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Deforestation books

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  • The Emerald Planet by David Beerling
    The Emerald Planet (English, Paperback) David Beerling

    The Emerald Planet is the tale of our world's past - and future - as revealed by plants. Over the immensity of geological time, plants have been powerful agents of change, shaping the climate, the planet, and affecting the evolutionary path of all life. Here, David Beerling tells how.

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  • Finding Eden by Robin Hanbury-Tenison
    Finding Eden (English, Hardback) Robin Hanbury-Tenison

    The story of the expedition that launched the global rainforest movement

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  • A Tale of Trees by Derek Niemann
    A Tale of Trees (Hardback) Derek Niemann

    The extraordinary untold story of what happened to Britain's ancient woodland.

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  • Things Fall Apart? by Pauline von Hellermann
    Things Fall Apart? (English, Hardback) Pauline von Hellermann

    Governance failure and corruption are increasingly identified as key causes of tropical deforestation. In Nigeria's Edo State, once the showcase of scientific forestry in West Africa, large-scale forest conversion and the virtual depletion of timber stocks are invariably attributed to recent failures in forest management...

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  • Deforesting the Earth by Michael Williams
    Deforesting the Earth (English, Paperback) Michael Williams

    Deforestation - the thinning and clearing of forests for fuel, shelter, and agriculture - is among the important ways humans have transformed the environment. This book presents the history of this process and its consequences. It traces the impact of human activities from the Paleolithic age through the classical world and the medieval period.

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  • Law, Tropical Forests and Carbon by Rosemary Lyster
    Law, Tropical Forests and Carbon (English, Hardback) Rosemary Lyster

    This interdisciplinary and in-depth critical analysis of REDD+ offers perspectives on its enforcement under international law.

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  • Shabono by Florinda Donner
    Shabono (English, Paperback) Florinda Donner

    Follows the adventures of anthropologist Florinda Donner as she experiences, firsthand, the wild mystery and slow destruction of an indigenous tribe in the endangered rainforest. Her images of daily life with the Yanomama helps to show a civilization threatened by extinction.

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  • The Unquiet Woods by Ramachandra Guha
    The Unquiet Woods (English, Paperback) Ramachandra Guha

    This study of peasant movements against commercial forestry, includes an epilogue which brings the story of Himalayan social protest up-to-date in 2000. The bibliography and index have been revised and expanded for this edition.

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  • The Survival of Easter Island by Jan J. Boersema
    The Survival of Easter Island (English, Hardback) Jan J. Boersema

    Jan J. Boersema reconstructs the ecological and cultural history of Easter Island and critiques the hitherto accepted theory of its collapse.

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  • Global Deforestation by Christiane Runyan
    Global Deforestation (English, Hardback) Christiane Runyan, Paolo D'Odorico

    A concise but comprehensive interdisciplinary examination of global deforestation for a broad audience of scientists and policymakers.

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  • Great Bear Rainforest by Ian McAllister
    Great Bear Rainforest (English, Hardback) Ian McAllister, Karen Mcallister

    Winner of the 1998 Bill Duthie Booksellers' Choice Award for BC Book of the Year

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  • Trees, Forested Landscapes and Grazing Animals by Ian D. Rotherham
    Trees, Forested Landscapes and Grazing Animals (English, Hardback) Ian D. Rotherham

    In this comprehensive book, the critical components of the European landscape ? forest, parkland, and other grazed landscapes with trees are addressed. The book considers the history of grazed treed landscapes, of large grazing herbivores in Europe, and the implications of the past in shaping our environment today and in the future. Debates on the types of anciently grazed landscapes in Europe,...

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  • Forest Governance and Management Across Time by Erland Marald
    Forest Governance and Management Across Time (English, Hardback) Erland Marald

    The influence of the past, and of the future on current-time tradeoffs in the forest arena are particularly relevant given the long-term successions in forest landscapes and the hundred years' rotations in forestry. Historically established path dependencies and conflicts determine our present situation and delimit what is possible to achieve. Similarly, future trends and desires have a large...

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  • With Broadax and Firebrand by Warren Dean
    With Broadax and Firebrand (English, Paperback) Warren Dean

    This text chronicles the chaotic path to what could be one of the greatest natural disasters of modern times: the disappearance of the Atlantic Forest. Based on documentary and scientific resources, the book is a history of Brazil told from an environmental perspective.

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  • Tropical Deforestation by Sharon L. Spray
    Tropical Deforestation (English, Hardback) Sharon L. Spray

    Introduces readers to the important concepts for understanding the environmental challenges and consequences of deforestation. Contributions from scientists and academics in the social sciences and humanities provide readers with an initial tool kit for understanding the concepts central to their disciplinary perspective.

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  • On the Edge by Claude Martin
    On the Edge (English, Hardback) Claude Martin

    "[The author] brings together information from remote imaging, ecology, and economics to explain deforestation and forest health through the world"--Front jacket flap.

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  • Economics of Forest Resources by Gregory S. Amacher
    Economics of Forest Resources (English, Hardback) Gregory S. Amacher, Markku Ollikainen

    A comprehensive and technical survey of forest resource economics, concentrating on developments in the last twenty years regarding policy instrument choice and uncertainty.

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  • The Fate of the Forest by Susanna Hecht
    The Fate of the Forest (English, Paperback) Susanna Hecht, Alexander Cockburn

    The Amazon rain forest covers more than five million square kilometers, amid the territories of nine different nations. Exploring the role of human hands in destroying - and saving - this vast, forested region, this title deals with the murder of Chico Mendes.

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  • Neotropical Rain Forest Mammals by Louise H. Emmons
    Neotropical Rain Forest Mammals (English, Paperback) Louise H. Emmons, Francois Feer

    A field guide to the marvellously diverse creatures of the rainforest, this book includes information on 226 species. It identifies characteristics, similar species, vocalization, behaviour and natural history, geographic range, conservation status, local names and literature references.

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  • The Food Web of a Tropical Rain Forest by Douglas P. Reagan
    The Food Web of a Tropical Rain Forest (English, Paperback) Douglas P. Reagan, Robert B. Waide

    This volume presents a comprehensive description and analysis of the animal community of the tropical rain forest at El Verde, Puerto Rico. The contributors weave the strands of information about the energy flow within the forest into a tool for understanding community dynamics known as a food web.

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