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  • Life Unfolding
    Life Unfolding (English, Paperback) Jamie A. Davies

    How can something as complex as a human body create itself from a single fertilized egg? Drawing on ideas from physics and network theory as well as genetics and embryology, Jamie Davies describes the fascinating picture emerging from the latest research, in which complexity builds up through 'adaptive self-organization'.

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  • Developmental Biology
    Developmental Biology (English, Hardback) Scott F. Gilbert

    Scott Gilbert's Developmental Biology has metamorphosed into the Gilbert and Barresi Developmental Biology.

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  • Principles of Development
    Principles of Development (English, Paperback) Lewis Wolpert, Cheryll Tickle

    All the key principles of developmental biology that students need to know, which are underpinned throughout by experimental evidence, and an exploration of the molecular basis of the subject.

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  • On Growth and Form
    On Growth and Form (Paperback) D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson

    Sir D'Arcy W. Thompson CB FRS FRSE (1860-1948) was a Scottish biologist, mathematician, and classics scholar. A pioneering mathematical biologist, he is mainly remembered as the author of ON GROWTH AND FORM, an influential work of striking originality and elegance.The central theme of ON GROWTH AND FORM is that biologists of its author's day overemphasized evolution as the fundamental determinant...

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  • Cell Signalling
    Cell Signalling (English, Paperback) John T. Hancock

    Cell Signalling presents a carefully structured and accessible introduction to this intricate and rapidly growing field. A focus on common components and concepts, rather than mechanistic detail, allows the reader to gain a thorough understanding of the principles that underpin cell signalling.

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  • The Serengeti Rules
    The Serengeti Rules (English, Paperback) Sean B. Carroll

    How does life work? How does nature produce the right numbers of zebras and lions on the African savanna, or fish in the ocean? How do our bodies produce the right numbers of cells in our organs and bloodstream? In The Serengeti Rules, award-winning biologist and author Sean Carroll tells the stories of the pioneering scientists who sought the answers to such simple yet profoundly important...

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  • The Pea That Was Me (Volume 4)
    The Pea That Was Me (Volume 4) (English, Paperback) Lmft Kimberly Kluger-Bell

    The Pea That Was Me is a charming introduction to sperm donation for kids of single moms by choice for children ages 3 and up. In a positive and upbeat way, children are told about it takes a sperm and an egg to make "a little pea", that grows into baby, and then becomes a little boy or girl. Emphasis is on how much the child was wanted, and how grateful mommy is to the "very kind donor" who...

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  • Undeniable
    Undeniable (English, Paperback) Douglas Axe

    Named A Best Book of the Year by World Magazine...

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  • Evolution's Bite
    Evolution's Bite (English, Hardback) Peter S. Ungar

    What teeth can teach us about the evolution of the human species...

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  • The Science of Human Evolution
    The Science of Human Evolution (English, Hardback) John H. Langdon

    This textbook provides a collection of case studies in paleoanthropology demonstrating the method and limitations of science. The various topics selected represent important corrections in the field, some critical breakthroughs, models of good reasoning and experimental design, and important ideas emerging from normal science.

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  • On Growth and Form
    On Growth and Form (English, Paperback) D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson

    D'Arcy Thompson's classic On Growth and Form looks at the way things grow and the shapes they take.

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  • Pro-Life
    Pro-Life (Paperback) Jim Harrison $13.26
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  • Stem Anatomy of Dalbergia and Diospyros Species from Madagascar
    Stem Anatomy of Dalbergia and Diospyros Species from Madagascar (English, Hardback) Bako Harisoa Ravaomanalina, Alan Crivellaro

    This book represents a response to the action plan for Diospyros and Dalbergia species regarding the establishment of a reference collection and reliable identification system for species listed by CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

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  • Experimental Design for Biologists
    Experimental Design for Biologists (English, Hardback) David J Glass

    The effective design and analysis of experiments in biology are critical to success, yet graduate students in biological and medical sciences typically receive very little formal training in these steps. With feedback from readers of the first edition, colleagues, and students taking the very popular experimental design courses taught by the author, this second edition ofExperimental Design for...

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  • A Dictionary of Biology
    A Dictionary of Biology (English, Paperback) Elizabeth Martin

    Fully revised and updated for the seventh edition, this market-leading dictionary is the perfect guide for anyone studying biology at school or university. With over 5,500 entries - over 250 of them new - it provides comprehensive coverage of biology, biophysics, and biochemistry.

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  • The Mathematics and Mechanics of Biological Growth
    The Mathematics and Mechanics of Biological Growth (English, Hardback) Alain Goriely

    Emphasizing kinematics and mechanics of growth, this book presents the state of knowledge in morpho-elasticity, providing a rigorous foundation and offering a set of mathematical tools for the analysis of specific problems arising in biology.

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  • 100 Plants to Save the Bees: Provide a Healthy Habitat to Help Pollinators Thrive
    100 Plants to Save the Bees: Provide a Healthy Habitat to Help Pollinators Thrive (English, Hardback) Society,,the Xerces

    In an at-a-glance, photo-driven format, 100 Plants to Feed the Bees presents 100 nectar- and pollen-rich plants that home gardeners can cultivate to create a more bee-friendly world.

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  • Handbook of the Biology of Aging
    Handbook of the Biology of Aging (English, Paperback) George Martin

    Handbook of the Biology of Aging, Eighth Edition, provides readers with an update on the rapid progress in the research of aging. It is a comprehensive synthesis and review of the latest and most important advances and themes in modern biogerontology, and focuses on the trend of ?big data' approaches in the biological sciences, presenting new strategies to analyze, interpret, and understand the...

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  • Regenerative Biology and Medicine
    Regenerative Biology and Medicine (English, Paperback) David L. Stocum

    Suitable for investigators in chemistry, computer science, informatics, physics and mathematics as well as graduate students, clinical physicians, and biologists who are realizing the importance of the fields of regenerative biology and medicine in practice, this title includes coverage of skin, hair, teeth, cornea, and central neural tissues.

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