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Dervla Murphy

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  • Full Tilt by Dervla Murphy
    Full Tilt (English, Paperback) Dervla Murphy

    Shortly after her tenth birthday, inspired by an atlas she was given, Dervla Murphy decided that she would one day cycle to India. Almost twenty years later she set out to achieve her ambition on her bicycle, Roz. Here she describes her journey and experiences.

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  • Beastly Journeys by Jonathan Scott
    Beastly Journeys (English, Paperback) Jonathan Scott, David Attenborough

    Beastly Journeys: Unusual Tales of Travel with Animals - Travel literature collection of tales of travelling with animals, both intentional and accidental. Includes stories from a mix of previously unpublished writers and old and modern favourites, from David Attenborough to Dion Leonard, Gerald Durrell, Isabella Bird and Robert Louis Stevenson.

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  • A Place Apart by Dervla Murphy
    A Place Apart (English, Paperback) Dervla Murphy

    A Place Apart is a remarkable geographical and psychological travelogue that rises above history, politics, theology and economics.

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  • Wheels within Wheels by Dervla Murphy
    Wheels within Wheels (English, Paperback) Dervla Murphy

    Dervla Murphy begins her autobiography in Lismore, Co Waterford. Her father was the county librarian and her mother a chronic invalid. She portrays the strain that her mother's increasing illness had on the family.

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  • The Waiting Land by Dervla Murphy
    The Waiting Land (English, Paperback) Dervla Murphy

    Describes the author's various journeys by air, by bicycle and on foot into the remote and mountainous Lantang region on the border of Tibet.

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  • Tibetan Foothold by Dervla Murphy
    Tibetan Foothold (English, Paperback) Dervla Murphy

    Describes day-to-day life in the camps where hundreds of children are living in squalor while a handful of dedicated volunteers do their best to feed and care for them, attempting to keep disease at bay with limited resources.

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  • In Ethiopia with a Mule by Dervla Murphy
    In Ethiopia with a Mule (English, Paperback) Dervla Murphy

    In 1966 Dervla Murphy travelled the length and breadth of Ethopia, first on a mule, Jock, whom she named after her publisher, and later on a recalcitrant donkey. The remarkable achievement was not surviving three armed robberies or the thousand-mile trail, but the gradual growth of affection for and understanding of another race.

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  • Through Siberia by Accident by Dervla Murphy
    Through Siberia by Accident (English, Paperback) Dervla Murphy

    A new adventure from an unconventional and much loved traveller and writer.

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  • Between River and Sea by Dervla Murphy
    Between River and Sea (English, Paperback) Dervla Murphy

    Following A Month by the Sea, her acclaimed exploration of life in Gaza, Dervla Murphy describes with passionate honesty the experience of living with and among Jewish Israelis and Palestinians in both Israel and Palestine

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  • The Island that Dared by Dervla Murphy
    The Island that Dared (English, Paperback) Dervla Murphy

    Features a three-generational family holiday in Cuba. This book also builds a complex picture of a people struggling to retain their identity in the face of insistent hostility, and to stand against the all-but-overwhelming fire-power of capitalism.

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  • On a Shoestring to Coorg by Dervla Murphy
    On a Shoestring to Coorg (English, Paperback) Dervla Murphy

    This is the first travel book that tested the idea that a five-year-old daughter makes for a useful international travelling companion. Together Dervla Murphy and her daughter Rachel with little money, no taste for luxury and few concrete plans meander their way slowly south from Bombay to the southernmost point of India, Cape Comorin.

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  • A Month by the Sea by Dervla Murphy
    A Month by the Sea (English, Hardback) Dervla Murphy

    Bombed and cut-off from normal contact with rest of the world, life in Gaza is beset with structural, medical and mental health problems, yet it is also bursting with political engagement and underwritten by an intense enjoyment of family life. In this title, the author develops an acute eye for the way in which isolation has shaped this society.

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  • OxTravels by Michael Palin
    OxTravels (English, Paperback) Michael Palin, Paul Theroux

    A collection of travel writing, which will act as a focus for the Oxfam Bookfest in 2011. It features stories from twenty-five travel writers, including Michael Palin, Paul Theroux, Sara Wheeler, William Dalrymple, Patrick Leigh Fermor, Lloyd Jones, Rory Stewart, Jan Morris, Dervla Murphy, Rory MacLean, and others.

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  • A Month by the Sea by Dervla Murphy
    A Month by the Sea (English, Paperback) Dervla Murphy

    A MONTH BY THE SEA gives unique insight into the way in which isolation has shaped this society: how it radicalises young men and plays into the hands of dominating patriarchs, yet also how it hardens determination not to give in and turns family into a towering source of support.

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  • Where the Indus is Young by Dervla Murphy
    Where the Indus is Young (English, Paperback) Dervla Murphy

    One winter, the author, the four-footed Hallam (the mule) and her six-year-old daughter Rachel explored 'Little Tibet' high up in the Karakoram Mountains in the frozen heart of the Western Himalayas - on the Pakistan side of the disputed border with Kashmir. This title details her journey.

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  • Forbidden Journey by Ella Maillart
    Forbidden Journey (English, Paperback) Ella Maillart

    In 1935 Ella Maillart contemplated one of the most arduous journeys in the world: the ""impossible journey"" from Peking, then a part of Japanese-occupied China, through the distant province of Sinkiang (present day Turkistan), to Kashmir. This title provides an account of her journey.

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  • Eight Feet in the Andes by Dervla Murphy
    Eight Feet in the Andes (English, Paperback) Dervla Murphy

    A fascinating tale of extreme travelling on foot and by mule in the high Andes.

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  • The Island that Dared by Dervla Murphy
    The Island that Dared (English, Hardback) Dervla Murphy

    Take a three-generation family holiday in Cuba in the company of Dervla Murphy, her daughter and three young grand daughters and you have a Swallows and Amazons adventure in the Caribbean. They trek in to the hills and along the coast, camping out on empty beaches beneath the stars and relishing the ubiquitous Cuban hospitality....

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  • Silverland by Dervla Murphy
    Silverland (English, Paperback) Dervla Murphy

    A wintry Russian adventure from the intrepid, enchanting, entertaining Irishwoman who has travelled the globe for the last fifty years

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