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  • Tricia Guild Paint Box
    Tricia Guild Paint Box (Hardback) Tricia Guild

    A superb selection of 45 unique colour palettes to create successful interiors

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  • Stencil 201
    Stencil 201 (English, Paperback) Ed Roth

    Presents twenty-five stencil designs from retro-cool typewriters, phonographs, and roller skates to elegant leaves, birds, and abstract shapes.

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  • Furniture Makeovers
    Furniture Makeovers (English, Hardback) Barb Blair, Aaron Greene

    This is a gorgeous DIY decor book with a contemporary aesthetic that simplifies furniture refinishing.

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  • Stencil 101
    Stencil 101 (English, Hardback) Ed Roth

    Includes 25 removable, reusable stencils featuring designs ranging from urban-cool boom boxes, power lines and turntables, to naturally fanciful sparrows, branches and deer.

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  • Enamelling on Copper
    Enamelling on Copper (English, Hardback) Pat Johnson

    Copper enamelling - essentially, the melting of glass enamel grains onto a copper surface - is an exciting and fascinating technique. This book highlights the unique interactions between copper and enamels, and gives a detailed account of working with this wonderful combination.

    $32.45 $46.95
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  • Coastal Crafts
    Coastal Crafts (English, Paperback) Cynthia Shaffer

    Coastal Crafts carries you straight to the shore, with projects that incorporate seashells, ropes, sea glass and a range of nautical materials and motifs. Learn how to weather surfaces, make driftwood and cast sand. With everything from wood frames and hanging jars to decorative sailing boats and a knotted necklace with shells and pearls.

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  • Coffee Art
    Coffee Art (English, Hardback) Dhan Tamang

    Learn how to make incredible coffee-top designs from one of the world's leading latte artists.

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  • The Art of Enameling
    The Art of Enameling (English, Paperback) Linda Darty

    An introduction to the centuries-old art of enameling. It covers all the popular techniques and 14 fabulous projects. It presents styles that range from traditional cloisonne to experimental techniques such as firing enamel onto mesh forms.


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  • Beginner's Guide to Mod Podge
    Beginner's Guide to Mod Podge (English, Paperback) Plaid Enterprises Inc

    Crafting with Mod Podge products is the modern approach to decoupage, making it fast and easy to add personality to home decor, upcycling, kids' crafts, and gifts. Beginner's Guide to Mod Podge explains how to create unique home accessories and crafts.

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  • The Big Book of Mod Podge
    The Big Book of Mod Podge (English, Paperback) Plaid

    Everyone loves Mod Podge! It's one of the most popular craft materials on the market. This big book follows the bestselling Mod Podge Rocks! and it features 90+ fun decoupage projects, big and small. From trendy bracelets to picture frames to a collage-chic headboard and a refurbished dresser, every treasure here is made new again with Mod Podge.

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  • Making an Impression
    Making an Impression (English, Paperback) Geninne Zlatkis

    Popular illustrator and stamper Geninne Zlatkis has a passion for nature and color that distinguishes her work. These 20 beautiful projects--including cards, an embellished journal and tote, and decorative wall pieces--provide the keys to Geninne's creative process and image-making process. In addition to technique-specific primers with step-by-step photos of the essentials, Making an Impression includes 50 motifs showcasing Geninne's signature designs that crafters can copy and use for image transfers, stamp designs, and collages.

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  • Yellow Owl Workshop's Make It Yours
    Yellow Owl Workshop's Make It Yours (English, Paperback) Christine Schmidt

    Yellow Owl's Make It Yours is loaded with ideas for ways to use the book's cool, modern motif collections (geometries, florals, animals, travel, and seasonal) even beyond the nearly 40 step-by-step projects it shares.

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  • Dragons, Crystals & Chainmaille
    Dragons, Crystals & Chainmaille (English, Paperback) Jane Danley Cruz

    This book celebrates the fascination with jewelry centered on, Medieval, Renaissance and other worldly elements. The influence of the popular Games of Thrones and Harry Potter series of books and shows has fueled this growing interest. Twenty Five projects using popular icons and materials such as leather, crystal and chainmaile complete the collection. All projects incorporate easy to find...

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  • Tiny Boxes
    Tiny Boxes (English, Paperback) Doug Stowe

    Making wooden boxes is one of the best ways to develop overall proficiency in woodworking. In this all-new collection, discover how to design and build ten tiny boxes, including an inlaid sawn box, a box made with hand tools and a finger jointed box with dovetails.

    $22.93 $24.95
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  • Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture and More
    Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture and More (English, Paperback) Annie Sloan

    With this book in one hand and a brush in the other, you can learn how to transform everyday furniture into something special, all for the price of a pot of paint.

    $20.25 $23.70

    5 stars

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  • Printed Pattern
    Printed Pattern (English, Paperback) Rebecca Drury, Yvonne Drury

    This is a beautiful and practical handbook on how to develop and use patterns on a wide range of domestic items, including 15-20 inspirational and adaptable projects. All in all, this is an excellent introduction to designing your own patterns and motifs.

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  • The Big Awesome Book of Hand & Chalk Lettering
    The Big Awesome Book of Hand & Chalk Lettering (English, Paperback) Dina Rodriguez

    Get creative, express yourself, and add that personal touch with hand lettering! With illustrated step-by-step instructions, The Big Awesome Book of Hand & Chalk Lettering shows the complete beginner how to master the art of hand lettering, the composition/design of phrases on the page, and flourishes to embellish the design. It also includes chalk lettering, fun prompts for writing, and 15...

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  • Spoonflower: DIY Fabric, Wallpaper, and Wrapping Paper for a DIY
    Spoonflower: DIY Fabric, Wallpaper, and Wrapping Paper for a DIY (English, Hardback) Stephen Fraser

    With step-by-step tutorials and projects that span a wide spectrum of skills, The Spoonflower Handbook is written for new and experienced users of this print-on-demand technology. Covering everything from equipment to software to working with photos, scans, repeats, vector files and more, it is an essential guide to a booming new creative outlet.

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  • Image Transfer Workshop
    Image Transfer Workshop (English, Paperback) Darlene Olivia McElroy, Sandra Duran Wilson

    35 transfer techniques (complete with finished art examples) that cover basic tape and gel medium transfers and go well beyond.

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  • Silhouettes
    Silhouettes (English, Paperback) Sharyn Sowell

    Silhouettes are wildly popular and these stunning projects transform the nostalgic classic into something elegantly modern. This title helps crafters learn four beautiful ways to make their own silhouettes. It features 22 decorative items that showcase the style's diversity and charm and add bold touches, like colour.

    $11.65 $19.95
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