman...

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  • Wickedly Powerful by Deborah Blake
    Wickedly Powerful (English, Paperback) Deborah Blake

    When fiery tempered Baba Yaga Bella Young is called to discover to discover who's setting magical fires throughout Wyoming's Black Hills, she puts aside her loner ways and begins working closely with former Hotshots firefighter Sam Corbett-and falling hard for his quiet strength and charm. Sam may bear the scars of his past, but Bella can see beyond them and would do anything to help him heal....

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  • Witchcraft on A Shoestring by Deborah Blake
    Witchcraft on A Shoestring (English, Paperback) Deborah Blake

    Practising Witchcraft doesn't have to cost an arm, a leg, and a broomstick! From homemade tools to frugal feasts to thrifty home decoration, the author offers economical tips and suggestions for stretching your pound. She shows you how to make your own magickal oils, runes, tarot cards, candles, jewellery, and wands.

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  • Everyday Witch Book of Rituals by Deborah Blake
    Everyday Witch Book of Rituals (English, Paperback) Deborah Blake

    Explains basic ritual elements, timing for success, and the importance of each ritual step. This title helps you learn how to customize rituals, adapt them for solitary or group work, and work with a familiar. It also helps you find love, build courage, boost creativity, achieve balance, and deepen your faith.

    $16.23 $19.99
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  • Dangerously Charming by Deborah Blake
    Dangerously Charming (English, Paperback) Deborah Blake

    In self-imposed exile after a near-fatal mistake stripped him of his calling to be a Rider, Mikhail Day comes out of hiding to help a desperate woman break a generations-old curse on her family, an endeavor that takes them deep into the Otherworld where they must solve an ancient puzzle. By the author of Wickedly Powerful. Original.

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  • Dangerously Divine by Deborah Blake
    Dangerously Divine (English, Paperback) Deborah Blake

    Searching for his mother, the one person able to heal his soul and save his life, Gregori Sun, the eldest of the Riders, encounters an intriguing librarian who just might be the key to his salvation as they work together to overcome their pasts and the dangerous enemies who try to derail their plans?and their love. By the author of Dangerously Charming. Original.

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  • Circle, Coven & Grove by Deborah Blake
    Circle, Coven & Grove (English, Paperback) Deborah Blake

    Green, Celtic, Alexandrian, Eclectic?every circle, coven, and grove of Witches is as unique as the magick they practice. No matter what kind of Witch you are, High Priestess Deborah Blake's guide to ritual has something for you....

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  • Everyday Witch Oracle by Deborah Blake
    Everyday Witch Oracle (English, Cards) Deborah Blake, Elisabeth Alba

    Improve your Craft and find the answers you seek with this easy-to-use oracle full of black cats, pointed hats, and spellwork galore. Everyday Witch Oracle pairs charming images with brilliant wisdom, a combination that will boost your divination and add positive vibes to your life. Full of whimsy but serious enough to help you through the toughest times, this deck?and its full-color companion...

    $22.79 $23.99
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  • Sabiduria de Bruja. Tarot by Deborah Blake
    Sabiduria de Bruja. Tarot (Spanish, Paperback) Deborah Blake

    Charming images pair with simple explanations to make this the go-to deck for anyone seeking to learn or practice the tarot. Author Deborah Blake brings her friendly, approachable style to a tarot experience that's focused on the positive. Includes a deck with brilliant art and a full-color guidebook.

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