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  • A Tale of Trees
    A Tale of Trees (Hardback) Derek Niemann

    The extraordinary untold story of what happened to Britain's ancient woodland.

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  • Finding Eden
    Finding Eden (English, Hardback) Robin Hanbury-Tenison

    The story of the expedition that launched the global rainforest movement

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  • The Emerald Planet
    The Emerald Planet (English, Paperback) David Beerling

    The Emerald Planet is the tale of our world's past - and future - as revealed by plants. Over the immensity of geological time, plants have been powerful agents of change, shaping the climate, the planet, and affecting the evolutionary path of all life. Here, David Beerling tells how.

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  • Things Fall Apart?
    Things Fall Apart? (English, Hardback) Pauline von Hellermann

    Governance failure and corruption are increasingly identified as key causes of tropical deforestation. In Nigeria's Edo State, once the showcase of scientific forestry in West Africa, large-scale forest conversion and the virtual depletion of timber stocks are invariably attributed to recent failures in forest management...

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  • Global Deforestation
    Global Deforestation (English, Hardback) Christiane Runyan, Paolo D'Odorico

    A concise but comprehensive interdisciplinary examination of global deforestation for a broad audience of scientists and policymakers.

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  • Shabono
    Shabono (English, Paperback) Florinda Donner

    Follows the adventures of anthropologist Florinda Donner as she experiences, firsthand, the wild mystery and slow destruction of an indigenous tribe in the endangered rainforest. Her images of daily life with the Yanomama helps to show a civilization threatened by extinction.

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  • National Forest Inventories
    National Forest Inventories (English, Hardback) Claude Vidal

    The book presents the current state and good practices of national forest inventories in monitoring wood resources and demonstrates pathways for harmonisation and improved common reporting. Beyond a general overview over availability and use of wood resources in different countries, it provides a unique collection of original contributions from national forest inventory experts with in-depth...

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  • Green Mansions
    Green Mansions (English, Paperback) W. H. Hudson

    The compelling tale of Rima, a strange, birdlike girl of the jungle, and Abel, the European explorer who falls in love with her. Richly colored narrative, steeped in mystery and romance.

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  • Tropical Forests
    Tropical Forests (English, Paperback) Thomas K. Rudel

    In Tropical Forests, Rudel analyzes hundreds of local studies from the past twenty years to develop a much-needed, global perspective on deforestation. With separate chapters on individual regions, including South and Central America, the Caribbean, and Africa, Rudel's work offers an up-to-date assessment of the world's tropical forests. In the concluding chapter, Rudel considers the implications of these trends and describes policy directions for conserving biodiversity and promoting sustainable development in each region.

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  • Sacrificing The Forest
    Sacrificing The Forest (English, Paperback) Karen L. O'Brien

    "The Selva Lacandona of Chiapas, Mexico, has received a tremendous amount of attention since the Zapatista uprising began in 1994. Concerns have focused on both the rapid rate of deforestation in Mexic"

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  • The Unquiet Woods
    The Unquiet Woods (English, Paperback) Ramachandra Guha

    This study of peasant movements against commercial forestry, includes an epilogue which brings the story of Himalayan social protest up-to-date in 2000. The bibliography and index have been revised and expanded for this edition.

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  • A Matter of Mutual Survival
    A Matter of Mutual Survival (English, Paperback) Gunter Burkard

    This volume contains a collection of articles based on empirical social science research in forest margin communities around the Lore Lindu National Park in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. It refers to a worldwide and particularly topical issue, regarding the declining forest resources and man's role in the observed processes of nature degradation.

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  • Quality and Legitimacy of Global Governance
    Quality and Legitimacy of Global Governance (English, Hardback) Timothy Cadman

    As the international community struggles with major issues such as deforestation, it is increasingly turning to sustainable development and market-based mechanisms to tackle environmental problems. Focusing on forestry, this book investigates the legitimacy of global forums and evaluates the quality of global governance in the current era.

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  • High-Latitude Rainforests and Associated Ecosystems of the West Coast of the Americas
    High-Latitude Rainforests and Associated Ecosystems of the West Coast of the Americas (English, Hardback) R.G. Lawford

    Regional intercomparisons between ecosystems on different continents can be a powerful tool to better understand the ways in which ecosystems respond to global change.

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  • Overexploitation or Sustainable Management? Action Patterns of the Tropical Timber Industry
    Overexploitation or Sustainable Management? Action Patterns of the Tropical Timber Industry (English, Hardback) Imme Scholz

    This book describes the expansion of the timber industry in the Brazilian federal state of Para since the 1960s, when Amazon development became an important item on the government's agenda.

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  • Economics of Deforestation
    Economics of Deforestation (English, Hardback) Sven Wunder

    Tropical forests are disappearing at an unaltered pace, giving way to alternative land uses. Following a survey of different deforestation definitions, theories and empirical evidence, a case-study of Ecuador provides a versatile historical picture of factors affecting forest loss throughout different periods, regions and ecosystems.

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  • The Tropical Timber Trade Regime
    The Tropical Timber Trade Regime (English, Hardback) F. Gale

    Gale explains why international negotiations have not produced a sustainable solution to tropical rainforest degradation. Using an innovative, critical approach to international regimes, the author analyzes the structure and operation of the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO).

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  • Deforestation, Environment, and Sustainable Development
    Deforestation, Environment, and Sustainable Development (English, Hardback) Dhirendra K. Vajpeyi

    The accelerated destruction of forests poses a serious threat to the environmental and economic well being of the earth. This collection of essays analyzes the forces responsible for deforestation, the governmental policies thay effect this destruction and the role that aid agencies play.

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  • Managing a Global Resource
    Managing a Global Resource (English, Paperback) Uma J. Lele

    The rapid loss of tropical forests has been a global concern since the 1980s and has prompted a variety of international initiatives. This work offers insights into the global/national interactions relating to forest conservation and development, along with lessons for future strategies.

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  • Bad Harvest
    Bad Harvest (English, Paperback) Nigel Dudley, Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud

    The world's forests are disappearing at an alarming rate, and with disastrous consequences.This book presents an incisive account of the role that the timber trade has played in the loss and degradation of forests around the world. It examines the environmental consequences of the trade on boreal, temporal and tropical regions.

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