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Dede Wilson

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  • Christmas Cooking For Dummies by Dede Wilson
    Christmas Cooking For Dummies (English, Paperback) Dede Wilson

    Look no further for tips and recipes for whipping up a dazzling array of delicious holiday meals - without stress! Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year -- and Americans traditionally love to celebrate the season with food, food, and more food.

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  • Cooking Around the World All-in-One For Dummies by Mary Sue Milliken
    Cooking Around the World All-in-One For Dummies (English, Paperback) Mary Sue Milliken, Susan Feniger

    Ever have food fantasies in a truly international vein-an appetizer of feta cheese and roasted pepper spread, an entree of spinach ravioli and steaming coq au vin, with a side of bulghur wheat and parsley salad, topped, finally, with a dish of cool gelato di crema (vanilla ice cream) and chocolate souffle for dessert.

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  • The Birthday Cake Book by Dede Wilson
    The Birthday Cake Book (English, Paperback) Dede Wilson

    Contains 75 recipes for special cakes. This book begins with a set of master batter and frosting recipes that can be mixed and matched and used as the basis for cakes like Confetti 'n' Sprinkles Cake, Teeny-Tiny Chocolate-Orange Birthday Cake, Grand Golden 50th Birthday Cake, and the Banana Split Cake.

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  • Cake Balls by Dede Wilson
    Cake Balls (English, Paperback) Dede Wilson

    Begins with nine basic cake recipes and ten basic frostings, ganaches, and glazes. This book include kid-friendly ideas, such as Jam-Filled Cake Balls, S'mores, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake Balls; sophisticated treats like Cocoa-Dusted Truffle Cake Balls and Cranberry-Toffee-Walnut Cake Balls; and whimsical creations like Teddy Bears.

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  • Truffles by Dede Wilson
    Truffles (English, Hardback) Dede Wilson

    The gourmet chocolate market is growing like gangbusters. This title offers 50 recipes for indulgent chocolate truffles using chocolate infused with a range of fabulous flavorings.

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  • The Wedding Cake Book by Dede Wilson
    The Wedding Cake Book (English, Hardback) Dede Wilson

    'The Wedding Cake Book' is a gorgeous idea book that really shows readers how to bake a beautiful wedding cake.

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  • Wedding Cakes You Can Make by Dede Wilson
    Wedding Cakes You Can Make (English, Hardback) Dede Wilson

    If you love to bake and are willing to plan ahead, you can make a spectacular wedding cake. This work guides you through the process - from choosing among flavors and styles to baking, assembling, and decorating your way to a beautiful and delicious cake.

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  • A Baker's Field Guide to Doughnuts by Dede Wilson
    A Baker's Field Guide to Doughnuts (English, Paperback) Dede Wilson

    Latest addition to the popular Baker's Field Guide series on a popular and trendy topic

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